Council In Shropshire turn up at my factory with Police Escort and no appointment

.I’m on business trip in the Philippines with no international phone nearby.
The Council Development Officer appeared at my factory door with a Police escort with no appointment yesterday. They were told I was not there but insisted on entering the building and began questioning my sales manager in detail about the anti-fracking campers who are still in our field after two years. She has absolutely nothing to do with this and nor do any of my staff at ******* Ltd.
Campers Yellowbelly, Cookie and Mike plant an ash tree, next to site which was proposed for fracking last year by Dart Energy.  Currently the threat has receded, and the land is being planted as woodland.  The factory lies in the distance behind the poplar trees.  A pond in the reeds to the right, which would have been destroyed had the development gone ahead.
If the Council want to communicate with me why don’t they make an appointment and meet me or write to me in the first instance. I am the owner of the land but the campers have tenants’ rights to be there. They are not criminals. This is not a Police matter. The Council is acting totally out of order.
Opinion –
Claire Porter, head of legal, is probably behind it.

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  1. Baz says:

    “Totally out of order”…just slightly.

    Issue the Council and the Shropshire Police with a first instance Harassment warning by letter via your solicitor under ss 2-3 Protection from Harassment Act 1997 (and send to each individual Officer involved) also issue a Letter of Claim for the Tort of Trespass and notice of an Injunction Application.

    Other legal matters to consider are Misfeasance in Public Office and Deceit

    Also a full barage of Police Disciplinary Complaints: Failure to follow PACE – No Caution Given, Unlawful Interview not recorded, undertaken away from Police premises, no grounds for arrest etc etc

    That should keep them from your door.

    Also organize locally so you then develop privately a picture of exactly who has actioned this and participated. You then build up straight away a clear picture of the identity and details of the individuals you are actually dealing with

    There are other superb means of responding to arrests which guarantee that can be turned rapidly into a disaster for the instigator but that can wait.

    They are attacking your blog, not you.

    • ian says:

      impressive Baz, I know where to come for legal advice now.

    • Gordon says:

      And be sure to advise your solicitor that any correspondence is not to arrive on your doorstep on a Friday so as not to cause you stress and duress over the weekend before dealing with the matter.

    • OutandAbout says:

      Excellent legal advice

      This may or may not be of interest. But yesterday I got chatting with an environmental agency officer, who deals with recyclable materials, visiting sights….composting. On occasion I think he deals with asbestos.
      I asked him about fracking.
      He said the Government have made all employees sign an agreement barring them totally from any discussion or giving any view about fracking at all. He said hed be interested to hear my view though. So I said
      – I think it is contemptible that Government prevents censors silences its staff from speaking about something as deeply important as fracking. I told him straight they are Criminal and there is a conspiracy on to destroy this country
      – I said one only needs to look in America, to see the devastation of fracking, permanent ruining of water tables, communities unable to live there anymore. Toxic gases and metals. Chronic illness. Dirty water coming out of taps. Skin rashes. Cancers
      – I said this was part of Agenda 21 to clear the countryside and herd people into the towns. He didn’t know what Agenda 21 was.
      – I then moved onto politicians promoting and voting in favour of fracking. I said this isn’t simply a case of corrupt individuals taking backhanders motivated by money.
      – I said the UK is much smaller than America, the ecological devastation which will be much more immediate and profound. it is not simply corporate greed. But a concerted strategy by evil globalists with an agenda that want to change and destroy the UK.
      I then said not only are Ministers and the rest benefitting financially. I also said blackmail also is a key part of things, carrot and stick. I told him the Jimmy Savile affair wasn’t just a reflection of a few sick people here and there in society. It is a blackmail industry of the highest evil of politicains being on film ***ing and k***ing children also drives the fracking agenda forwards.

      By this point he had a vacant glazed look and ended the conversation
      It is possible that part of the UN Agenda 21 fracking drive is also the 33rd degree Freemasons in their lodges poring over leyline and vortex portal intersection top secret maps and using fracking as a way to disrupt and destroy the leyline grid, or ensure it is utilised for Black Magic Evil purposes only. We must not forget this as a possible motivation hiding in plain sight, just like all the Syrian, Iraq, Afghan war theatre might also have a high level motivation for this too – control of the worlds energy leylines, especially as now the plasma ether energies coming from the galactic centre are getting stronger and stronger.
      Lines Upon the Landscape: Spiritual and Energetic Ramifications of Oil Pipelines and Fracking

  2. Lynn says:

    It’s starting , they circle you like prey. Gestapo style is creeping mission … Get them told Tap. We are all watching this and word is spreading.

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