Joining the war on terra dots…..Ian Crane

Is Holland next in line for a False Flag Event?

A very troubling series of events is taking place in Holland right now … Events which could signal a major False Flag during Beltane

The Dutch have not only recently rejected the expansion of the EU, but the Nederland liberal party (Democrats 66) – have called upon the Dutch Parliament to promote European Union demands that Israel cease construction of settlements on occupied Palestinian lands and end all other violations against Palestinian human rights.

This is precisely the scenario which occurred in Japan, prior to the destruction of the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant and again in Norway just prior to the horrific slaughter and staged bombing that took place in July 2011 years ago supposedly at the hands of “lone wolf terrorist” Anders Behring.

Coupled with which, Rotterdam is currently in its 3rd day of ‘exercises’; running disaster drills in Holland’s second biggest city.

Zen Gardner say, “This is something to keep an eye on as we’re just beginning the 13 days of the occult time of sacrifice called Beltane.”

‘By way of Deception Though Shalt Do War’ – Mossad take great pride in their ability to manipulate global opinion through ‘False Flag’ Terror. In episode 67 of HUMANITY vs INSANITY(recorded on Tues 29th March 2016), I explore the common denominators which link Fukushima, the E.Coli outbreak in Germany, Norway’s 9/11 and the recent travesty in Brussels.

Consequently, there is the distinct possibility that the Nederlands is next in line to feel the full force of the socio-psychopathic Zio-fascist control grid! The good news is that more and more researchers are able to read the signs and help prevent further atrocity by alerting people to the next prospective ‘War on Terra’ target! The more poeple are aware, the less likely it is that it will actually happen!

By the way … the indications are that another False Flag event will be staged in the UK in the days leading up to the EU Referendum!!

Ian R Crane

Ian Crane


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  1. bluefeather says:

    As usual, an informative video presentation of events past and present. Ian Crane is a courageous soul, daring to talk publicly about subjects that are not even whispered in MSM. What an excellent line up of speakers for the AV7 event.

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