Remain (inside EU) campaign showing signs of desperation

Project Fear (Transatlantic edition) fires another salvo

In anticipation of President Obama visiting Britain to help the Queen celebrate her 90th birthday (and lecture her people on the benefits of European subjugation), the FT have reported that a group of his countrymen have written a letter to the Times giving doomsday warnings over Britain’s future economic abilities were we to leave. The group, all former U.S Treasury Secretaries have suggested that despite our being the fifth largest economy in the world, we won’t be able to cut it outside of the EU. This is not surprising since successive governments of the United States have been determinedly trying to break Britain’s independence since the war and indeed the CIA were heavily involved in the movement to put us into the EEC in the first place. I find it hard to believe that these people are true representatives of the worlds guardians of democracy. Whatever they are, they should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves.

On a related point, William Hague writes in the Telegraph that he believes Barack Obama is entitled to tell us what America thinks about Brexit. Perhaps William, but that isn’t what he’s doing; he’s telling us what he thinks about Brexit and as such we’re entitled to tell him what he can do with his opinions.

 Meanwhile, from Canadian BoE Head, Mark Carney

Another toll from the doomsday bell of Mark Carney in the Telegraph as he yet again vaguely suggests that the City of London might conceivably catch a cold after Brexit, in such a way that the headline writers can have a field day. I’m tempted to invite all of these North American commentators to imagine a scenario whereby the U.S and Canada was being bullied by the UK and Germany into harmonizing their economies with Mexico, Cuba, Guatemala, Panama and various other assorted neighbours, with the seat of Government situated in Belize.

Great piece from Allister Heath in the Telegraph makes strongest case yet against Osborne

Over the last two days I’ve remarked on Osbornes much criticised claim that Brexit would cost each household £4,300. Of all of the reports I’ve read casting doubts of Osbornes assertions, the article from Allister Heath in the Telegraph yesterday is one of the best. It perfectly sums up why George Osborne has got this so wrong, and also outlines beautifully the attempt of this Chancellor to mislead the British public. I’d encourage you all to read it.

IDS successor blames Brexit fears for unemployment


Eurosceptic Tory Penny Mordaunt has rightly lambasted Work & Pensions Secretary Stephen Crabb (pictured) for suggesting that a rise in unemployment between December and February might be as a result of Brexit fears. This exemplifies the Governments current campaign which takes Project Fear to new depths. Not long ago an Industry Minister said on a national programme that trade with the EU would cease after Brexit. She apologised later but the damage was done. The good news is this level of desperate duplicity indicates they know they’re going to lose.

I know that we in our party will do all we can to make sure that’s the case.

Roger Helmer


3 Responses to “Remain (inside EU) campaign showing signs of desperation”

  1. Tom74 says:

    But Allistair Heath supported the Tories at the General Election. I’m not clear why we’re suddenly supposed to start believing his misgivings about Osborne now.
    It’s also strange the same people telling us we could build trade with USA after Brexit at the same time are telling us that the Americans are not friends after all and cannot be trusted.
    I’m afraid for all the faults of the EU, the Leave campaign simply doesn’t add up.

  2. ian says:

    We aint seen nuthin yet. We will never get out. They terrified the unwary and stole votes to get the Scotland independence vote to fail. This will go the same way. People don’t work with logic, they work with emotion, ask Edward Bernays, and fear drives everyone hardest.

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