I Sold My Soul To Rock & Roll & Mind Control

How Artists Are Used by the Illuminati
by Wes Penre, 2002 –

Have you ever asked yourself why some artists have reached the Top and stayed there, although their music or acting is way under the average? How can someone who does not know anything, or very little about music become a famous rock star? And how come some people with lots of talent and ideas never stand a chance? Bad luck? No, the “BIG” rock stars and actors are heavily used by the Illuminati. Some of them are programmed from the day they were born to become puppets for the Elite, and some of them are picked up later in life because they have “the right attitude” and can be worked with. Many of those young people are introduced into the occult; secret orders like the Freemasons, the OTO, the Rosicrucian’s, Scientology and others. Within those cults they are taught how to think and (re)act in order to enhance the Agenda.

Amos Lee
Amos Lee

Occult “soul sucking” is a common practice in the music industry on many levels of the business. The occultists feed on the artist by sucking his/her soul out until there is nothing more to suck and the soul is totally “dry”, then they leave the artist to “die” – mentally or physically; abandoned, often poor and with a drug addiction. The singer/songwriter Amos Lee described this pretty well. This is what he says in the song “Soul Suckers:”

Did you believe them when they told you
they discovered you
Anything was free as long as you do what
they tell you to
Think it’s true
but nothing could be further from the truth my love

Did you ever listen when they told you
to change your name
Nobody wants honesty when looking at a perfect fame
play the game
but nothing could be further from the truth my love

Nothing is more powerful than beauty in a wicked world
play it girl, play it girl

Does it make you feel good
when they tell you what you want to hear
after they suck all your soul
that’s when they disappear
disappear forever like a prince in your little fairytale
And you find they put your soul on sale

Nothing could be further from the truth my love
nothing is more powerful than beauty in a wicked world

This is how the Elite have planned it with regards to using art to help out with achieving the goals:

1. The Illuminati is planning a new phase in their attempt to take over the world. Much of the planning is political and financial and is happening behind the scenes, but two of their most powerful instruments are Hollywood and the Music Industry, because that is the way they can reach the masses. So they are deciding to set a new trend to promote their latest strategy.

2. They use mind controlled people (musicians/actors/producers etc.) to set this trend, promising them wealth, drugs, groupies and/or whatever they want, in order to be satisfied. Those “artists” are heavily promoted with techniques learnt from Nazi Germany, which had developed the most extraordinary techniques to manipulate the masses that this world has ever seen. L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology, confessed in public (to his disciples) that he used Goebbels’ Propaganda Machine to get people into the cult (and keep them there). The Illuminati have no problems promoting whatever they want, and have people responding like they want them to.

3. The “Trend-Makers” (The Beatles, Stones, Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Sex Pistols, Eminem, Curt Cubain, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin etc.) set the direction for the new trends, and people will start worshipping those new idols.

4. Other (often more talented) musicians follow up on that trend and create their own version of the new idea. Those musicians also get contracts with the Record Companies, and can be ordinary people like you and me, who have never been close to physically tampered with in mind control programs like MK ULTRA and Monarch Mind Control. Those musicians (and actors) don’t have to be severely mind controlled to unknowingly help out with the Agenda of the Elite. They just jump on the same bandwagon as the trend-makers, and the snowball effect is starting. Thus, the Illuminati, who basically invented the trend, can sit back and watch. We, the citizens, are doing the rest for them.

5. Other gifted musicians and actors, who are creating art that goes outside the Agenda – or against it – have no chance to get their message out broadly, because nobody at the top of the Industry (where the money is) is willing to promote them. It is the same pattern as within politics. Only those who are promoted by the super-wealthy Elite stand a chance. The International Bankers (The Illuminati) are the ones who own the Industry. As soon as someone is creating something (may be a new type of music-trend, a new label with contrary ideas or something similar) that opposes what is next on the Agenda, the Illuminati is quick to buy it out. If the Company refuses to sell, they are threatened. We all have seen Mafia Movies. That is exactly how it works.

