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  1. OutandAbout says:

    ” It’s all in the aether and the aether is all around us, but like the fish does not perceive the water we do not perceive the aether ”

    We live in an electric universe and the key to controlling gravity is also the key to extracting usable electrical power from the aether. This is knowledge that the elite don’t want to get out as it contains within it the potential to obliterate the petroleum-based economy that their wealth and power has been built on. Furthermore, it unlocks the barrier to outer space – to leaving the confines of our one small planet without having to ride atop a giant firework that might go bang at any moment and spread your ashes across half the globe.

    Anti-gravity propulsion and UFOs

    Which brings us to the esoteric subject of anti-gravity propelled craft and UFOs. We know that the British RAF and US Air Force operating over Europe in 1944 and 45, bombing to bits Germany’s towns and cities, reported frequent encounters with ‘foo fighters’ or what we would today call UFOs and suspect were alien craft.

    Well, regardless of whether aliens exist or if they have visited us here on Earth, I have always felt that the major, overriding motivating factor behind the immense UFO cover-up that has gone on since 1945 is to hide technologies developed here on Earth by humans; that almost all of the strange craft seen in the skies were not alien, but rather something built by humans using technologies suppressed from the public.
    [ Therefore Paul Hellyer above seems to have a major Agenda perhaps?]

    Keshe, Maxwell, Hertz and the key to Gravity, Electromagnetism and Physics

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