Scientific Proof David Icke Was Right About the Reptilians?



There is a whole body of scientific literature that PROVES humans have reptilian biological influences in our bodies and brains. Does this confirm David’s theory…?

This video certainly makes for a very interesting watch and raises a number of very thought provoking points. David Icke is someone who tends to divide people and it’s the reptilian theory of his that causes a lot of people to doubt everything he says but I for one have watched and listened to hours and hours of his talks and a lot of what he says makes perfect sense to me.

Often our ego can get in the way of our judgement. And I fear this is what many people do when it comes to David Icke.

Here is a truly inspirational and meaningful message from David Icke.

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8 Responses to “Scientific Proof David Icke Was Right About the Reptilians?”

  1. Truthseeker says:

    Clairvoyants, UFO contactees and those who have become abducted by aliens confirm that David Icke has right: reptilians are real.

  2. Mark says:

    “Reptiles” – the most common put-down (put to to me), which I defend, even though I question. Years back, I’d somehow apologise/disown, now I see the faulty ground the awoke-cynic stands on. No more. True or false is less, ask and discover, more the value.

    ‘David Icke is someone who tends to divide people..’ Increasingly convinced the need to divide, the most threatening form of attack against our cause. Reach across to, with those we most disagree but stand in the SAME army with. I will get to these videos and why not… maybe I can understand this within my world-view.

    Listening to the sound of ambient waiting for Richie Allen as I typo this. Ay up for those who search their esoteric way. Seen and been in enough myself… yet I can hold in my ‘walk’ and God. Disagreeing and remaining. But need not necessarily disdain or dis. Having said this… I really like reading hits on my beliefs and in many respects understand this to be warranted. Oh for fierce and friendly.

  3. Dublinmick says:

    There is a certain part of the brain that is classified as reptilian no doubt.

    The hitch comes with the shape shifting. Now to date that has not been proven, it is only speculation and pretty wild speculation. Have any of you every known anybody who could shape shift?

    I never have. This is the part of the theory which is simply speculation and it does lose a lot of readers. Perhaps that is his divide impera motivation. We don’t really know.

    Much of his writing is very to the point however and I have personally at times linked some of his articles however always with the admonition: Not a proponent of shape shifting.

  4. Lynn says:

    They are without human empathy though..that much is agreed . they are both cold of heart and venomous. A real cult of vipers, silent and deadly. Until now…this age old secret is out there and is spreading. History is being re-written and recorded backed up by facts. We now want more of the truth and facts than ever before. People are hungry for truth.!!

  5. RabbiT says:

    If there is a whole body of scientific proof of the reptilian theory it is certainly wholly absent from the attached video.

    “It turns out evolutionary biology prove that humans evolved from reptiles and fish.”

    No it doesn’t – where is this alleged proof? It does not exist.

    Spurious claims are not proof of anything.

    This video is founded on a lie which is why The Theory of Evolution remains exactly that – a theory.

    There is no evidence of vertical evolution though there is evidence of horizontal evolution and by that we can create new breeds of dogs but cats cannot become dogs and so on.

    In the entire history of mankind, people have always been people, dogs have always been dogs, fish have always been fish…if man evolved from reptiles why do we still have reptiles? Why did they not evolve? Reason is they can’t!

    If you want to claim there are demonic entities and that evil exists I agree but such does not prove anything regarding reptilians or elements of a reptilian brain to suggest we are descended from reptiles far less apes as was the earlier yarn. All there to generate confusion – a distraction.

    If you want to believe lies – you are free to do so but my concern is the expectancy of the reader/viewer to accept as fact, material which is wholly devoid of substance, as per this post.

    If Icke thinks mankind is becoming united in universal goodness he needs to get out more unless that is he is promoting a world government or as he calls it “the epoch we are entering”.

    I would say thanks Gordon, I can see proof here that Icke is in fact clearly on the side of those who desire to enslave us via global government.

    Icke concedes a new dawn and a new day is coming but it ain’t what the control system thinks is coming.

    “…we are going back the other way and as a result the control system must fall.”

    So David why is the control system still firmly in control?

    Ans: The truth movement, You Tube and Icke’s assurances can do nothing to overturn the control system for the simple resason – they are in control, until that is Christ returns to take what rightly is His.

    The post in fact proves Icke is, as many of us know, disinformation – truth mixed with lies.

    The subject requires filing under B for bin – time to move on and if my comments cause division then Icke has fulfilled his role.

  6. Mark says:

    I should be clearer. ‘Division’ in my mind, isn’t disagreement it’s attitude. Obviously, perfectly reasonable to believe Reptilian thinking is completely without validity. It’s the outcome of our comment/ry in expressing – this the bit, bugs me. How and what else this says – or not? As, I’m sure for others, care little or less about awoken ones, more, others ‘waking up’. How a newbie reads us? I don’t think time spent trying to overly discredit the few more publicly known awake-rs helps. Just as overstating arguments and not debating more fairly – don’t. M’main quib with David – and this something not uncommon with prominent and strong esoteric views – is any over-amplified disdain for alternatives to their ‘alternatives’. I’ve considerable experience among those in this ‘world’ and they’re without doubt, second only, to what’s dubbed ‘Fundamentalist’ Christian (noisy, pushy version), in off-loading their anger, being not only dismissive but… well quietly angry at some ‘other’ ones views. It’s hard to explain, and to repeat some Christians are The example of this, but the intolerance of some in the ‘alternatives’ (prefer to define that to ‘New Age’) is similar in hostility that… backs unnecessary division-building. Not sure I’m expressing myself that well. I’m not here putting myself above. I suppose the ‘what’; is it’s better where I sit, that ‘Reptilians’ are considered but my concern’ll be – listening to these videos/which plan to later – hearing the arguments for them and squirming at any underhanded… off-hand, put down; that the basis for the/ir arguments are ‘so’ obvious that, ‘any idiot can see it’. Well not this ‘one’. And therefore I’m frustrated others might hear this and switch-off, not only ‘reptilians’ but wider Icke-explained issues.

    It’s complex I know. What do I know… just commented it off m’chest.

  7. Dublinmick says:

    I pretty much agree with Gary Zeitlin formerly of the open SETI organization. He gives credence to the Nefilim theory also. It is the only thing that scientifically blends with most all ancient cosmology. His only question is how did the nefilim arrive on Nibiru? I have no answer for that one either. The universe is a vast place however and there is plenty of room for other humanoid beings to be out there some place.

    I have read theories also that some spirits incarnate into human bodies who are from strange galaxies where they were in fact lizards and have some what of a lizard like personality. However this is unprovable. There is like said above no proof of any merit as far as evolution.

    Nor is there any for shape shifting.

  8. Chris B says:

    In Icke’s version of Oz, when the curtain is finally pulled back to reveal the truth, we find terrifying blood-lusting, baby-killing, shape-shifting reptiles of extra terrestrial origin who not only control us but also created us. Be afraid. Be very afraid.
    Dorothy would likely have been completely traumatised by such an experience and never have found the strength to make her way home. Instead, she discovers that the big scary control system is really just smoke and mirrors, an enormous sham controlled by a pathetic, weak old man, and that the power to take control of her life is – and has always been – inside herself. There is nothing to fear but fear itself.
    Icke and Alex Jones devotees seem to be locked in a fear matrix where superior knowledge of the horrible truth is the primary goal.

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