Mainstream Media Blackout?

I welcome differences. Colour, creed, whatever, however… but, there appears to be an artificial mixing of peoples and beleif systems with a view to breaking down cultural and national identity to enable the implication of superstates e.g. the EU.
MEDIA BLACKOUT: Socialists and Muslims turn Paris into a war zone (video):
… includes a YouTube clip:
Attaque violente entre migrants Métro Stalingrad 14 avril 2016 Paris 10è

Are these scenes authentic? It is a sad sad business and Camoron and Corbyn & co are supporting this situation.

EU? Out!


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  1. Baz says:

    It looks like the East African Blacks, i.e. Ethiopians, Somalians etc, are winning and the Afghans etc are taking a battering. Of course Paris was always a Third World Warzone like this before they arrived and never hosted any high culture, art. music, philosophy. No thank you to these new arrivals for bringing this wonderful enlightenement and civilisation to such a primitive place.

    Thank you Mr New World Order. Thank you Mr Tel Aviv. Thank You!

  2. salty says:

    Jewish ownership/control of the mainstream media in the West–Where the head goes, the body follows

    17 APRIL 2016.


    Protocols of the Elders of Zion and the Jewish New World Order


    There are 24 chapters, or protocols. Allegedly these are minutes from meetings of Jewish leaders.

    The Protocols are supposed to describe secret plans of Jews to rule the world:

    (1) by manipulating the economy.
    (2) by controlling the media. <<<<<<<<
    (3) by fostering religious conflict.

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