Cameron beyond hope. Now claiming he’s a closet Brexiteer.

Shock revelation: Steve Hilton says Cameron is a closet Brexiteer

Steve Hilton is one of Cameron’s closest political friends, and has worked with him for years.  In a shock announcement (and following on from Hilton’s recent declaration for Brexit), he’s now saying that in his heart, Cameron supports Brexit.  Maybe that’s why Dave has come up with such farcically over-the-top warnings – 800,000 job losses, the Third World War, plagues of locusts, skies raining blood.  Perhaps it’s all a coded message that Cameron really thinks Remain is nonsense too.

Hilton adds that Cameron’s renegotiation agenda was very modest, but even so it was treated with contempt by the arrogant apparatchiks of Brussels.  Of course we all knew that, but it’s good to see Hilton confirm and reiterate it.

“Cameron losing public trust over EU referendum”: The Indy reports that the Prime Minister is losing public trust over the referendum. No big surprise there.  Just 18% trust him on the issue (down from 35% last November).  That compares to 22% for Nigel Farage, and 31% for Boris Johnson.  Very positive news for Leave.

TAP – Cameron is also a closet Satanist.  He works for his masters who control his every word.  His soul was sold a long time ago.  Who cares what he thinks.  His actions are far more dangerous, as with all Satanists.

“Navy rescues 6000 migrants in 48 hours

The Sun reports that the navy rescued 6000 migrants in the Med in a 48 hour period. It also shows graphic pictures of one boat capsizing, saying 550 were rescued from that boat alone, while five drowned.

It’s clear that despite the EU’s best efforts, the  great migration is back in full swing.

EU/Turkey migrant deal “unravelling”


Several papers including the Washington Post report that the EU/Turkey migrant deal is coming apart. The EU won’t confirm visa-free access for Turks until various conditions have been met, while President Erdogan is insisting he’ll open the floodgates unless the visa-free access is granted at the end of June.  With just four weeks to go to the referendum, the migrant crisis is not about to go away.

Population of England “to rise by four million in ten years

The Telegraph highlights an ONS report claiming that the population of England could rise by four million in ten years, that the population of many communities will increase by a quarter, and that London will become a “megacity”.   It reports Chris Grayling saying that “This will change the face of England forever”.  No one ever voted for this.  But on June 23rd we have the opportunity to vote against it.  The only way is Brexit.

Osborne “humiliated” over the Tampon Tax

Just a few weeks ago George Osborne was telling us that Brussels had agreed to scrap the hated “Tampon Tax”, and he claimed that this was evidence of our influence in the EU, and our ability to achieve reform.  But now John Redwood in the House of Commons has pointed out that Brussels’ new proposal for VAT reform completely ignores the issue.  So the tables are turned.  This sorry story in fact demonstrates our inability to influence events, and the EU’s inability to deliver meaningful reform.

David Davis: “Staying in the EU will destroy British Jobs”

We’ve been making this case for months, but well done David Davis for getting it into the headlines (and see the Tata Steel story below).

Gordon Brown claims that only the EU can control British immigration (!)

I heard Gordon Brown speak in Brussels yesterday, where he made wild claims for the benefits of EU membership.  But this is surely the wildest – that the EU can help us control immigration.  What planet is he on?

S&P claim that Brexit could affect the Pound’s reserve currency status

It’s difficult to see why.  As I have argued before, we are the world’s fifth largest economy, and performing if not well, then at least better than our neighbours, whereas the €uro is facing existential threats.  It seems to me that Brexit is a greater threat to the credibility of the EU – and therefore to the €uro – than it is to the Pound

WTO: “Britain would face difficult trade talks after Brexit”.

The WTO warns that the UK will face difficult trade negotiations after Brexit. They have clearly been drawn in to the establishment group-think on the issue (and expect more of the same from the Prime Minister’s current G7 talks in Japan .  There is an overwhelming economic imperative for the EU to reach a trade deal with an independent UK, whereas for the existing trade deals via the EU with third countries, it is realistic to expect that those deals will simply be “grandfathered” in their entirety into bilateral deals. That’s the win-win solution, and I anticipate that most trading partners will agree.

Allister Heath: “Brexit will make us richer”

We shall be Better Off Out, in terms of jobs, wages and growth.  This is a must-read for Leave campaigners.

Tata rescue under threat

The Times reports that the proposed Tata sale of Port Talbot is under threat.  (See above – the EU is destroying UK jobs).  EU membership has contributed mightily to the demise of Port Talbot in at least three ways: high energy prices; the EU’s utter failure to put in place anti-dumping measures (in contrast to the USA’s robust and timely reaction to Chinese dumping); and the prohibition on State Aid, which could at least have helped Port Talbot through a transition.

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