The Good News

In spite of how hard the people in power try to manipulate the masses and control the minds of those we are listening to, the human spirit is strong. I lived together with a person who had been viciously abused like this by the Secret Government, but she started remembering thing she was “not supposed to remember”. And I’ll tell you – those people, who have been used and abused, who start to remember, are the most valuable people we have at this point, because they can tell us first hand what is going on and who is pulling the strings. Those people are strong weapons in this ongoing spiritual war.


Source: http://www.illuminati-news.com/art-and-mc/used-artists.htm


5 Responses to “I Sold My Soul To Rock & Roll & Mind Control”

  1. Scotty says:

    Have a look on You Tube at the 4 part documentary called ‘They Sold Their Souls for Rock n Roll’

    Very heavy stuff..!

  2. Mark says:

    Stuck on the precision of the manipulation. And what symbolic ‘something’ (and uncertainty how/why?). Over and above psychology-shaping through words: To pacify and keep us-trustin’ Govt and co-wise. Has enough-awake going “look see” – with others, deepening their oblivious. Intent to protect deep-enough exposure by… exposing. Discouragement to investigate by showing us – ‘we are’. Really. No need for us at-it. Cops’ll do it, journalists, documentaries, we’ll get what, ‘in time’. What’ll really rock the boat…

    ‘They’ like to go close as, can. Tip over even. Taunting. Power in risk. And how does it get so thoroughly filtered through into scripts and productions? And so, many/much? What’s clinically contrived and what’s unknowingly undertaken? With some being about such show and tell. To unnecessary levels, therefore contrived strategy, over inevitable fall-out? Get the experiment in ever-intensive surveillance. But the handlers esoteric experiences convince ‘this is other and therefore’. And need for ‘believers’ following. Mass converts. They’ve faith in ‘what they felt and saw’. Told in accompaniment – what might be different versions of, covens, etc – secrets.

    Prince dying and ManCow’s ‘fessing up goes on to re-affirm presumed, non-material, believed to be, activities. Holy-babylon, an escalator through the door. Perhaps the need for showmen, over only less-publicly seen elites, shows their importance in conduiting-back messages. Doing dark bad-news-ism. Means to further the ‘why’-ritual. Need to come-out. And want us all as many – in. Our reception and compliance, religious tenets. Personally, think ‘soul sucking’ and even suspected blood-drinking, goes so-far in figuring. Being a Biblical type, see the lying deceiver is for worship. Everything about, like-God and church but opposite, and in opposition.

    Do we see cracks in, whose make-up? Which actor is slipping ‘out of character’? DeNiro’s stepped up. May we soon have reports here of others. Prince – muted, for all the lauding away. Was in Musicology, as important as got. Note Bowie pushed to the couldn’t be higher. Prince, yes applause, but… when he easily stands in what top ten or twenty Pop matters. Not so.

    That talented, needed no one. (But God). Made music alone. Could do start to finish without another bod. Oft did. And chose to stand for humanity over the elites. He leaves a giant example. Pray some prince-ites follow.

  3. Lynn says:

    Agents/handlers .. Are their to keep these commodities under check. They step off the reservation and they are severley dealt with. Who would want this celebrity status of complete compliance or else.

    They have no life and are not allowed to speak without carefully staying inside the guidelines. No way does this appeal to free spirited people. Do as they say … Or be thrown under the bus.

  4. Baz says:


    Death by Dangerous Driving, No Insurance, No Licence, Driving whilst Disqualified, Failing to Stop at scene of an Accident, Failing to Report, Rugby Player Dies because he was left in the road for 2 hours…

    This piece of Sh*t gets only 3.5 years…

    Someone is looking after the descendant of an immigrant.

    Is the UK Legal System in the hands of a Hostile Elite? If so who are they?

  5. Lynn says:

    We are paying for our own guards…they are not for our protection. This is how it is now. Criminals looking after criminals. We get slammed if we drop litter. They are Protecting the Cabal. Crime pays…Fact.

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