Come the Referendum, we won’t know the new asylum rules

The EU is in a panic over asylum rules.  It is threatening to scrap the Dublin Convention, under which asylum seekers can be returned to their country of entry, on the plausible grounds that it is unfair to Greece and Italy.  It also wants to set up a mandatory allocation arrangement for migrants, based on member-states’ wealth and population.  Britain could opt-out of that scheme – but as a consequence would lose the Dublin Convention right to deport migrants.  Chris Grayling, Leader of the Commons, says “The EU is pursuing a plan that would stop us returning asylum seekers ….it’s a clear sign that even where we have opt-outs, we’ll still be affected by decisions taken elsewhere”.

And the worst of it is, in all probability we won’t know on June 23rd exactly what the outcome would be.  A further illustration of the point that the bigger risks attach to staying in the EU, not getting out.

The Commission has just set out its ideas but they seem to amount to no more than “change the system a little bit, or change it quite a lot”.  But either way, there’ll be pressure on all member states (except Greece & Italy) to take more migrants.  It’s reported that 152,000 migrants arrived in Greece this year up to April 4th – and 366 died making the crossing.

Germany loses patience: The Express reports that German Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere has threatened to close the border between Italy and Austria unless Rome stops sending migrants north. (By what right does Germany close the border between two other countries?).  This could get unpleasant.  Now that there’s pressure on the Turkey/Greece route, more refugees are trying to cross the med northwards from Africa to Italy.

“An energy-sapping blow to EU cohesion”

I love the Guardian‘s take on Wednesday’s Dutch Referendum NO vote, which it describes as “an energy-sapping blow to EU cohesion.” For once, I agree with the Guardian.

German study says Frankfurt would benefit from Brexit

A Reuters study amongst financial executives in Germany concludes that Frankfurt would benefit most from Brexit, with the City of London disadvantaged.   (OK, go for Google translate).  But then that’s exactly what they said in the nineties about Britain not joining the €uro.  Fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me twice, shame on me.

Sturgeon still dreams of “an independent Scotland in the EU”

Nicola Sturgeon is peddling the old (and very fishy) dream of Alex Salmond, that if Britain votes for Brexit, but the vote in Scotland goes the other way, there could be a new Scottish independence referendum in time for Scotland to sashay seamlessly into the EU when Britain leaves after the Article 50 two-year period, presumably in 2018.

But there are obvious problems.  First, surely the Scots have the sense to see that “An independent Scotland within the EU” is an Irish Bull (pardon the mixed metaphor).  If they resent England and Westminster because parliament is remote (despite the fact that many prominent British parliamentarians are Scottish – and the fact the England sends lots of money to Scotland) then surely Brussels is even more remote, and even less accountable?  If the English find rule from Brussels’ unaccountable institutions unacceptable, if eurosceptic sentiment is spreading across the face of the EU, why are the Scots uniquely prepared to accept non-independence in the EU?

Secondly, the economic case for Scottish independence looked pretty threadbare at the last Scottish referendum.  But the terms of trade and the price of oil have moved strongly and adversely since then.  If Scottish independence was economically questionable in 2014, it looks a great deal worse now.

Thirdly, of course, Brussels and member-states are terrified of national break-ups.  If they accept an “independent” Scotland as an EU member, that sets an unwelcome precedent for Catalonia.  And the Basque country.  And the break-up of Belgium.  Sorry, Nicola, but it just ain’t gonna happen.

Roger Helmer MEP


5 Responses to “Come the Referendum, we won’t know the new asylum rules”

  1. Baz says:

    This week Prof openly calls for Genocide of all white people everywhere…

    These people and their monied sponsors are just making fools of themselves – well it would be funny if it were not so evil. So where are the prosecutions of the real invaders, the real racists, the real fomenters of hate?

  2. Lynn says:

    We are living in an asylum. The truly insane are running everything now. It is a madhouse on planet Earth. Who is going to stop these madmen.

  3. Lanimer says:

    Being a member of the SNP myself I know it is not as black and white as too many outside Scotland’s most populated areas believe – that we are devoted to their causes and beliefs which is simply not true.

    So many are not ‘supporters’exactly but we do hold them under tight scrutiny with every twitching idea they come up with by being members and pressing them to do as they promised – base their poicies on the will of the peoples demands. They do get rattled if they fail on this or if they have agendas that seem dodgy but this rarely gets reported as the passion of the 2014 referendum has not gone but it has changed direction for the voters and the SNP need to realize this and listen as they always said they would.

    The SNP don’t just get away with all they want as much as it appears they do, no matter how popular their vote, if I go by the many other SNP voters/members who have got them filling Westminster (which was the true intentions all along by many grassroots, undevoted SNP voters who simply wanted to show how our vote has always, numerically, shown the traditional voting system does not work to keep the tories out).

    They also wanted to give them a chance to speak for us in huge numbers, give the others a headache and to try and shake things up better which no other party offered here although Corben is very appealing to many SNP faithful as well now, I believe he will do very well in the next general election in Scotland – but as ever not so much we trust all his ideas and leanings. We inherirantly do not trust any politician. It’s how we are raised, particularly in the Western areas.

    The Scottish electorate is a fragile and highly suspicious people, the average Glaswegian simply would not trust any politician to get anything right but we do give them a fair chance, some win, some fail – using ‘Brexit’ to spark a new referendum in Scotland is not a good idea and I think even she and her party knows this and should keep their mouths shut on this one, it could backfire on them dramatically.

    We don’t fall for all the ‘wee short bread tin’ lady stuff, as sharp as she and many of her colleagues often are, they also know this about Scotlands voters, we don’t follow foolish agendas blindly. I agree that an independent Scotland in the EU does not appeal to most if the rUK is to leave also. Sturgeon has been warned by her own party and members that she shouldn’t be using this as some kind of beacon of hope as I sense a much stronger appeal of a united Britain if accountability is closer to home away from the EU, as was most grassroots ‘Yes’ voters in the referendum reasons for wanting independence so they must know they are in a very tight spot with this. Accountability always seemed to be the word I heard most from rational ‘Yes’ voters as I was on the streets and campaigning until the final day.

    Let us not forget that the ‘Better Together’ campaign constantly used ‘Scotland’s place in the EU under threat with independence’ with their project fear and many voted ‘NO’ on the back of that fact, fearing that as much as we want self determination, we don’t just want to have a great big fallout with the rUK, many to most still appreciate and respect our neighbours destiny as much as the MSM don’t want it..

    That old gum bump “the fact the England sends lots of money to Scotland” is utterly outdated propaganda and is probably the most irritating of all lies. We actually get back a CUT of the money we send, we get our dividends, which is far less (most of the time) than we actually generate – the Olympics robbed huge amounts from our councils funds for years and we won’t see any of that back for a very long time and this has gone on for too long which is what irritates the voters in Scotland the most – using and wasting – insult, insult – using and wasting, it’s all they know but we do not get ‘free money’ or ‘aid’, absolute BS.. this is the worst of all the myths peddled by anti-SNP politians and media imo.

    I will be voting leave and I actively campaign to other members and Scottish independence voters, Yes or No, to do the same.

    What can come next could make for a better land for all and self determination for every region of the UK and it could lead to a more amicably placed independent Scotland and who knows, it just might not be the SNP who leads the way and only they will be to blame and they will have to get listening again to what the people really want.

  4. Lynn says:

    Reading the MSM …. Watching dodgy Dave wriggle out of telling porkies…hilarious. He is guilty of far worse than non payment of tax…where is the taxpayers money going Davy. You are a Traitor to the British system. We have been robbed. Ian Cameron and co make Al Capone look innocent.

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