Brexit Referendum could be delayed until October

Leave.EU to seek judicial review?

There are reports that the other campaign group seeking the official designation, Leave.EU (which had the support of UKIP) will seek a judicial review of the Electoral Commission’s decision. This could mean delaying the referendum from June, perhaps to October.

Roger Helmer

TAP –  That would be anathema to Cameron, who’s feeling the pressure already with two and a half months to go.  The later date would suit Farage.



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  1. Baz says:

    Mohammed came to Sweden illegally in late summer and submitted his asylum application to the Swedish Migration Board on 29 September. He says he comes from Syria and that he wants to have a residence permit in Sweden because he was subjected to “robbery, looting and war” in his homeland.

    He was placed on asylum accommodation Four horses in Rättvik – an accommodation that opened last winter despite vigorous protests from the Right Viksborna. Behind asylum accommodation is the hotel owner and the newly asylum contractor Margareta Asplund who changed the industry to asylum industry and signed a lucrative contract with the Swedish Migration Board.

    Mohammed has subsequently during October sexofredat no less than 21 different women and girls in Rattvik – the youngest victim a four year old girl. He tafsade and tried to kiss the four-year girl while she was out walking with her father, but the father intervened and repelled the assault, it can be read in the police interrogation that free Times have reviewed.

    On another occasion he followed a young mother who just left her daughter in kindergarten. Mohammed stopped the mother and asked her if he could buy her daughter.

    – You know what a man needs, he said to the mother.

    On a third occasion, Mohammed stopped two thirteen year old girls on the street and told them that “I want to fuck you.” The two girls fled the scene and sought refuge in a staircase.

    Mohammed has in the autumn been prowling both outside the kindergarten where her mother left her daughter, and the nearby primary school in search of young girls. In addition to the five different girls and women he molested another 16 other girls and women of various ages – the oldest a 69 year old woman who was out walking with his dog.

    On October 28, arrested Mohammed by the police and he prosecuted right now for multiple counts of molestation and sexual harassment. When he is sentenced, he probably nevertheless stay in Sweden because the previous government made a “migration political settlement” with the Green Party to grant all Syrians who come to Sweden permanent residence in the country. The deal was concluded, according to former Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt, in order to punish the voters who chose to vote for the Sweden Democrats.

    Say no – at this
    moment Sweden says no to criminal immigrants should stay in Sweden on the social networking site Facebook.”

  2. Baz says:

    Freedom of Speech rejected in favor of White Genocide. Is the West run by a minority that Hate the White Race and Christianity and who are determined to destroy both? What are u going to do?

  3. Baz says:

    Do your bit to spread the word, co-workers, friends, family etc etc expose anyone who is a traitor / brainwashed as such or as being the evil ignorant fools they are:

  4. Lynn says:

    We are being gang raped..these invaders were brought in for this very reason..told what to do and rewarded for the trouble they bring. We have been stitched up like kippers. We are at war with our illustrious leaders..bought off for the banking families that hold all the wealth they have been stealing from nations forever. What cheance do we have of ever reversing this plot , all designed and planned to enslave a race of decent human beings. They are truly Demonic.

    • Baz says:

      That’s it Lynn. And it gets worse:

      1) Arms shipments secretly coming into Europe to covertly arm them ready for the signal to rampage and genocide. At least 2 of these have been exposed;

      2) IPhones and best new Mobile phones distributed for free by secret intelligence services to these ‘migrants’ for free and fraudulently issued under the names of real UK and EU citizens but with false addresses with the full co-operation of the major EU UK phone companies who are all owned and controlled by the same people who have planned and conspired in the genocide – communication is v.imp;

      3) Detailed instructions distributed to the migrants with telephone numbers and details on support networks, and organisations to contact and where to go on arrival. All written in Arabic and with translations of phrases like guide books. This proves organisation and orchestration beyond any doubt;

      4) Reports that many migrants are carrying unbelievably large sums of cash money with them which make no sense if they are destitute ”refugees”;

      5) Migrants many are carrying an impossibly large and diverse number of false passports and similarly expensive documents to fake and forge. This can only be due to the involvement of security and intelligence services sponsoring this invasion (Mossad well known for using false passports) also these refugees coming from poor or war torn areas should not have access to the money needed to purchase such expensive fake documents – up to and more than 7 forged passports each!!!

      6) Europe wide softly softly approach by police and refusal to investigate most crime they commit and an insistence on releasing migrant criminals even after the most appalling and serious crimes. Violent Stranger Rapists ARE NOT GRANTED BAIL!! MIgrant Rapists are though ALL THE TIME!! That proves this is done on orders from the very Top;

      7) Co-ordinated Police action to silence indigenous resistance and opposition to this invasion – the Police can act quick when they want to but when it is some one black or immigrant then suddenly the police can do nothing and act like they are incompetent. No it is all intentional and on orders from ZOG.

      8) The aggression and sheer hate of these recent migrants makes no sense whatsoever unless they have been specifically told to invade. The behaviour is the same from all of the new arrivals there is not even a pretense that they want help – they are openly saying that they are coming to rob and steal and openly threaten and demand to have what they want. That makes no sense if they are seeking shelter – it only makes sense if they are an invading army and more to the point that they know that is what they are and that they know they have been given ‘permission’ or authority from someone to be like that and so they know that the local population is unprotected and that they will not face any sanction for attacking them.

      9) Significantly and NOT reported on the MSM, Very Large Numbers of these Migrants are going missing as soon as they arrive. This is not explicable on the basis that they are absconding to join family as most do not have family here (yet!?!) and nor does it make sense if they are just desperate for board and lodging as that is being made available (very nice accomm in Sweden) but it fits much more with a covert army going off the radar until the balloon goes up…

      10) Then within a short period of no more than approx 2 years from right now, and probably a lot less, will these Migrants suddenly reappear and transform (not much transformation required really) into Armed Terror Squads right in our midst shooting killing disarmed White Europeans on a massive scale all with the involvement and connivance of the intelligence and security services. This may have 3 aims

      A) Genocide White Europeans
      B) Justify a full European Police State
      C) Increase hatred for Muslims/Islam

      Meanwhile the Greater Israel Project. moves ever forward with greater speed..

      What we need is some blogs and bloggers with real balls to properly cover this and hopefully prevent it!

  5. Lynn says:

    The Police told to look the other way !! Same old baloney. Criminals have been allowed and encouraged to carry on.. They are seriously out to get us in every way they can. Truly shocking how far this has got. People need to seriously see this deliberate assault on the white races. It is an outrageous attack.

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