Assad: Syria wants final victory against terrorists


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Published on May 5, 2016

In a message sent to his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin, Assad thanked Russia for its aerial campaign that has been going on in Syria since last September upon Damascus’ request. His comments come as the cessation of hostilities is relatively holding in Aleppo, following a so-called “regime of silence” brokered by Russia and the U-S since late Wednesday. However, there are reports of intermittent firing, with the army blaming foreign-backed militants for violating the truce deal overnight. Aleppo has been the scene of fierce fighting in recent weeks before the implementation of the truce. The conflict has led thousands of residents to flee their homes, trying to seek asylum in neighboring Jordan.

Jordanian border guards say some 64-thousand Syrians are stranded at the border amid intensified violence around Aleppo. Jordan tightened security checks at the Syrian border at the start of the year. The rising number of displaced Syrians is due to the deadly war which is mainly blamed on foreign-backed militancy and terrorist activities that began over five years ago.

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And Now For The False Flag

Assad will undoubtedly be blamed for this air strike on his own people while the true culprit is more than likely Turkish forces.

Dozens killed in air strikes on Syria refugee camp

Published on May 5, 2016

At least 28 people, including women and children, have reportedly been killed in air strikes that hit a camp for internally displaced persons in Syria’s Idlib province near the Turkish border.



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  1. salty says:



    USA/Israeli-Backed Terrorists Shell Aleppo Hospital –- Russia and Syria Blamed


  2. salty says:

    Israeli NATO

    Besides the obvious problems associated with Israel having an office within NATO that will afford her the ability to spy on the military activities of 28 Western militaries, the other obvious problem is that it also affords the Jewish state an open door towards influence.

    04 MAY 2016.

    Is NATO part of the Jewish New World Order?

    If NATO is part of the Jewish New World Order, then only the combined efforts of Christian Russia and Islamic Iran can save the world.

    Is the land of Syria part of the Jewish New World Order?

  3. salty says:

    Map Published by the Israeli Radical Settler Movement


    The land promised to Abraham incorporated much more than the small sliver of land today called Israel.

    It includes all of Jordan, all of Lebanon and most of Syria.

  4. salty says:

    Can the combined efforts of Christian Russia and Islamic Iran stop them?

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