This is the Best Explanation of the Vaccine/Autism Connection I’ve Ever Heard

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I have put a link in my last comment above to what may at first seem off topic.
I lack the knowledege currently on how to post articles on your Blog.

Would you be willing to do another one on the VAXXED movie?

With links to this: This is the Best Explanation of the Vaccine/Autism Connection I’ve Ever Heard!
The far reaching effects on humanity and resources are immense as you are well aware.  The NHS drug bill and the constant attacks on it from big Pharma being just one area.   The ill advised trade agreements being proposed giving the same corporations even more power being yet another. This is truly an existential threat to all.

Glyphosate yet again comes to the fore.
Maybe post one similar to the Organic wine article which seems to get more of the public’s attention.

Monsanto has to go.



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  1. Lynn says: website has broken this down…he now has confirmed feotel tissue from aborted babies has been used as a way to force the imune system to eat the brain. Pathogens then enter the body to reel havock. This is a deliberate act as o cause imense damage to the human family. Disgusting what is going on and it’s time this was made public. They are destroying us in any way possible..!!!!

    • Nicky says:

      Hi Lynn
      I took a look at Jims site. Screengrabbed what I could and will run a clean up prog to shift whatever spookware is making my email require 2 clicks on everything to get results.
      What a shower of misguided shite we have amongst us. Where is the Love? No Vitality equals no ability to Be still and know. Not whilst trapped in these bodies. Not when they are full of toxins.
      Am bewildered at the perpetrators lack of awareness of what comes after leaving this life.
      Watched an on the whole genuine Jew lad give an account of an NDE online not long ago. There where a few glaringly obvious falsehoods inserted, Including some on President Obama but on the whole it fitted with many other NDE reports and the Yoga Vashistha (Supreme Yog) accounts of Loka’s/realms. What Shocked me was that despite the repeated insistence on fearing God and the fact the Loka was saturated with rules and regs, and that they where in some halfway point basking in the distant light and not in it, They (The Jews) Thought this was Jew Heaven.
      A manufactured loka held together and fed by incantations and acts from our realm, With time passing at a differing rate (just as Brahma Loka reportedly does in the Yog Vashistha). Do good works was the advice the lad came back with and the Rabbi’s burdened his truths with falsehoods. It is my belief they fear judgement for their perversions and they feed off this realm to keep that day from coming, Doing whatever they can to keep their halflife existence afloat to fend off coming Karmic paydays.
      What a mess they have made for themselves and us with their incomplete grasp of Ved/knowledge.
      We Humans are so much more than what we know. The movie “The Principle” and Earths special place in the Universe goes some way to help us re align with our Divine natural Cor and just how special we all are. It takes some getting ones head around that this Earth does indeed have entities in it working towards getting us to destroy ourselves. And that some tribes have done deals with the same for fleeting powers and wealth that pale into insignificance compared to the God given ones gifted us by the Natural God. Screw the semi(te) religions with their half truths and perversions. There is One Truth in the Bible. Be Still and Know that I am (one is) God. It has the Ingredients Method and result in this little group of words. Be. Be Still. Be Still and know. Be Still and Know That. Be Still and Know That thou Art.
      This I believe is what the entities working toward Humanitys destruction fear the most. Us evolving into the Divine beings we have the potential to Be whilst here in this realm.
      This I am convinced of. The creative loving intelligence. True God. does indeed know their works and they fear God and promote fearing God among those they control. Even promoting false Gods and deceptions of all ilks to keep their lie afloat. Stealing truths to ride on the back of, like parasites on a host. Truth is that which never changes I once learned from a Yogi. Humanities practice of Yoga has survived Many an Apocolypse here on Earth. And as Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras state. Yoga is the settling of the mind into Silence. The Method to achieve Union and evolve. Sweet and simple. Made easy for us really when we are not full of toxins that keep us from Being Fully still whilst Fully awake.

  2. Lynn says:

    Yes Nicky..we need all the help we can get..these souless ones are playing with our lives. Goodness knows what they are creating for the future. A Godless dark age is surley on their books. They have taken thousands of years to accomplish this final takedown of man. All in secret of course..well the truth is dawning and it is not going to plan. The enemy is exposed.

  3. Lynn says:

    Yes Nicky !! Exposed for all to see. No shadows to hide in anymore. These souless psycopaths are a breed apart from nature. They will face damnation.

  4. pete fairhurst says:

    Excellent info in this post Nicky, thank you. The vid is stunning in its implications but not really surprising if you are paying attention.

    The whole issue is as clear a demo as you could get that the main media is utterly controlled by the powers that shouldn’t be. Investigative journalism? A thing of the past it seems.

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