Philippines election-rigging could easily be stopped for coming election May 9th

The forthcoming election is looking very likely to be rigged to select a President acceptable to the international banking cabal.  I attended a talk today given by Augustus (Gus) Lagman, who I’ve heard before on the topic, and he said more or less the same as he was saying last time.  If all the local precinct vote counts were submitted to a website, as well as to the regional and central vote-counting commissions, anyone could run a check on the outcome, assuming that not all the 92,000 odd precincts were fraudulently counted.  Technically IT expert Lagman says it would not be difficult to ensure that the site wasn’t hacked and loaded with false information, and it would act as a check on anyone intent on rigging the election at the regional and central counts.


This simple device of a website, which Lagman has proposed over and over again, over many years, is always rejected by those running the election count systems, giving no reason, other than saying there is not enough time for the proposal to be discussed, rushing to put the proposal to a vote, where it is invariably rejected.

My wife, a Filipina, aged 17, was employed as a student to enter the voting results from a number of precincts in her region, when Gloria Macapagal, was elected President in 2004.  In my wife’s area of the Philippines, Fernando Poe was the the outright winner in all the approximately twenty precincts for which she had to enter the voting results.  The votes were collected at local schools.  As she entered the voting totals into the computer, she was instructed to swap the votes over, making Poe the loser in every case, and Macapagal the winner.  She did as she was instructed.

UPDATE – She read the above, and says the problem was the Comelec computer.  If she entered the votes as they had been placed, the computer rejected the results, and refused to receive them.  She was told to swap over the votes from Poe to Gloria Macapagal and the computer then accepted the transmission.

Vote-rigging has since been made into a more automated process.  Lagman says the election ‘managers’ only have to swap over a chip in the computer to do what in 2004 was done manually, and this they can do simply using software.  He is trying to get exposure on TV and radio to discuss the simple method he has devised to prevent the seemingly inevitable vote-rigging from taking place.  He is presenting on election fraud to journalists from ABS-CBN in a day’s time.  Let’s hope that these journalists take up his call to stop the Philippine Presidential election from being rigged.  It’s time the country got  a break from its history of endless abuse from the international banking cabal.  Lagman is willing to present to anyone who’ll listen to his message.  Give him a call….now.


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  1. Baz says:

    Election rigging is now mandatory in every Western country, they are not about to give up the gains they have made by mind control and social manipulation

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