Raw milk prevents allergies and asthma

The Mail Online further reported that a study involving more than 1,100 children by pediatric allergy specialists at Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich, Germany, found that kids who regularly consumed unpasteurized milk had a much lower risk of developing allergic asthma.

The Daily Mail also noted:

“The findings of this large-scale, long-term (six-year) study are in line with earlier, smaller studies. But the German study also points to omega 3 fatty acids as the substance in raw milk that may be key to the benefits. Tabea Brick, one of the immunologists who led the research, says that these play a crucial role in enabling the body to create chemicals that reduce harmful inflammation.”

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/053511_raw_milk_pasteurization_allergies.html#ixzz44boig9Ie


4 Responses to “Raw milk prevents allergies and asthma”

  1. Lynn says:

    Ha like this wasn’t known. Would not trust these shysters anymore. Do the exact opposite of what they say. 5 a day yea right. Glyphosate is killing us. Round up ready veg and fruit. Eat less fat !!! and you kill your brain. They are silently killing us. Fluoride …vaccines…Chemtrails… GM foods. Our Supermarkets are full of this poison. Set up for just this onslaught. All pre planned. 13 million small businesses destroyed to accommodate the food drink and death cult. This is called a Democracy.

  2. rats says:

    Raw Milk does not contain Titanium dioxide

  3. Nicky says:

    Just tried finding a supplier local to me here in Devon only to find a bunch of sad stories of farmers being set up (Including a tory councilor) and shops being shut down by the state and it’s misuse of TB scares to close them all down. Some country we live in. The land of Milk and Honey where you cannot find any real Healthy unadulterated Milk and Honey legally.
    I can go and legally buy Glyphosate though. I get more depressed with each passing day.

  4. Lynn says:

    Remember foot and mouth killed off the real farmers. Floods will see the rest off. Chemtrails are destroying the soil. Bees have been decimated.. Our food has been poisoned in so many ways…we are becoming sicker and weaker..h
    NHS is bursting at the seams. They have thought of every trick in the book. Sneaky and deranged. Know your real terrorist.

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