Ken O’Keefe in Berkley – March 2016 – “Jewish Power” & World Citizen Solutions

Ken O’Keefe

Published on Mar 26, 2016

In this talk Ken rips into politically correct barriers and speaks frankly about the challenges we face in the cause of creating a better world. Ken is currently touring the USSA on his ‘Fuck the TSA/Homeland Security Tour’, for the latest dates and times of Ken’s speaking engagements check the Facebook page set up for this purpose;…


3 Responses to “Ken O’Keefe in Berkley – March 2016 – “Jewish Power” & World Citizen Solutions”

  1. Lynn says:

    We can no longer plead ignorant…the Black Nobility …secret services…have captured and enslaved the people. Their method of marrying and breeding an elite so damaged and brainwashed, is now becoming clear to the layman. Once this wakes up a trusting world they will be finished. Eaten for breakfast. They have been so covert and hidden up until this point in time. Their days are numbered. We the people have access to this history and this crime syndicate who have every intention of genocide. Well game over we know who you are. You are vermin scum. You will be exterminated now. History has caught up with you. You can no longer hide in the shadows. You are toast.

  2. salty says:

    The Jews in Israel are not true Jews

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