It appears the media wants to keep us in the dark over this promising sign for Jeremy Corbyn

April 26th, 2016 by  James Wright


It appears the media wants to keep us in the dark over this promising sign for Jeremy Corbyn


The media has been very quiet about a surprising YouGov poll released mid-April. Commissioned by The Timesthe poll shows Labour with a three point lead ahead of the Conservatives:

  • Lab 34%
  • Con 31%

Jeremy Corbyn also smashed David Cameron in personal trust ratings, by 7 points:

  • Corbyn 28%
  • Cameron 21%

The Times downplayed the result and made the poll about the EU referendum, rather than looking at the implications for Corbyn’s Labour. And you would think the rest of the media would publish a result this extraordinary within the context that Corbyn is ‘unelectable’.

More recently, the aggregate polling table shows Corbyn a whisker off Cameron since mid-March. He has been ahead twice and once tied.

And it is not just this YouGov poll that shows the public trust Corbyn over Cameron:

This Ipsos Mori poll from the same week puts Corbyn 24 points ahead of Cameron. Trust is very important. It is the foundation by which you can sell the policies that win elections.

Corbyn also scored higher than Cameron on the next step to winning:

The public must feel you understand the problems if you are to deliver the solution, and Corbyn is two points ahead of Cameron on this vital building block.

However it is the third step where Corbyn falters, according to this Ipsos Mori poll:

Cameron is 13 points ahead of Corbyn on having a clear vision. To remedy this, Corbyn needs to focus on a few core issues and really hammer the message home. Housing, health and welfare should be at the forefront with a key, unwavering vision for each.

Public opinion is turning against austerity. Corbyn’s Labour needs to establish a counter-narrative of an investment, stimulus based economy. It must ignore the corporate media, which will always beat Corbyn with anything it can find.

It’s over four years until the General Election – there is plenty of time to develop clear policies supported by an increasing membership. If the membership supports the policies then members are more likely to transition into activists. Considering the Conservatives have the support of the majority of the media, and powerful individuals, an active membership is vital to winning in 2020.

Labour should be very clear about how it would handle the housing crisis. Social housing is a macroeconomic no brainer – and communicating that to the electorate is the winning ticket.

When you build a social house the money does not just disappear; the costs are returned to the state through affordable rent payments. And once a family has the security of a home they are in a position to be more economically active. For example, they can start a business, enter higher education or hone their skills. Recent figures show a 21.4% drop in adults undertaking Further Education under the Tories. Perhaps because the housing crisis means people are spending all their time trying to pay rent.

Social housing also means people will have more disposable income to spend in the local economy because their money is not eaten up by landlords. The policy increases aggregate demand. Meanwhile, the economy is stimulated because building creates demand for materials and creates construction jobs.

A clear housing policy is just one example of what Labour needs to smash the final step to winning. Labour must never overestimate what the public know, but never underestimate people’s intelligence. The idea of an investment based economy can be sold to the people – Labour just needs to speak up.




5 Responses to “It appears the media wants to keep us in the dark over this promising sign for Jeremy Corbyn”

  1. Tom74 says:

    Yes, but if the polls don’t give the right answer, just rig the election and blame the polling companies. That’s what they did last time. Repeat until there is a revolution.

  2. Baz says:

    Sean Young from Dune, a fantastic female figurehead and a Great Beauty:

    • Tom74 says:

      It’s getting worse too – a storm-in-a-teacup row about ‘anti-semitism’ (ie opposition to the brutal Israeli set-up) as the second story on the BBC Today programme this morning. Corbyn should have kept Shah and let the evil people who have infiltrated British democracy do their worst.

  3. Lynn says:

    Good to see you still posting Ian…very quiet on here now.

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