US Scientist Confirms Russian Fears Of Nibiru Planet, Could Begin to Harm Our Earth this Month

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A new appendix added earlier today to the massive Aerospace Defence Forces (ADF) report relating to the mysterious new planet confirmed to be the outer reaches of our solar system says that an American scientist has confirmed many of its findings and further stated that our Earth is now under direct threat as this celestial body could begin to harm our Earth this month.

As we had previously reported (Mysterious Planet Ejected From Black Hole At Center Of Galaxy Warned Could Soon Impact Earth), the ADF has become increasingly “alarmed” at the threat this mysterious new planet poses to Earth from the time it was first discovered by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) in 2005 to the final confirmation of its existence by California Institute of Technology (Caltech) scientists in January. NIBIRU PLANET X – CIA Agent And NASA Employee Exposes The Truth


Adding to Russia’s fears about this mysterious planet was the secret NASA information about it supplied to Federation authorities by NASA computer expert Lloyd Albright (in 1999) and US astronaut and Navy Captain Lisa Nowak (in 2007) that was so fearful Albright hid himself in cave and Nowak told her Russian interviewers “they won’t tell anyone the truth” and “I’ve never believed the Bible, but now I have to 5 Nostradamus Predictions for 2016! End of The World

The new appendix added today, this report says, comes from Daniel Whitmire, PhD, retired Professor of Physics from the University of Louisiana, who in a scientific paper written for Oxford University’s Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society claims that this mysterious planet, he calls by the ancient Sumerian name of Nibiru, has “all but arrived to our neck of the woods” and that the destruction brought about by its “gravitational trickery” will take place this month, as it’s done numerous times before, every time it passed us by.

Doctor-scientist Whitmire and his colleague, John Matese, first published research on the connection between this mysterious planet and mass extinctions on Earth in the journal Nature in 1985, this report continues, and which, this past January, Caltech researchers estimated its size as being about 10 times the mass of Earth.

However, this report notes, though both Doctor-scientist Whitmire and Caltech researchers agree that this mysterious new planet now exists in our solar system, they disagree on its present orbit. Tips For Preppers: Supplies, Survival Food And Emergency Essentials


ADF scientists in their report though note that the “orbital mechanics” of this mysterious planet are less to be considered then the “electromagnetically caused chaos” it will represent in our solar system—which on Earth, they say, could be manifested in violent and increasing earthquakes, massive volcanic explosions, and weather disasters caused by changes (increase/decrease of sun spots) to our Sun, not to mention the hundreds, if not thousands, of asteroids that could impact Earth. Urgent Message to President Obama and NASA Admin ~the7th Planet Nibiru is Here / 100% Proof You Need To Prepare To Survive Right Now

Important to note, this report appendix concludes, is that unlike Western scientists who adhere to the non-proven gravitational theory of our universe, Russian scientists ascribe to the electrical theory creating for these two bodies of experts an “incompatible gulf” of knowledge that cannot ever be bridged.


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    • Deuteronomy 33.22 says:

      Hi 🙂 out of the frying pan into the fire

      Withreference to 9.14 message to Dkblue, which I hope you AND ALL TAPBLOG TOO will add your signature to the petition.

      I would like to add clarity, for those who are spellbound, like I was, with the very slick 2013 disclosure hearings on youtube and im sure broadcasted on cable tv. Paul Hellyer coming across very legitimate. Very reasoned, calm, intelligent.
      I was hooked in 2013 that Aliens are amongst us.
      They may or may not be, I suspect they are not. At least not to the wild degree Hellyer says. We must remember a huge Elephant In The Room Hollywood element to Alien Disclosure plus Hitlary plus Lawrence Rockefeller in 1995 photographed with Hitlary intentionally showing the back of the book ‘Are We Alone’?
      So my point is Hellyers a psyop, though he might not even realise it himself.

      ” He is the longest serving current member of the Privy Council of Canada, just ahead of Prince Philip ”

  1. dkblue says:

    Zecharia Sitchin
    (Wikipedia) Zecharia Sitchin (January 11, 1920 – October 9, 2010) was an Azeri-born American author of books promoting an explanation for human origins involving ancient astronauts. Sitchin attributes the creation of the ancient Sumerian culture to the Anunnaki, which he states was a race of extra-terrestrials from a planet beyond Neptune called Nibiru. He believed this hypothetical planet of Nibiru to be in an elongated, elliptical orbit in the Earth’s own Solar System, asserting that Sumerian mythology reflects this view. Sitchin’s books have sold millions of copies worldwide and have been translated into more than 25 languages.

    Sitchin’s theories are not accepted by scientists and academics who dismiss his work as pseudohistory and pseudoscience. Sitchin’s work has been criticized for flawed methodology and mistranslations of ancient texts as well as for incorrect astronomical and scientific claims.

