All this lot are telling you the same thing, and you don’t smell a rat?



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‘Serious attempt to deceive Britons’ Cameron & Osborne’s doom-laden economy claims blasted

DOOM-laden claims by David Cameron and George Osborne that an EU exit could cost 820,000 jobs were today condemned as “a serious attempt to deceive the British people”.

Cameron and OsornePA

David Cameron and George Osborne say Britain can’t stand on it’s own two feat, Brexiters say

In their latest salvo in the referendum battle, the Prime Minister and Chancellor unveiled a new Treasury warning of an “immediate and profound economic shock” if the country votes to quit the EU.

Analysis by civil servants forecast a 6% drop in national income, 2.4% rise in unemployment and £39billion increase in Government borrowing after Brexit in a worst-case scenario.

But the Whitehall document provoked the angriest backlash of the referendum debate so far, with furious accusations of deceit from senior Tories, anti-EU campaigners and leading economists.

Former Tory Cabinet minister Iain Duncan Smith described the forecasts as “unfair and biased”.

Arron Banks, co-chairman of the Leave.EU campaign, dismissed the Treasury report as “laughable and beneath contempt”.

“The Osborne Treasury will pump out whatever rubbish its master asks for,” said Mr Banks.

To say our economy would tumble into recession post Brexit is straightforwardly ludicrous.

Tom Pursglove

And Patrick Minford, professor of applied economics at Cardiff University and co-chair of Economists for Brexit, said|: “At the heart of the Treasury calculations lies a serious attempt to deceive the British people.

“The key to any calculation lies in the assumptions made: garbage in, garbage out.

“The Treasury has put garbage in for the long-term effects of Brexit. These in turn underpin its forecasts of short term recession.”

Mr Cameron and Mr Osborne appeared together at the headquarters of DIY chain B&Q in Hampshire to make their gloom-filled predictions of life after Brexit yesterday.

The Prime Minister claimed a vote to leave the EU would create the world’s first “DIY recession” because voters would inflict economic pain on themselves.

The document estimated that that between 520,000 and 820,000 jobs would be lost, while house prices would fall by between 10% and 18%.

EU Commission buildingGETTY IMAGES

Britain could vote to leave the EU on June 23

Public sector borrowing would rocket by between £24 billion and £39 billion, said the report.

Mr Cameron said: “As the Bank of England has said and the IMF has underlined, and the Treasury has now confirmed, the shock to our economy after leaving Europe would tip the country into recession.

“This could be, for the first time in history, a recession brought on ourselves. As I stand here in B&Q, it would be a DIY recession.”

He said Britain had battled back from the last recession and should not put the recovery at risk again.

“After all the pain, all the sacrifice by the British people, why would we want to put it at risk again? It would be like surviving a fall and then running straight back to the cliff-edge. It is the self-destruct option,” the Prime Minister said.

Mr Osborne accused Brexit campaigners of accepting that some economic misery was “a price worth paying” for freedom from Brussels.

“It’s not your wages that will be hit, it’s not your livelihoods that will go, it’s not you who will struggle to pay the bills. It’s the working people of Britain who will pay the price if we leave the EU,” he said.

Iain Duncan SmithGETTY IMAGES

Iain Duncan Smith has also criticised the PM and Chancellor’s comments

The joint offensive by the Prime Minister and Chancellor provoked some of the angriest reaction from fellow Tories in the referendum debate so far.

Mr Duncan Smith described the Treasury report as “dishonest”.

“Every Treasury report has a central presumption from which there are downsides and then there are upsides,” he said.

“They have today chosen only to produce the downside. That makes this report categorically unfair and biased as a Treasury report.”

Former Tory chancellor Lord Lawson and Lord Lamont both accused the Government of “scaremongering”.

Lord Lawson said: “The Treasury has enough trouble with forecasts even when they are trying to get them right.

“This time they have simply assumed a disaster in order to scare the pants off the British people.”

Lord Lamont said: “A lot of the Government’s so-called forecast depends on business confidence, which the Government is doing its best to undermine. Economists are no better than anyone else in predicting shifts in confidence.

Tory MP Tom Pursglove, a co-founder of the Grassroots Out movement, described Mr Osborne’s warnings as “patronising and deeply misleading”.

“To say our economy would tumble into recession post-Brexit is straightforwardly ludicrous,” said Mr Pursglove.

Alternative research from Prof Minford suggested quitting the EU could boost Britain’s GDP by 4% lifting the burden of Brussels regulation.

The Treasury had ignored the huge potential financial benefits from leaving the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy and other aspects of Brussels red tape, Prof Minford said.

He said: “Calculations made by Economists for Brexit makes assumptions that do the best for the British people under Brexit- as was also the Treasury’s duty.

“These assumptions are that we ditch the CAP and the customs union trade barriers in favour of free trade, which we can do without any need for agreement from our EU neighbours.

This raises workers’ standards of living and we can still easily afford to help our farmers and other industries where necessary.

“Our forecasts show that these assumptions raise our GDP by 4%. Further, getting rid of burdensome EU regulation would raise GDP further.

“When we put this long term prospect into the short term outlook, the economy grows steadily faster from Brexit onwards. The only volatility will come in the very short term and that will soon be over, as the Government sets out sensible policies in the best interests of the British economy.”


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  1. Deuteronomy 33.22 says:

    Plasma Electric Universe Update:

    Wednesday, May 25, 2016

    As we are listening and paying attention today, here are a few notes on the journey:

    1- DRILLING DOWN – The Sun is discharging “workmen drilling for oil,” bringing the desire to get to the bottom or bottom line or heart of an issue (or it comes to us). The planetary effects of fracking are being shown to us right now.

    2- ESTABLISHING NEW THINGS – The Moon will conjunct Pluto at 10:20 am ET/2:20 pm UT today at the degree of “the Union Jack flies over a new British warship.” Deep things come up with this energetic, and we already have the “deep” energy of “workmen drilling for oil.” Expression of pent up anger can arise. There is a tendency to rail against anyone or anything that tries to control us.

    The G7 starts today, but their “wheelings and dealings” will not manifest as planned. A Grand Trine between the Moon, Pluto, Mercury, Jupiter, and the North Node is in place, and will counter all agendas based on domination. Bad call, Illuminati.

    3- PRACTICALITY – A level of practicality underlies today’s energetics. What serves a practical benefit has more support than efforts or things based on superficial, material gain. The Moon-Pluto conjunction is in Capricorn, which wants us to be ultra-practical.

    We have our listening ears on today. Ready to receive?

  2. Tom74 says:

    Certainly true, but unfortunately the Brexit campaign has shot itself in the foot by being fronted by perhaps even more unpleasant individuals. Had they remained a grassroots movement led by Farage they would have been in with a chance.

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