Brexit can liberate Europe for the third time in 100 years

Oct. 06, 2010 - Birmingham - Secretary of Defence, Liam Fox, during his speech in the last day of the Conservative«s Party Conference in Birmingham, Britain, 6 October 2010. The Conservative«s Party conference takes places in Birmingham from the 3th to the 6th of October.(Credit Image: © Felipe Trueba/UPPA/


Liam Fox

Although the official campaign has just begun, I am already struck by the negativity of the Remain campaign. Although their ranks are full of proficient and intelligent people, and their belief in Europe is (for the most part) sincerely held, they have yet to even attempt to make a positive case for Europe as it is now. Instead, they would rather attack the capabilities of our own country.

For the Remain camp, Britain is a beaten country; once proud, but now incapable of surviving without the rule of Brussels. It is left to the Leave campaign to carry the banner of hope, and with it the idea that directly elected British parliamentarians will prove better lawmakers than the anonymous bureaucrats of the European Union.

It is frankly shocking that the other side is proving so readily dismissive of the success of democratic self-government. This principle was once seen as Britain’s gift to the world, yet now the leaders of our country are willing to sacrifice it to the interests of bankers and continental politicians.

Yet the real danger lies in blindly voting to remain within the EU. Make no mistake; the status quo is not an option on the ballot paper. The small concessions that Britain has been able to extract from the EU, including our rebate, have only been possible because the threat of Brexit was always there. If the European Commission see us voting to remain, they will view it purely as a vote for ‘more Europe’; a confirmation that Britain will roll over and accept every law, directive and diktat that they wish to impose on us. The old men of Brussels will believe they have been vindicated.

As my colleague Michael Gove pointed out on Tuesday, the European Union has all the hallmarks of a modern empire. Indeed, Manuel Barroso the former President of the European Commission, likes to describe it as such. Like an empire, the EU’s policies are dictated by an unelected central bureaucracy, it has a democratically unaccountable leadership, and a powerless parliament bereft of a popular mandate. And like the continental empires of the early twentieth century, it finds itself unable to react or adapt to external pressures in a rapidly changing world.

To vote to leave is to make a fresh start. Since Britain joined the Common Market in 1973, we have sent almost half a trillion pounds to Brussels. Over the next decade alone, we can expect to give a further £200 billion. Yet with this money we could shore up our public services, our armed forces, our schools and our hospitals. Or we could use it to lower taxes, allowing everyone in the country to take home a little more of their pay cheque. Whatever the government chose to do, what matters is that it would be our decision.

Perhaps most importantly of all, Brexit would serve as a much-needed wake up call to a sclerotic and inflexible European Union. Across the continent, voters are crying out for reform in the way that the EU is run. Yet Britain could show them another path, one of co-operation, not subjugation. We can prove to those countries labouring under the yoke of EU directives and financial instability that it is possible to have a relationship with other nations on your own terms, and that trade and partnership can exist without a controlling central power. The simple fact is that the EU is failing millions of its citizens. These same people supposedly give the EU its mandate, yet perhaps those in Brussels should ask the unemployed of Greece or Spain how bureaucratic control has improved their lives.

The European Union is in a downward spiral. Britain has a chance to escape, and there is a real chance that a simple cross on a ballot paper here could precipitate change across an entire continent. The people of this country have the chance to liberate Europe for the third time in a century. We cannot let it slip away.



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  1. Scotty says:

    I emailed Tap blog a good post about child sacrifice and the abortion industry.

    Why didn’t you post on the site?

    Anyway, re the above Brexit EU business – our EU President Herman Van Rompuy is a Jesuit, and so are many of the other power brokers.

    Here’s an interesting article from the London Centre For Policy Research, talking about the Jesuit EU:

    Herman Van Rompuy said that they will go ‘back to basics’ in a famous speech at the EU.

    What does a Jesuit mean when he says back to basics?

    Have a look at the Jesuit Oath for further details:

    “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” Ephesians 6:12

    Return soon Lord Jesus and smash this evil world to pieces!

  2. Dogman says:

    “Hungary marked the start of its six months at the helm of the EU with a giant carpet highlighting the 19th century Hapsburgs.
    Dubbed by Hungary on its EU website as a “cultural carpet”, the green carpet measuring 202 square metres (2,174 square feet) has been laid out in the atrium of the building hosting European Union summits. Two old maps woven into the floorpiece show Hungary and its neighbours during the Middle Ages, while the centre-piece represents the Hapsburg Empre in 1848 when the kingdom of Hungary rose up against the rule of Vienna.

    A spokesman for the country’s EU delegation said the map did not represent nostalgia for the old times. “It’s just a map of the Hapsburg Empire and of central and eastern Europe,” he said.
    And a nod towards who was behind the creation of the EEC/EU. Research the Hapsburgs…
    Incidentally, John Kerry (real name Kohn) had a distinctive Hapsburg Jaw until surgery.”

  3. Dogman says:

    Some more background that needs to be considered if you want to understand who has the real clout.
    “The impetus which got B’nai B’rith and other, interfacing British networks off the ground in the United States was provided by the “Oxford Movement,” a groundswell of evangelical religious reform fever organized in the 1820s by the Anglican Church itself, Kings College of London University, and Oxford University, home of British intelligence. The religion the “Oxford Movement” espoused under the leadership of John Newman, and E.G. Pusey, Regius professor of Hebrew at Oxford, was neither Christian nor Jewish, but a simple revitalization of the old Ashmolean cult of Isis-Osiris-Dionysus, whose spiritual leaders were actually Palmerston and the Scottish Masons.

