Video: Hiding money in Panama is ‘breaking the law’, tax expert says

Video: Hiding money in Panama is ‘breaking the law’, tax expert says

source: ITN-Jennifer Cordingley


Tax specialist Jolyon Maugham QC says people who hide their money in Panama are most likely trying to evade paying tax and thus breaking the law.


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  1. Lynn says:

    Look these loopholes are just the tip of the iceberg…the IMF is a corrupt organisation.. The debt of countries paid to private banks is what is at the rout of all of this scam on nations. We have no laws. It is all pretend.

  2. Aldous says:

    Make no mistake, this Panama BS is tightly controlled and ‘limited hangout’ of the awful and inconvenient truth by the usual suspects.

    The fact that inbred Rothschild’s outbred msm (Reuters/Associated Press newsfeeds) are running it at all should be all the evidence needed to set alarm bells ringing.
    What’s the real agenda? What’s being kept conveniently off the Sun/Mirror/Star front pages of the stupid Goy football loving/lager swilling/Burton’s Wagon Wheel munching/week-old pizza found behind the cushion – if they have a cushion or know what one is or how to spell it – eating readers?

    I made the big mistake of leaving on the BBC Online To The World Lie Machine when they started talking about a few hundred thousand pounds small change left to Cameron by his equally inbred disabled father. Ridiculous or what? It quite ruined the Dawn Raid on my long suffering wife of over 50 years who still turns me on when I’m blind, drunk or usually both.

  3. Aldous says:

    Jolyon Maugham QC (Queen’s Counsel) is a Barrister who, having practiced law for at least ten years, has been given the honor on the recommendation of the Lord Chancellor to earn the right to wear silk gown (‘takes silk’ as it is called) and take precedence over other Barristers in the court.

    Believe you me, Jolyon Maugham QC is doing/saying exactly what he has been told to do and say – and believes in – and is part and parcel of the whole stinking establishment problem and set-up.

    It is absurd to think or believe that a QC would go off-message or accuse a serving PM – 5th cousin twice removed to QE2 – of being a criminal.

  4. Lynn says:

    Money laundering…Cameron is in the cross hairs now, he has been lauding over the transparency and tighter regulations in his speeches past and present. This is going to destroy him nationally and internationally. A call for his resignation has gone out to the public. Seeing as he was never voted for anyway and that is a fact… He has nowhere to hide his billions now. It is game over Davey boy…you are now the weakest link…goodbye !!!

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