Nostradamus Prophecies About Elizabeth II

(Before It’s News)

Today, Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Battenburg, also known by the criminal aliases Windsor and QE2, is celebrating her 90th birthday.

According to the prophecies of Nostradamus, Elizabeth’s FRAUDULENT rule as the British Monarch is about to come to an end, as she will be exposed as the FAKE that she really is, stripped of her wealth and power, and forced to leave the United Kingdom, in shame and for fear of her life.

Quatrain 3,47

Le vieux monarque dechass de son regne
Aux Oriens son secours ira querre:
Pour peut des croix ployera son enseigne,
En Mytilene ira par port & par terre.


The OLD monarch chased out of her realm (Q. 10,22)

Will go to the East (Greece) asking for its help:

For fear of the crosses she will fold-up her banner:

To Mitylene (Greece) she will go through port and by land.



Quatrain 1,86

La grande rine quand se verra vaincue,
Fera excs de masculin courage:
Sus cheval, fleuve passera toute nue,
Suite par fer: foi fera outrage.


When the great queen sees herself conquered (QE2?),

She will show an excess of masculine courage.

On horseback, she will pass over the river completely naked (stripped of wealth and power),

Pursued by the sword: she will have outraged her (Anglican) faith



Quatrain 1,32

Le grand empire sera tost translat,
En lieu petit, qui bien tost viendra croistre:
Lieu bien infine d’exigue cont,
Ou au milieu viendra poser son sceptre.

The great Empire will soon be overturned (Ezekiel 21:26-27; Q. 10,100),

In a small place (Tara), which soon will begin to grow (in fame):

A small place of tiny area (the Inauguration Mound at Tara),

In the middle of which he will come to place His Sceptre (Lia Fail – Stone of Destiny).


Ezekiel 21:26 Thus saith the Lord “I AM”; Remove the diadem (sovereignty), and take off the crown: this [shall] not [be] the same: exalt [him that is] low (Line of Zarah), and abase [him that is] high (Line of Pharez).
21:27 I will overturn, overturn, overturn, it: and it shall be no [more], [
overturned] UNTIL he come whose Right it is; and I will give it [him – Shiloh (Gen. 49 v 10)].

Quatrain 10,100
great empire will be for England (Q. 1,32),



Quatrain 1,43

Avant qu’advienne le changement d’Empire
Il adviendra un cas bien merveilleux:
Un champ mu, le pillier de paphire
Mis translat sur le rocher noilleux.


Before the coming of the change (overturn) of the Empire

A very wonderful event will take place.

A field (2m. x 2m. of turf at Tara) moved, the Pillar of Porphyry
(Lia Fail – Stone of Scone)

Put in place (on the Inauguration Mound at Tara); (the empire) changed on the gnarled rock (the Lia Fail – Stone of Destiny, as Christ is inaugurated King of Ireland, at Tara).

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  1. Lynn says:

    People will know the full extent of this evil front. The truth is a Tsunami now and it is a sweeping giant. It will be an interesting time. They have had it coming for a long time. Traitors to the very nations they have destroyed. Austerity hmm.!!

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