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  1. Lynn says:

    Haha very sly…but that is the bare truth of how we have all been had…Democracy is a hoax to fool the folks. Whilst they get to hold the purse. Spending other people’s money is always better than spending your own. Making money from us was a truly brilliant plan. Slavery never went away. They just changed the name to Tax Payers.

    • Baz says:

      Yeah I had a friend who was working for a large firm of consultants who got a contract to advise / consult government on the 2012 olympics. The amount they billed and for what is just ridiculous. The gateway to money and business is just being connected to big government and big business it has nothing to do with quality, ability or integrity. This guy was a drug taking bum when I knew him, only qualification was a complete lack of scruple. Watch it as Karma is a bitch.

  2. edbutt says:

    I worked for an IT consultancy, on one contract we needed to get a fibreoptic link through a basement of a power station, which involved drilling a half inch hole through a brick wall. I was bound to inform the senior engineer. He could not OK it (rules) had to inform the architects dept. and they brought in a consultant to do a structural survey. He produced a 150 page report, a page and a half of which said, “No problem, go ahead,” the rest was scope, limitations, exclusions, legal responsibilities etc. (all printed off from standard files) and so on.
    Then we had to put the work out to competitive tender.
    By the time the bureaucrats had finished the hole, a job which would have taken half an hour elsewhere, had cost £20k (this was around 1990, holes were a lot cheaper then) and there was not enough in the budget to cover it.
    The accountant sold the hole to an asset management company to be rented back, with a capital recovery period of 5 years. The power station closed last year so for twenty years a little of our energy bills went to rent a hole most of us could have drilled with a Black and Decker and a masonry bit. of examples of how insane the world has become.
    And that is just one of millions

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