    The “Oxford Movement” was deployed as a cult-creating force internationally. Into the United States, in conjunction with Hapsburg-Holy Alliance forces on the continent, Newman and Pusey sent the “American Heresy” Jesuits, “Christians who are not Christians,” who still operate on behalf of the British monarchy out of Georgetown. The second phase of the Oxford deployment, slightly later, would be B’nai B’rith, “Jews who are not Jews.”

    The Jesuits launched an organizing drive among Irish Catholic immigrants, welding this mass into a base of support for Andrew Jackson’s ascension to the Presidency. Jackson, controlled by British agent Martin van Buren, subsequently destroyed the backbone of American economic development with his destruction of the Bank of the United States. The Jesuits also set up a vast spy apparatus called the St. Leopold Foundation, based in Baltimore, Maryland, the city that would also be the “Cradle of American Zionism.” The principal product of the seminaries and schools operated by the St. Leopold Foundation was assassination and other dirty work. The inner circle of figures involved in the Lincoln assassination, including John Wilkes Booth, were in the main trained by these Jesuits.

    Samuel Morse, who was part of the overall U.S. political intelligence service numbering Edgar Allen Poe, Winfield Scott, and Washington Irving among its active agents, exposed the Scottish-Hapsburg Rite deployment of Jesuits to America with his pamphlet, “Foreign Conspiracy Against Liberties of the United States.” At approximately the same time, “Oxford Movement” leader John Newman proposed to the Anglican Church that it create a Jesuitical order of its own, so impressed was he with the work of the order in America.”
    Source –

    • Baz says:

      Very good post Dogman.

      The Oxford Movement, though no longer well known, was a significant step in the gutting of the once robust Anglican Church. The current Church of England was greatly assisted in its degenerate path by this ‘movement’.

    • Scotty says:

      Dogman, your post reads like a lot of dis-information…

      For instance, you state that President Andrew Jackson:

      “subsequently destroyed the backbone of American economic development with his destruction of the Bank of the United States”

      This is just a lie! Jackson was against private, corporate banking (like the B o E, Fed Reserve) and he managed to kill the private banking system in America – and they were kept out until the creation of the Fed Reserve in 1911.

      Who would even dare to suggest that ‘backbone of American development’ was broken by this?

      US economic development for the period after Jackson killed the private banking sector was very high.

      What’s this stuff about the Hapsburgs? At the very top, you will always find Jesuits and the Vatican.

      • Tapestry says:

        the very top? surely satanic cult and Saturn sits above the Vatican, Jesuits and so on.

      • Dogman says:

        I stated nothing, I supplied the source.
        “The controllers of the unHoly Roman Empire are the Orsini, Somaglia, Breakspeare, Farnese and Aldobrandini. The latter family openly boast amongst Nobles that they their family is the Nephilim you’ll find talked about within the Biblical texts. These are shadow Hierarchy of the Society of Jesus, its true founders and overseeing planners behind the Assistancy of the visible black side of the Order. They control the Borgia’s and the Loyola’s who do exactly as their told or else. Loyola would have been destroyed if he hadn’t bowed to Alessandro Farnese and his family, without a single shadow of a doubt.”

        Source is Craig Oxley at the Unhived Mind

  4. Dogman says:

    “With nation-states, anything which was created, any technological advance which took place, created a need in other states in Europe to follow suit otherwise they were left behind. That’s called progress and that’s what the Venetians and the Bilderbergers of today have been so virulently against, which is again the whole thing about zero growth and the wholesale destruction of national, international economies, that’s all part of what you’re witnessing right now.
    Again another thing about the Bilderbergers is that I can trace who these people are today back to the Venetian Black Nobility. We often hear about the influences of the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers, but these people are merely your typical lackeys when you actually look at it. They are the bottom of the totem pole. If you’re looking at the powerful people, you can talk about the House of Braganza; you talk about the House of Orange and the House of Hapsburg. These people have unimaginable wealth. You measure it not in billions but in trillions of dollars.
    … after spending more than two and a half years in the national library of Florence – literally living there – going through five-hundred-year-old documents… basically the Queen of England has Venetian roots, but also German roots because the Guelphs are intertwined with the German aristocracy through the House of Hanover”
    The Bilderberg Group, An Offshoot of the Venetian Black Nobility by Daniel Estulin

  5. Lynn says:

    Great info Dogman.. All helps to enlighten us about our World. Our lives depend on facts not fiction. Hidden reality coming into public awareness is for the greater good. They have manipulated and engineerd public persuasions for the last time. The truth will change this hidden agenda now. The word why !! being a big difference to all of us. The who is out.

  6. Tom74 says:

    And the disasters in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya, Dr Fox? They had nothing to do with the EU ’empire’ but the American empire, which has no democratic accountability whatsoever – a fact which we don’t hear a whisper about from Dr Fox and his ilk. And I’m not sure how our democracy can be a beacon to the world when at the last election four million votes translated to just one UKIP MP.
    So if Dr Fox wants to be taken seriously, perhaps he ought to address the democratic deficit in this country rather than bleating about the EU. But he won’t – because American might and the Westminster system suit his friends.

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