    According to Sitchin’s interpretation of Mesopotamian iconography and symbology, outlined in his 1976 book The 12th Planet and its sequels, there is an undiscovered planet beyond Neptune that follows a long, elliptical orbit, reaching the inner solar system roughly every 3,600 years. This planet is called Nibiru. According to Sitchin, Nibiru collided catastrophically with Tiamat, which he considers to be another planet once located between Mars and Jupiter. This collision supposedly formed the planet Earth, the asteroid belt, and the comets. Sitchin states that when struck by one of planet Nibiru’s moons, Tiamat split in two, and then on a second pass Nibiru itself struck the broken fragments and one half of Tiamat became the asteroid belt. The second half, struck again by one of Nibiru’s moons, was pushed into a new orbit and became today’s planet Earth.


    History Timeline According to Sitchin

    Earth Chronicles
    Book 1 – The Twelfth Planet [1976]
    Book 2 – The Stairway to Heaven [1980]
    Book 3 – The Wars of God And Men [1985]
    Book 4 – The Lost Realms [1990]
    Book 5 – When Time Began [1993]
    Book 6 – The Cosmic Code [1998]
    Book 7 – The End of Days [2007]

    Companion Books
    Divine Encounters [2002]
    Genesis Revisited [1990]
    The Lost Book of Enki [2004]
    There Were Giants Upon The Earth [2010]

    (YouTube) 2012. Will The Anunnaki Return.By Zecharia Sitchin

    Michael S. Heiser

    Mike Heiser earned an M.A. (1998) and Ph.D. (2004) in Hebrew Bible and Ancient Semitic Languages from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. His dissertation was entitled, “The Divine Council in Late Canonical and Non-Canonical Second Temple Jewish Literature” (English translation: the dissertation dealt with the presence of a pantheon in the Hebrew Bible and the binitarian nature of ancient Israelite religion and Judaism, a backdrop for the the belief in the deity of Christ in the New Testament). Before going to the UW-Madison, Mike also earned an M.A. in Ancient History from the University of Pennsylvania (1992; major fields, Ancient Syria-Palestine and Egyptology). Mike can do translation work in roughly a dozen ancient languages, among them Biblical Hebrew, Biblical Greek, Aramaic, Syriac, Egyptian hieroglyphs, Phoenician, Moabite, and Ugaritic cuneiform. He has also studied Akkadian and Sumerian independently.

    From Open Letter

    Quote Dear Ancient Astronaut Enthusiast:

    The intent of this letter is in the interest of research, not confrontation. In no way do I intend to impugn anyone’s character. What I ask is that you provide answers and data to support your theories. Here are my questions / requests.

    1. Can you please provide transcripts of Zecharia Sitchin’s academic ancient language work? I would like to post this information on my website, and would gladly do so.

    2. Can you explain why Sitchin’s work on Genesis 1:26-27 overlooks so many obvious grammatical indications that the word elohim in that passage refers to a single deity (as demonstrated on this website)?

    3. Can you explain why Zecharia Sitchin (or you in turn) have not included the comparative linguistic material from the Amarna texts that shows the Akkadian language also uses the plural word for “gods” to refer to a single deity or person (which of course undermines the argument that elohim must refer to a plurality of gods)?

    4. Can you explain how the interpretation of the word “nephilim” as referring to “people of the fiery rockets” is at all viable in light of the rules of Hebrew morphology? In other words, can you bring forth a single ancient text where naphal has such a meaning?

    5. Can you produce a single text that says the Anunnaki come from the planet Nibiru – or that Nibiru is a planet beyond Pluto? I assert that there are no such texts, and challenge you and your readers to study the occurrences of “Anunnaki” right here on this website. Here is a video where I show readers how to conduct a search online at the Electronic Corpus of Sumerian Literature website. There are 182 occurrences of the divine name Anunnaki. Please show me any evidence from the Sumerian texts themselves that the Anunnaki have any connection to Nibiru or a 12th planet (or any planet).

    6. Can you explain why the alleged sun symbol on cylinder seal VA 243 is not the normal sun symbol or the symbol for the sun god Shamash?

    7. Can you explain why your god = planet equivalencies do not match the listings of such matching in cuneiform astronomical texts? I recently blogged on this issue and provided a recent scholarly article on the planets in Mesopotamian literature by experts in cuneiform as proof that Sitchin erred in this regard.

    8. Can you explain why many of Sitchin’s word meanings / translations of Sumerian and Mesopotamian words are not consistent with Mesopotamian cuneiform bilingual dictionaries, produced by Akkadian scribes?

    • Deuteronomy 33.22 says:

      Hi 🙂

      Please do your utmost to pass this around.
      I know it might seem suspicious all this secret space programme disclosure stuff with various ‘messengers’ like Dr Salla telling us things. Sure there are agendas. But I know that much bigger earth forces/movements, with benevolent intent, and momentum, are driving Disclosure – it isn’t just coming from the cabal. But the cabal are trying to stay one step ahead of the inevitable.

