David Cameron is insane and must be removed as soon as possible

Jacob Rothschild issued a grim warning for 2016 a week ago. The last time he issued a grim warning was at the beginning of March last year, just before the attempt to overthrow Putin and the attempted ‘limited’ first strike on Russia, which was aborted by Capt. Heather Cole, who has since disappeared.


The judeo-masonic plan for world government is going to fail if Russia and China can’t be forced to submit. The judeo-neocons led by Jacob Rothschild and George Soros are actively driving for world war.


US SecDef and madman Ash Carter is visiting a carrier group in the South China Sea in order to reduce [sic] tensions. Armour and infantry are positioned on the border with Russia. Nota bene, David Cameron was actually involved in an abortive nuclear first strike on Russia last March. His comms with the Atomic Weapons Establishment at Aldermaston were hijacked and decoded by the Russians. He has of course run up over 800 billion of debt. What more do we need to prove that he’s insane and must be removed asap?


Gordon Logan


6 Responses to “David Cameron is insane and must be removed as soon as possible”

  1. Dublinmick says:

    You are being to hard on him, lots of people are attracted to pigs! 🙂

  2. RabbiT says:

    Not wanting to have to embark upon a personal search – are you able to share what JR’s grim warnings were Tap?

  3. Lynn says:

    Cameron is a compromised fool. Used for his shortcomings.. Not very bright and not very good at his job. He is a useless piece of garbage. Becoming a Blair clone. The whole country is on to this little scroat.

  4. Baz says:

    Last White indigenous safe from nuclear attack area found in Europe, book your flights and accommodation now to avoid civil war, radiation, earthquakes etc etc


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