Cameron’s denials of using offshore tax havens do not convince


Cameron on the rack over Panama Papers

The papers keep up the pressure on the Prime Minister, suggesting that his “carefully worded statement” on his tax affairs may fail to end speculation.  In particular they draw attention to his studied use of the present tense.  He does not exclude the possibility that he or his family members may have benefited in the past, or may benefit in the future, from funds held in off-shore tax havens.  His “Put up or shut up” comment makes the headlines – but maybe he needs to take his own advice.

The Telegraph headlines: “PM Panama mystery deepens: Cameron’s carefully worded statement may not end speculation”.  The Mirror devotes its front page to a headline “How many people think you’ve come clean about tax, PM?”.

As I said yesterday, this is not directly a referendum issue (surprising perhaps that rather few EU big-wigs seem to be mentioned in the Panama Papers).  But to the extent that it tends to discredit the Prime Minister, it may also undermine his Remain campaign.

Roger Helmer MEP


2 Responses to “Cameron’s denials of using offshore tax havens do not convince”

  1. Tom74 says:

    I’m sure his family do use tax shelters, even if Cameron personally doesn’t. But frankly you’d have to be very naive not to have figured that out 10 years ago. I think the real scandals are a) why is it open season on certain individuals’ private details? and b) why are the media choosing to go after Cameron now, having spent a decade making excuses for his wealth and tax arrangements?
    The whole thing stinks but not quite for the reasons being suggested to us.

  2. Lynn says:

    He is protected…he is above any laws. He is guilty of far worse than this.!!

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