George Galloway says Livingstone ‘zionist’ suspension part of ‘slow motion coup’

 George Galloway © Darren Staples
London mayoral candidate George Galloway put forward a fiery defense of suspended Ken Livingstone, arguing the former mayor’s comments on a Nazi-Zionist accord on relocation were a matter of “historical fact.”

Speaking at length about the Haavara Agreement reached on 25 August 1933 between Germany’s Zionist leaders and its fascist politicians, Galloway told Sky News Livingstone had fallen victim to an “entirely synthetic crisis.

Ken Livingstone said absolutely nothing wrong, everything he said was the truth: historical fact, proven. I’ve got the books, so should you,” he argued.

He argued that there was an “agreement between the Nazi filth of Hitler and the Zionist leaders in Germany to send Germany’s Jews to Palestine because both of them believed that the German Jews were not German and that they were aliens.

He added “in that sense Nazism and Zionism were two sides of the same coin. They even actually minted a coin to celebrate the Havaara agreement which was reached.

Galloway said he did not agree with Livingstone’s timing or the imagery he conjured “but you can’t be expelled for telling the truth. Oh wait… that is what happened to me over Iraq.

The former MP said that at the root of the issue was an attempt by the Labour right “to get rid of Jeremy Corbyn” in a “slow motion coup, it’s been under way for many months.

They’ll say we can’t go on like this, we need a new leader,” he said.

Despite wide reports that he had been suspended for anti-Semitic comments late Thursday, the detail of the measure taken by Labour indicates Livingstone has actually been suspended for “inflammatory” statements.

The disciplinary measure followed an apparently contrived verbal ambush carried out by right-faction Labour MP John Mann on Thursday.

During the altercation, Mann and a camera crew pursued a confused-looking Livingstone up a set of stairs while the MP denounced him as a “f*cking disgrace” and a Nazi apologist.




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