Britain will “find our way” even if the country votes to leave the European Union, says Cameron

Are we being conned over secret EU Army?
Many papers report today on the ‘secret plans for an EU army’ and how voters are being conned by Brussels officials, (that can’t be true, surely?)
The Telegraph for example,  under the headline MPs warn voters being ‘conned’ as Brussels keeps plans for EU army secret until after referendum, says,  British voters are being ‘conned’ by Brussels officials who are keeping plans for a European army secret until after the referendum.
Liam Fox, the former defence secretary who served under David Cameron, told The Telegraph the ambitions showed the EU is wedded to the “dangerous fantasy” of creating a single defence force. Another Eurosceptic Tory MP said voters were being “deceived” and “hoodwinked” about the true scale of the EU’s drive to create a single army.
As I said in a recent debrief, the Lisbon Treaty talks about a duty of ‘on-going structured military cooperation’, and argues this amounts to a commitment to an EU Army.
I have no doubt that the ECJ would interpret it in those terms – this is the way that “ever closer union” comes about  So when Cameron tries to redeem his pledge that we’re exempt from “ever closer union”, the reply will be “But you already signed up to this measure at Lisbon.”
Of course, as ITV reports, the Government is denying any such plans.
Cameron won’t get involved in the US election
Fair enough,  just a shame no-one told Obama not to get involved in the referendum!
Anyway, at the G7 summit in Japan, he said the ‘special relationship’ between the UK and America will survive a Donald Trump presidency.
He is quoted as saying, “I’m not going to get involved at all in the American election – it’s a matter for the American people to choose their next President. I believe in the special relationship. I believe the special relationship will work whoever is in whichever jobs in the UK or in the US – it’s a shared interest about values and about security and prosperity in our world.”
Interestingly his comments come about as rumours surface of his being a secret ‘Brexiteer’.
He  said Britain will “find our way” even if the country votes to leave the European Union and added the Prime Minister the UK is “an amazing country” and will flourish “whatever the British people choose” in the referendum. I couldn’t agree more.
He did though deny claims he was a Brexiteer after his friend and former No 10 aide Steve Hilton claimed he previously supported leaving the EU.
Meanwhile, while we are on the G7 summit – Angela Merkel said Britain’s EU referendum was not formally discussed at the meeting of the world’s most powerful leaders. The German Chancellor said that Brexit was “no subject here” when asked if she and the other leaders of the world’s major economies discussed the issue.
It’s 32-page declaration did include warnings over the UK leaving the EU though, which yet again will fuel controversies over outside interference!
Stay in the EU and kiss goodbye to controlling immigration
Reacting to the news that an estimated 333,000 more people moved here from all over the world than left Britain in 2015 – second by just 3,000 to the all-time high posted during last year, (it was more than triple the Prime Minister’s target of under 100,000 a year and 20,000 more than in 2014), Boris has warned if we stay in the EU we will never control the figures.
As our leader said Nigel Farage said: “Mass immigration is still hopelessly out of control and set to get worse if we remain inside the EU.”

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  1. freebornman says:

    It’s already here.
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    Or go to uk daily mail, archive, search for ‘EU army UK’
    I have a nasty feeling that even if 110% of us vote leave, it still won’t happen. Just see the 150% turnout in one town in Austria that got the green candidate in, over the so-called ‘far right’ candidate.
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    Five locations now being investigated,
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  2. freebornman says:

    EU Army.
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