Cameron takes corruption and financial mismanagement to a whole new level

David Cameron made yet another blunder last week being caught on camera at Buckingham Palace admitting Nigeria and Afghanistan, two countries he had invited to his “anti-corruption summit”, were ‘fantastically corrupt’. Worrying for the British taxpayer is the fact both of these countries are major recipients of British Foreign Aid, suggesting the PM is willingly squandering our money by sending it to finance corrupt countries.  Of greater concern however is the EU’s Foreign Aid budget, of which the UK is a major contributor, which takes corruption and financial mismanagement to a whole new level. The worst thing about this is there is nothing we can do about it. Whilst we can call Cameron and his Government to account every General Election, the European Commission, which runs the EU is unelected and unaccountable. It is therefore not surprising they are continually wasting British taxpayers money on needless vanity projects which range from studies into the Pacific Coconut Project to a fitness centre for dogs! (Britain’s Foreign Aid Squandered by the EU )

The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) has been hitting the news again recently; we have blogged on the issues, explaining why these so called trade deals are such an abhorrent threat to our democracy – as well as to our NHS. Any true supporter of free trade must oppose both TTIP and Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) trade deals as they are effectively selling our democracy to the highest corporate bidder. Free trade is vital to Britain, but not at the cost of our democracy. (Our Democracy is not for Sale to the EU)

This week we wrote an article for Huffington Post in which we set out the ‘Progressive Case for Brexit’. We felt this article was necessary as many people who define themselves as ‘progressive’ support the EU, especially younger people. However, the EU isn’t progressive at all, it is the opposite. “It isn’t progressive to treat Europeans better than Indians, it isn’t progressive to keep Africa poor, it isn’t progressive to treat democracy with contempt and it certainly isn’t progressive to tax sanitary products.” (The Progressive Case for Brexit)


Last night at 8pm the BBC aired ‘Paxman in Brussels: Who Really Rules Us’, in which Jeremy Paxman presented a great documentary about the EU. It showed us once and for all that Paxman is a Brexiteer – how could he not be? He travelled around the various institutions of the EU with their expensive buildings paid for by the British taxpayers. Paxman pointed out the fundamentally undemocratic nature of the EU, grilling EU Commissioner Lord Hill on the fact he has never been elected to anything in his life. It also showed how distant the EU is, Paxman couldn’t recognise most of the MEPs in the film – but then, as there are 751 of them and we don’t see them very often, it is not really surprising! You can watch the full one hour programme below – it’s very interesting. (Paxman in Brussels: Who Really Rules Us?)

This week Professor Tim Congdon CBE, runner up to Nigel Farage in UKIP’s 2010 leadership race, shared his thoughts on the Remain campaign’s economic scare stories. He argues “how can becoming like the vast majority of the world’s other countries be disastrous, “a leap in the dark”, “a plunge in the abyss” or whatever?” In the piece he criticised the Governor of the Bank of England, Mark Carney, and the head of the IMF, Christine Lagarde, for getting involved in the referendum debate, as their role is not to be involved in politics. Instead they have arrived on the scene, defending vested interests, making wild claims which cannot be justified. (Prof. Tim Congdon CBE Hammers the ‘Remain’ Campaign’s Economic Scare Stories)

Our congratulations go to Leave campaigner Boris Johnson MP for his award-winning poem for the Spectator ‘President Erdogan Offensive Poetry Competition’. This was a wonderful celebration of our freedom of expression which is coming under increasing pressure as a result of Angela Merkel’s deal with Turkey. It’s surely only a matter of time before the Turkish President exhibits his anger against our Boris! (Boris Johnson wins The Spectator’s President Erdogan Offensive Poetry competition)

On Monday, 9th May our petition to ‘STOP CAMERON spending British taxpayers’ money on Pro-EU Referendum leaflets’ was debated in Parliament after receiving over 220,000 signatures. During the debate, MPs were outraged the Government’s website on the leaflet might remain ‘live’ during the 28 day purdah period prior to the referendum (ie the final 28 days where the Government isn’t allowed to campaign to ‘Remain’). Bernard Jenkin MP suggested if the this happens, it would not only be unfair but illegal. He is threatening legal action if so. The debate itself was very well attended by Eurosceptic MPs, with excellent contributions from both Labour and Conservative members. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for supporters of the EU. The only ‘Remain’ campaign attendees were those who were required to be there – the Government’s Europe Minister, Labour’s Shadow Europe Minister and the SNP’s Europe Spokesperson. You can still sign our petition and watch the debate in full via the links below. (Get Britain Out Petition and Parliamentary debate)

On the same day Matt Ellery, one of our Researchers, appeared on Russia Today to discuss the Government’s propaganda.  Matt pointed out there wasn’t a single fact in the Government’s leaflet despite their claims; instead the Government put forward its biased opinion, wasting money which could have paid for an additional 442 nurses this year. (Get Britain Out RT Interview)

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Jayne Adye, Director and the Team at Get Britain Out

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