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Frans Kerver gets a $1,100 per month ‘basic income’ on top of his normal income.

In the netherlands, Frans Kerver was working 12-hour days as a copywriter.

His wife and three kids rarely saw him.

In 2015, a Dutch organisation started giving Kerver a basic income, on top of his normal income, because of all the important unpaid work he does in the community.

Kerver now receives $1,100 a month on top of his normal income, and no longer has to work 12 hour days on copywriting.

Among his biggest projects is Garden City, a communal agriculture project that Kerver says takes up most of his time.

December 2013

There is growing interest in the idea that everyone should be given ‘a basic income’.

Finland to consider introducing universal basic income in 2017 / New Zealanders want to give everyone a ‘citizen’s wage’ and scrap benefits / Now Canada is trying a basic income

Research shows that “poor people do not stop trying to better their circumstances when they are given a basic income.

“They make productive use of the funds – feeding their families, sending their children to school and investing in businesses and their own futures.

“Even a short-term infusion of capital has been shown to significantly improve long-term living standards, improve psychological wellbeing and even add one year of life.”

What If We Just Gave Poor People a Basic Income for Life.

A charity, GiveDirectly, is aiming to provide thousands of Kenyans with a basic income for at least the next decade in a bid to investigate how a fundamental level of economic freedom could change people’s lives.

Charity experiment to see thousands of Kenyans given .

n the city of Lausanne in Switzerland, residents are soon to receive money for basic needs like food, transport and clothes, regardless of their income or status.

Lausanne basic income.

According to Lausanne’s Leonore Porchet: “Basic income offers a solid and securing social floor, as opposed to the fragile social safety net that we know today.

“The freedom provided by basic income encourages activity, social inclusion and innovation.

“In addition it values and supports the ‘free’ work such as volunteer activities.”

Citizens of Utrecht, in the Netherlands, enjoy a basic income scheme – US$1,023 for one adult and more for a couple.

The Swiss authorities are set to hold a referendum on introducing the basic income scheme in June 2016.

One 2013 study, found people given a basic income actually worked 17% longer hours and received 38% higher earnings than people who never received additional money.

The US may some day revive the UBI policy President Nixon proposed decades ago.


Source: http://aanirfan.blogspot.co.uk/2016/04/universal-basic-income.html


  1. A guaranteed income is a fundamentally flawed concept. Income should be matched to the prices of what is being produced in society–in other words, variable depending on what is available for purchase by consumers. Robotics have solved permanently the issue of producing sufficient goods for all to have a good life in the material sense. The “working class” is an anachronism in an age of automated and computerized production. A new means of getting buying power into the hands of people is needed; the few who will continue to earn income from the residual work that will be done in the future will, quite reasonably, revolt if an effort is made to tax them in order to support payment of a basic income to everyone else. C.H. Douglas’s Social Credit proposal for universal dividends based on the shared cultural heritage is the sanest approach to dealing with the new age of abundance.

  2. Circa 2000 BC the Babylonians formalised in law both this thing called money and the charging of interest on debt. It is a deliberately engineered system of division and control and its purpose has always been the concentration of power. Tribal societies, that is true human societies outside of the influence of the Babylonian empire, did not use money. Nor is there money in those few remaining tribes that exist outside of the global prison. Human beings traded by barter of surplus and spread surplus by sharing and by gift.
    It is naive to believe that any advance in human society can be made whilst clinging to an outmoded and harmful system foisted upon the species by a ruling elite. Money will always draw people to crime, will always produce greed and envy, will always bolster the concentration of power, will always undermine justice, will ultimately always maintain the enslavement of the 99.99% by the masters of this reality.
    For humanity to step out of its 5000 year nightmare it must dismantle the carefully constructed control grid that has become so deeply ingrained that few can see it for what it is. These same characters created nations, religions, political parties and political concepts like Marxism and Fascism, their sole object being to divide humanity and render us weak by so doing.
    Basic income? Just more bullshit from the same people. I guess it would be created out of thin air as all money is, rendered electronic so in fact being simply numbers, spendable by using a card or later a chip……
    We as a species can only get out of this mess by utterly abandoning the money system of exchange. It’s for monkeys, and we can do better.

