UK govt confirms it is pushing for 10-year sentence for web piracy

© Alexandr Kryazhev
The UK could impose extremely harsh punishments for online copyright infringement, as the government has confirmed it is pushing for legislation that would increase the maximum sentence for web piracy to 10 years behind bars.

Baroness Lucy Neville-Rolfe, the Minister for Intellectual Property, has confirmed that the British government is leaning toward the idea of increasing the sentence to bring it into line with that for physical infringement.

“Last year the government consulted on increasing the maximum term to 10 years. We received over a thousand responses, which have played a significant part in helping to shape the discussion,” she stated in a document published on Thursday.

“As a result we are now proposing changes that include increasing the maximum sentence, but at the same time addressing concerns about the scope of the offence.”

The government argues that the current maximum sentence of two ears is not enough. “The current disparity has existed for many years and, just as the range of legitimate content services online has grown, so too has there been an increase in infringement of content online,” read the statement.

Neville-Rolfe said stressed, however, that insignificant copyright infringement of web material should not be prosecuted. “Criminal offences should not apply to low level infringement that has a minimal effect or causes minimum harm to copyright owners, in particular where the individuals involved are unaware of the impact of their behavior.”

In December of 2015, the British High Court ordered that 85 websites accused of copyright infringement be blocked.



william SMITH 2 hours ago
How about politicians who tax dodge and start bloody wars to line the pockets of corporations? Any penalty in sight for those crimes? No but hey copyright infringement is a major crime by comparison. Roll on hypocritical fascist UK.
Norm Vigus 5 hours ago
Umm that’s interesting, SO their first call will be at GCHQ then, as they seem take everyone’s information, and whats worse, sell it! Got to be a good 20 years for that one for sure!
same old garbage, don’t do as I do, do as I say! THEY ARE THE GOD’s the overlords, in our NWO Tyrannical totalitarian police state. The future does NOT look bright!!
John Knox 7 hours ago
Message deleted
And there you have it. Its about money. Was there ever any doubt?
John Knox> Dan Dan 7 hours ago
Dan Dan
Let all the pedophiles roam free and and lock up a bunch of people for sitting in there living room more…
Exactly what I was thinking. Upside down topsy turvy logic. Its about money, pure and simple.

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  1. Nicky says:

    Misuse of Lawmaking once again. I can envisage Corporations like Monsanto and Big Pharma leaning on film makers to hand over copyright to them and removing any documentaries exposing their foul maiming and murderous practices. Vaxxed being one of them. If this does not occur I will eat my tin foil hat.

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