The dome shaped flat earth

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Published on Apr 8, 2016

White house, chernobyl maps and more. Links in order of reference:
Inside the White House: The Situation Room…

TAP – What was the Hyksos Treasury called in Lower Egypt?  The White House.  What was their capital city?  Avaris.  Ring any bells?  Who were the Israelites?  They didn’t live in Judaea as the bible suggests.  They were Egyptians, the Hyksos, the Shepherd kings, the guardians of the pyramids.  They had sidelocks as do Jewish men in cities all over the world to this day.

Chernobyl abandoned ghost town – Ep4…
Useful tools and links for Flat Earth Researchers…

Middleton’s pioneer map of the world

Gleason’s new standard map of the world

New correct map of the flat surface, stationary earth

Brian Clark
2016 “Flat Earth” – “The Enlightenment of The World” (PDF Book)!…

Maps 1500+………

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2 Responses to “The dome shaped flat earth”

    • Deuteronomy 33.22 says:

      Hi Ive found it definitely intriguing about all manner of topics related to this type of thing. And Antarctica is part of that. Ive noted that some of the best disinfo out there has some compelling ‘evidence’ but taken out of context yet it looks very convincing. Add to that some persuasive youtube music (not referring to the clip above), some sweeping claims, mixing in some truth, and its all a very good disinfo operation.
      So ive taken a step back and tried to tune in into an awareness level above all this. Bearing in mind ive been sucked severely down the rabbitholes. Its been confirmed though I think on this blog, the earth does have a curvature. But much less of one, than officialy said, but its there.

      As Tap said recently I think refencing the Thunderbolt site, geocentrism and flat earth are cabal distraction methods of choice.
      Put it this way MS. Just getting a sense of daily astrological readings from a trusted source, one becomes pretty certain when discussing, sun, moon, planets, they are moving and are spherical I suppose. Yes granted. Whos to say they aren’t all revolving round the earth?

      But im going to stop here and get off this geocentric bus. Im still to watch the Principle. But Taps words , and he reads widely, his words on the galaxy etc and Electic Universe, I knoe enough when so many other things have higher priority to sense…..drop the geocentrism quest. Whether it is true, or heliocentrism. We are going to discover soon enough.

      I hold my hands up here I haven’t yet read any of the books Taps suggested. I have good reasons for this even though I do my best as a atruthseeker. We could go off and spend valuable time which we don’t have, wondering ok if there is a dome firmament above us. is that ‘Dome’ 400 light years away incorporating all the stars we see inccl the Polaris?
      I say, it doesn’t matter and we will discover these truths easily soon enough
      Somethings going on at Antarctica though.
      It is being suggested and I look ferociously for silver linings and reasons for optimism. But its being suggested a coming pole shift Antarctica is going to be in prime equatorial location. And the cabal are simply setting Antarctica up now with loads of infrastructure. Maybe that’s why its off limits.

      it could be off limits too, because maybe myth and rumour which seems like it could be true, maybe earth was involved in a collision in times past, and got smashed. I think it was called Tiamat. We could be living on a sphere with its underside smashed away and Antarcitca reveals some astounding evidence of this. or a small part of it smashed away.

      Anyway my point with this unflowing comment is, I think we have much bigger fish to fry. The finer points about geocentrism or a firmament dome and the book of Enoch which ive not yet studied, I would if there was abundant time…

      I think its right to put these topics to bed for now.

      What isn’t to be put to bed
      – A Second Sun is now visible at sunrises and sunsets
      – Various forces factions are wanting SSP disclosure for their own agendas, but the SSP secrets and tech provides us with tremendous hope.
      – Paul Hellyer is the longest serving Privy Councillor lets remember that when hes talking to us about the Tall Whites going gambling in Las Vegas.
      – Human Consciousness on the movement and trajectory of planets, incl a Planet X. I think this might be a real phenomenon and might greatly dictate and influence just what Divine Lessons X is going to teach

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