BBC coverage of Queen’s 90th birthday is ‘out of touch with reality’ – Republic

20 Apr, 2016

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BBC coverage of Queen Elizabeth II’s 90th birthday is “out of touch with reality,” according to anti-monarchy group Republic, which accuses the broadcaster of ignoring corruption in its gushing celebration of the royal family.

The publicly-funded broadcaster is under fire for failing to meet its own objectivity standards, which require “fair, balanced and proportionate” coverage.

Republic, which campaigns for the abolition of the monarchy, accuse the BBC of ignoring the “corruption and abuse of position” by the royals.

Queen Elizabeth II turns 90 on Wednesday.

Her birthday comes at a time of reappraisal of the monarchy in Britain and abroad, with Prince Charles in particular coming under scrutiny for his secret letters to government ministers.

Republic argues the BBC should reflect this evaluation, by probing more into royal family’s role and affairs.

Instead, the broadcaster celebrates the monarchy and “marginalizes” critical voices.

The Queen’s birthday does not warrant this kind of coverage, it is inappropriate to celebrate a political figure like this and the public just aren’t that excited about the royals,” Republic CEO Graham Smith said.

The BBC has a duty to report, not to celebrate the royals. That reporting must be fair, balanced and proportionate. So far this week the BBC has failed completely on those measures.”

Smith added there are “serious questions to be asked about the corruption and abuse of position of the royal family.”

Last year, Prince Charles’ infamous ‘black spider’ letters to government ministers were published after a decade of establishment resistance at the public expense of £400,000 (US$576,000) in legal fees.

The publication revealed Charles intervened in government affairs on everything from herbal medicine and wildlife to British soldiers in Iraq.

Labour MP Paul Flynn called Charles “the lobbyist supreme in the land” at the time, observing the Prince’s views were given a “seriousness and priority they did not deserve.

Republic also points out the Queen and Prince Charles can veto bills which impact their interests before they are submitted to Parliament through a process known as “Queen’s consent” or “Prince’s consent.

While the Queen remains popular in the UK, historian Dr. Anna Whitelock predicts the British monarchy will be in its dying days transfer.

I mean if you think about it, what are we waiting for? Are we waiting for her to die? I would have thought that it’s much more respectful to have her supervise this transition,” he told the ABC.





3 Responses to “BBC coverage of Queen’s 90th birthday is ‘out of touch with reality’ – Republic”

  1. ian says:

    I would happily see them all gone. I see them as foreign parasites. One of my friends, a lovely bloke, will have sat all day glued to his TV watching the birthday celebrations. I was attacked viciously on FB for suggesting, no, posting a link suggesting that the Royal family was Jewish., with my added comment of worth a look. Cognitive dissonance. Some people will attack you for challenging their beliefs. I try to be more civilised.

  2. Lynn says:

    The oppressors celebrating and gloating. A message for them all…your days of fooling the masses are almost over. Even if we don’t see you off soon, the truth is swirling around the world at lightening speed. It will never be hidden again. You are exposed as the most evil empire on this planet. You are not and never were our Qweenie. You are a fake front , with the worst contempt for the people you call subjects. They will turn on you at some point. You will face treason and criminal charges of the worst crimes ever brought to these shores. I hope I live long enough to bare witness to you being punished for all to see. God don’t save the Qween.

  3. emm jay says:

    Also, what about how the ‘royals’ have managed to exclude themselves from any scrutiny via FOI laws? Clearly, nothing to see there then. FFS, what planet are those drooling, moronic flag wavers on?

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