  3. Money is what allows complex economic relationships; there would be no cars, ships, major bridges, electric grids, etc., without it. Barter is practical only in primitive societies. It is the centralizing aspect of money monopoly that must be rectified. Because of the divisibility and distributability of money, this is perfectly feasible. Only our slave conditioning prevents us from demanding the necessary reforms.

  4. “Money is what allows complex economic relationships; there would be no cars, ships, major bridges, electric grids, etc without money”.
    Not so.
    During the second world war vast and complex undertakings were accomplished and huge technological advances were achieved. Sure, money was made, especially by the same bastards that profit from war now, but for almost everyone else involved (most of whom made enormous personal sacrifices) the chief motivator was neither wages nor profit but the collective facing of a common threat and the realisation that whatever the thing was it needed doing.
    Profit and money actually slow down the rate of human advance. This results from two chief causalities. The first is the ownership of invention via patents (to protect profit and focus benefit on the patent owner, usually corporations, refer to my comment about bastards above), the second is the suppression of inventions that threaten the income streams of existing businesses. This latter almost certainly deprives humanity of free energy, cancer cures, the legalisation of prohibited drugs (for so long a mainstay of the global elite’s funding since the Opium Wars) and much more.
    As most thinking people now realise humanity faces the distinct possibility of self-inflicted extinction. Each element of this careering juggernaut, this vast and now faintly ridiculous instrument of self-destruction, is lubricated by this thing called money. Much of human activity currently achieves nothing except the movement of money. Entire cities operate where almost nobody builds, makes or grows anything. Billions of us are so occupied, unnecessarily, whilst there is much that needs doing. Feeding starving kids, housing those millions that live in shanty towns, caring for those that need care, etc ad infinitum and ad nausea.
    In addition, money deprives humanity of free time, is responsible for enormous misery, causes millions of deaths each year, facilitates a pyramidal control structure that will always be with us so long as we cling to this outmoded and frankly ridiculous system of exchange.
    Should our species survive, future generations will look back on money as a curiosity and recognise that we really were dumb monkeys back in the early 21st century, and very easily manipulated and fooled. Our Masters even put their faces on this worthless paper, just to rub it in.





  1. Baz says:

    Thanks for posting Gordon&Tap. This is at the least an interesting conversation starter I am not pushing any particular view on it but I can see arguments for and against. Definitely if Free Energy is made widely available then that would radically shake everything up from society to economy to time use and also our whole outlook spritual, moral and otherwise on life too.

    Whether having less incentive to work like a slave at a “meaningless” task then leaves most people indolent and leads to another kind of societal breakdown as the cows do not get milked and the papers go undelievered I do not know!

    • Deuteronomy 33.22 says:

      Hidden Technology—Medical Pods; Shades of “Avatar” [video]
      by Starship Earth: The Big Picture

      Thanks, L.

      We know by now that most technologies they show us in movies, etc. are not only real, but have probably been in use for some time.

      Remember when they announced they’d cloned Daisy the sheep, or some such nonsense? The Extraterrestrials had been doing that for eons WITH US and so many other creatures in their DNA splicing experiments.

      Captain Randy Cramer (USMC) told us of the shocking medical achievements used within the Secret Space Program in the breakaway civilizations and we’ve known for years that human limbs can be regenerated, etc.

      But the controllers don’t want us to know about the reality. Healing is not in “their” best interests—for several reasons.

      You may want to skip part or advance the video as it moves very slowly. ~ BP

      Published on Jun 2, 2016

      In the Holographic Medical Pods presentation, information is revealed about how the medical pods work, what they look like, and how they are utilized in the advanced medical field of technology with 3D anatomical imaging equipment

      Published on Jun 2, 2016

      In the Holographic Medical Pods presentation, information is revealed about how the medical pods work, what they look like, and how they are utilized in the advanced medical field of technology with 3D anatomical imaging equipment.

      Exposed: Top Planned Parenthood Director Describes Sale of Baby Body Parts in Undercover Video

      July 18, 2015

      In “The Illuminati Plan

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