      Why is it inevitable? Whats the underlying driver? Why is there not that much time?
      Why, are we being flooded one way or another with the alien/flying saucer meme? Whats going on

      The answer is Dkblue a Second Sun is being sighted now in 2016. Sitchin may still have many things wrong. I don’t mean to scaremonger – it may not be as awful as some say. But Earth Changes are certainly coming to rattle and shake things up a bit and maybe shove the cabal off the perch and into the rubbish bin. And there most certainly are benevolent people here on earth wanting to share all the secret space programme suppressed technology for the benefit

      So my point of all this is Dkblue, please pass this petition round as far as you can thanks very much. There is no doubt in my mind – WE DESPERATELY NEED DISCLOSURE (NOT THE PAUL HELLYER ALIEN TYPE) TO PROVIDE US WITH PROTECTIVE TECHNOLOGIES TO WEATHER EARTHS LEAVING THE KALI YUGA NOW. Not only this the SSP will be needed, our civilisation truly has to become interplanetary and interstellar, to have a hope to flourish well should things kick off badly here. Hope to see you up there if this scenario happens

      Disclose all the Secret Space Programs and release all the hidden technology

      It’s time to liberate and save the planet. People deserve to know the truth about the Secret Space Programs and have access to all the hidden technology that could save the planet and help humans all over the world.

      27,433 supporters so far

    • Deuteronomy 33.22 says:

      4th Dimensional Entities and What You Can Do About Them

      Whether we like it or not, entities are everywhere in the 4th dimensional field around us. If you’ve been drawn to read this article then I imagine you have already experienced the challenges that having entities in your field might bring.

      There are three main types of entities; 1. The earth-bound spirit
      2. Higher dimensional beings and
      3. The non-human negative entity.

      Who is Particularly Vulnerable to Entity Attack?
      I’ve particularly noticed that those who have taken drugs or medication or do things that anaesthetise themselves (TV, alcohol, excessive video gaming) tend to have the biggest entity issues. With consciousness blasting drugs (psychedlics etc), it seems to be that a person goes from a normal state to having their awareness blasted open, missing several important and necessary evolutionary steps in between. A blind spot is created where the missing steps are. This is the place that entities slip through the door. It’s a blind spot, so usually unnoticed by the person who’s taken the drug. This can last a long time completely unnoticed (years/lifetimes).
      I will give just one example from our case files. A thirty year old man approached me for help to combat persistent nightmares he had experienced since a young boy. They had become very debilitating and he would often wake at night to a choking sensation. He had become exhausted and very frightened. What we discovered were a number of entities using him to experience life in this dimension. Particularly at night when he entered a certain sleep state he was like an open door.

      This is one example of the overt effects of entities. Another client describes their experience of how their vision was affected by significant interference.

      When dealing with inter-dimensional interferences, Lore and the Universal Laws offer us some rules to the game. According to the Universal Laws and Lore no matter what type of entity it is, it needs your agreement to interact with you. Stop and think about that for a moment. It’s a basic rule of the Universe that you must give your permission. Sounds strange I know. Why would anyone invite them in? The reason is they are masters of disguise. On being discovered, I have experienced one or two speak in the most angelic, childlike voices. Entities can and will, attempt to trick you into giving permission, and may physically interact with non-living things in an effort to obtain their desire.

      Do not open doors you can’t close. Drugs and alcohol open those doors. And just because you have never used drugs or consumed alcohol don’t be fooled into thinking you are immune. Stress and trauma reduce our resistance especially in childhood. As previously mentioned, more subtle openings include free will entrapment. This is through the agreement of initiation or ritual, or to invoke external forces. Swearing an oath or declaring your allegiance to any institution, organisation or religion places you in their game. You then become subject to their rules of the game, which may have originally been created back in the dark ages. The associated entities may well be disguised as something quite acceptable, as they are masters of disguise

      Interference from entrapped human spirits

      When it was first described to me that human spirits can become entrapped in another body, I was dubious. But again, having witnessed the results first hand, I no longer doubted. According to Lore, through reciprocal exchange of energy, if you are responsible for the death of a human or some other life form, “it has a right to take over or move into your body.” These are not my words and I prefer the term “co-exist” or “co-exist with you”, as most people with entrapped human spirits are blissfully unaware. I just want to be clear and say I’m not describing any possession due human sprits. Full-blown possession, in my opinion, is most often due to other non-human energies.

      The truth of this was first revealed to me when I was working with a colleague clearing some interference. Spirit took us back to a dimension in time during the middle ages. The scene described was at the end of a conflict where many people lay dying or dead due to some ongoing feud. My colleague was responsible for hacking to death over twenty souls. As he was responsible for taking the vehicles of those spirits, they in turn entered his body.

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