BRexit. Britain could save the world from war.


In Europe, the real terrorists, the Unites States of war Crimes and its vassal, the European Union with its non-transparent sub-layers of corrupt institutions, the so-called, but miss-named European Central Bank (ECB), the European Commission (EC – a non-elected dishonest and secretive sub-layer of the EU), the IMF – have wreaked economic and humanitarian havoc in the southern fringe states which they call humiliatingly “PIGS” – Portugal, Ireland, Greece and Spain. Massive anti-imperial demonstrations take place on a daily basis. France may be a surprise follower of radical protests.

The people of France, since long no friends of their President, François Hollande, whose popularity dropped last March to 17% and may have shrunk to below 10% after his forcing through a new highly controversial labor law by decree, anti-democratically avoiding a parliamentary debate. After the fact, he is now pushing it through parliament. He wowed to stay firm and not to repeal it no matter what.

People are taking to the streets all over France by the hundreds of thousands, maybe millions. Syndicates have announced an open-ended general strike, as long as it takes to reverse this labor rights-destroying law – which gives corporations the right to hire and fire as they please, abrogating almost all social labor protection. These neoliberal anti-labor measures are to please industrial and financial euro-oligarchs. They are already inciting strong anti-EU sentiments which, combined with EU-euro discontent of the people of other EU members, may bring about a collapse of this inhumane, un-solidary corrupt so-called European Union.

In Greece people are succumbing to famine, lacking health care and are suffering extreme and seemingly unstoppable plunder of public assets and social services – plunder of Life Capital. People die by the thousands from mal-nutrition, lack of medical attention, and outright famine, all induced by endless and merciless austerity programs imposed by – and seemingly uncontested by the ruling so-called leftwing Syriza party – the inhuman, criminal troika (EC, ECB, IMF) – all driven by the Anglo-Zionist-owned and directed FED and Wall Street. It is amazing how the rest of Europe of this rotten European Union, corrupt to the bones, is just on-looking, hapless and spineless as they are, dreaming that it will never happen to them. The EU vassals are but an ignorant bunch of ego-centrists and political boot-lickers.

But the Greek are awakening from their shock. After the 5 July 2015 anti-bailout referendum was overwhelmingly accepted by 61%, the government – the same government that called for the referendum – turned around taking exactly measures to the contrary, accepting all the austerity conditions and worse, presented to Syriza by the troika before the referendum. The shock was indescribable. – As of this day, people cannot understand what happened.

Very likely there was (and still is) foul play involved, possibly including death threats, similar to the ones that may have prompted then Prime Minister George Papandreou, when after an emergency meeting in November 2011 in Cannes with Mme. Merkel and Mr. Sarkozy, he returned in a hurry to Athens, canceling the anti-bailout (anti-EU) referendum – and immediately resigning as PM. Now Greece is beset by strikes, paralyzing and destroying the little that’s left of the economy – eventually and hopefully leading to GREXIT – the only light at the end of the tunnel.

In Spain, the Movement 15 (M15 – a consolidated movement of the ‘indignados’, the ‘outraged’, that started in Madrid on 15 May 2011) celebrated its 5th Anniversary, prompting millions of outraged people to march on 500 cities throughout the world, in a coordinated and solidary effort to fight the neoliberal assault on humanity – an onslaught that uses three types of weapons: tanks and bombs; media lie-propaganda and slander; and financial strangulation and subordination through debt.

Spain is also preparing for a second round of elections on 26 June, called by King Felipe VI, because the left, led by the Socialist Party (PSOE- Spanish acronym), was unable to form a government. The newly founded left coalition of Podemos (‘We Can’) – and the United Left – “United-Podemos” – may have good chances to challenge the second largest party, the PSOE, at the upcoming ballot. But there is still the right wing PP (Partido Popular) with the neoliberal Mariano Rajoy to beat, not an easy feat, especially with the notorious foreign (Washington-EU) influenced propaganda, as well as voter and ballot manipulation.

In fact, the latest polls indicate PP ahead with 28.2%; followed by “United-Podemos” 26.2%; the Socialists (PSOE), 18.9%; and finally 13.2% for Ciudadanos, the new center-right party.

If the next elections will again be indecisive, which looks very possible judging from this early poll (it’s the principle: divide to reign), King Felipe will most likely give this time the PP, Rajoy, the opportunity to form a government. Another right-wing Rajoy-type government may however bring Spain, especially through the M15 movement, to the edge of a revolution.

The UK – is in a class by itself – with a strong people’s movement towards BREXIT. It reflects the popular discontent with the EU and with PM David Cameron’s submission to the non-transparent rules of the EU and its unelected European Commission. This video illustrates fairly well what the EU has promised but is actually doing to the UK; not much different from what the EU technocracy is doing to the rest of Europe.

If the Brits succeed against the will of the Masters in Washington and Brussels to vote for exiting the EU – and if the vote is actually accepted – then dynamics of European discontent may well bring about a collapse of the European Union and its fake, unbacked and unsustainable currency, the euro. That in itself would be an enormous blow to the US empire – a blow it may not survive. The consequences might be tremendous, including a disintegration of NATO which could and might and hopefully would be a death knell for the US hegemon.

Ex-general Says NATO-Russia Nuclear War ‘Possible Within A Year’


NATO’s former deputy military chief in Europe says his book, a fictional story which describes a nuclear war with Russia over the Baltic nations taking place in 2017, is based on an “entirely plausible” scenario.

General Sir Richard Shirreff, from Britain, served at the second-highest NATO military office in Europe between 2011 and 2014. He says his experience acquired in the alliance of war-gaming future conflicts helped him model the narrative for the book.

According to his scenario, starting next year Russia would first occupy Ukraine to secure a land route to Crimea and then invade the three Baltic nations, all of which are members of NATO. The move, Shirreff argued, would be driven by the perception of NATO’s weakness and Russia’s opposition to what it sees as the alliance’s attempts to encircle it.


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