Great video. Police thugs get instant karma from crowd. Brilliant!

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Justice is a commodity that’s rarely witnessed these days, so when you see the crowd hitting back against the pigs, it lifts the spirits.  So many videos of police brutality are circulating on the net, with no officer facing even the mildest slap on the wrist, that when the crowd hits back against the thugs, you can’t help but cheer.  Imagine how far this thug would have gone were he operating in private.  The Police are becoming a force of State run psychopaths, beating up innocent people, sometimes killing them, seizing children from innocent families, and doing whatever they can get away with, in terms of sexual and financial exploitation.  The era of George Dixon of Dock Green is well gone.  The good Police officers have either left the Force, or are now doing so.

Here’s the modern day version of Police Force, just for once getting in return exactly what it deserves.  Real criminals have nothing to fear.  This lot want soft targets to smash to pieces, not organised criminals who can return and sort it individually against an over-zealous officer.  These cops were so keen to get stuck in, they didn’t seem to even care who was watching – and they clearly didn’t expect the reaction they got.  Let the fightback continue.  The crowd needs to get acting along these lines on every occasion.


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  1. Nicky says:

    Hi Tap. Did you post this? It is not like you to use such strong terms such as pig. I just watched a few vids of bullies after reading this and it makes your blood boil for sure. I did not like how it made me feel. Unable to find the one you mention I ended up watching one where security guards get heavy handed at a football match and get there come uppance. The yes get in there mob mentality feeling I had initially at seeing the guard get his arse kicked for beating the fan was soon replaced with this is so wrong. I could not watch any more. I may be wrong but I have heard that the UK police no longer recruit young immature people to counter such thuggery. I hope this is true. Am shocked at my own initial reactions. Bordering on joy at watching some justice being meeted out to the bully guard to sadness how quickly I became thug like also. On the edge of my seat almost. Not good.
    Not doing themselves any favours the security services are they when heavy handed. What with all the cameras around you would think they would be smart enough to know this can only end badly for them in the long run. If things do go tits up the public could arm itself to counter bullying. Nail guns. Chain saws. Hilti”s. All sorts of ways of levelling the field should the law here go even more thug like and get to big for it’s boots with all the new weaponry they are furnished. The Israeli treatment of Palestinians is not going to end well for the jews. Even bankers are a bit dim. I once overheard a pub conversation many moons back where some lad was contemplating attacking the Hoare banker families estate and the lodges near here after being robbed blind with interest charges. I remember thinking just how little it would take should revolution occur for those robbing us blind to be got at.
    The local lodge here is known to be crooked as planning permissions where refused to many a market gardeners lands on being put out of business in the last century. Only to have there land purchased as failed market gardens by known Dawlish masons whom then miraculously got planning for housing estates and made a fortune. They did pick on one at a time. Some brotherhood they are. Drunks and crooks in suits. Currently engaged in ruining Devon by mass construction and little infrastructure investment. Our roads are clogged up as a result down here due to this. come the holiday season I can see this being far worse. Folk will stop visiting and then there will be less work. No doubt the Masons will retire to some foreign sunny clime with pots of dosh. Some loyalty to your home nation that is.

  2. Lynn says:

    Haha yes !!!! When they turn TPTB will take a proper pasting. This will all end very badly.

    • Nicky says:

      I hope it does not come to such a dark conclusion Lynn.
      This has served me well. Not at all comfortable being thuggish I started Meditating again today. So fortunate to have learned how to, It has left me feeling cleansed of the negativity once again. Need to get back into being regular with practice.
      Hope you find a way to clear some of the anger as well, for your own well being. Be a shame for one so concerned at the injustices in our time to fall deeper into darker ways and thoughts. Been rejecting shed loads that have been arriving in my mind of late from the collective consciousness we currently have here in the UK. Bit schizophrenic at times. Had to look up the spelling on schizophrenic.

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