Barack says spilled blood should decide Brexit referendum. Russian maybe.


The Backlash from Barack – The only referendum news of the day

Much of the news this week has focused on the visit of President Obama, and the views he was inevitably going to make on Brexit (which were initially going to be given only if he were asked). Well he chose not to wait and began yesterday with an opinion piece in the Telegraph, in which he attempted to give justification for him voicing his view on the referendum. As you have to pay to read the letter online, I shall instead direct you to an excellent piece in the Expresswhich reports on the letter, and it’s fall out.

The often touted special relationship card, usually taken out of the drawer to suit a political purpose on one side of the Atlantic or the other, was  “forged as we spilled blood together on the battlefield” he has written. He then went on to suggest that the sacrifice made by American service men and women during World War II made it perfectly reasonable for him to weigh in on the argument. He’s quite right that a bond was forged during that conflict, but surely he realises that his forefathers gave their lives to defend free and sovereign nations against an oppressive, undemocratic regime obsessed with the domination of Europe. The irony of President Obama now using that sacrifice to defend the existence of the EU shouldn’t be lost on any of us.

His headline moment however came at the end of the day, as he gave a press conference with the Prime Minister to outline why it was vital for Britain’s future, that it remain a part of the EU. The line that stands out from the conference was that should Britain leave, any attempt it might make to forge its own trade deal with the US would put it “at the back of the queue”. Truly disgraceful behaviour from a man whose Office is supposed to protect and guard the rights of democracy.

Britain’s survival during WWII was in large part down the unwillingness of her peoples to be dictated to and dominated by foreign powers. It now seems as though the attempts to subvert and dilute our democratic freedoms are coming from both sides but I’ve every confidence in our collective ability to see through the hollow rhetoric and bring about a restoration of our true democracy as we move to make 23rdJune our Independence Day.

As for President Obama, I believe he has misjudged his influence in Britain spectacularly, and I’m not the only one. In a brilliant article by Tim Montgomerie, you can read of how this latest foray into the politics of another nation state is “typical of his arrogance”. In the words of Conservative MP Dominic Raab he is no more than a “lame-duck American president doing an old British friend a political favour”. With Presidential elections fast approaching in the US, let us be glad that it’s the last such favour that this President will ever be able to give.

Roger Helmer.

TAP – US blood was spilled as part of a cabal plan to destroy Germany and the British Empire, along with the ability of nations to stand against the growth of cabal power located secretly at the top of the globalist pyramid.  The US is more recently being given the globalist treatment and seeing her economy wrecked, and political system.  No nation will be allowed any freedom under the NWO agenda, if it succeeds.

Brexit gives Britain a chance of tasting some renewed freedom from the world government agenda, if the people seize the opportunity.  If spilled blood in WW2 were the measure by which Brexit should be decided, as proposed by Obama, we should be consulting Vladimir Putin and Russia for our answers, not the USA.  Russia lost 28 million lives in WW2 against the USA 300,000.

Putin is made into the bogeyman by the cabal-controlled media because he’s doing a great job of holding back the cabal from dominating his own nation.  The notion that he invaded first Crimea and then Syria is nonsense.  He didn’t need to invade either location, as Sebastopol and Latakia were Russia’s warm water sea ports throughout modern history, equipped with powerful air defences which NATO has not been able to penetrate.  There was no Russian invasion of either place.  There has been an attempt by NATO to throw Russia out of her sea ports, and both have failed.  Vote to stop the cabal.  Vote OUT.

The Russian military is not an aggressive force designed to attack Nato as the media suggests.  It has denial capability designed to frustrate NATO attempts to destroy Russia.


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  1. Baz says:

    The Hypocrisy of International Jewish Groups concerning issues such as Nationality, National Sovereignty, Racial Purity and Immigration grows exponentially by the hour to reach now ludicrous levels of disparity and contradiction.

    Only fools and ignoramuses can continue to be taken in by such blatant deceits and double standards, in other words those who fail to see it now deserve to suffer as a consequence of it.

    If you are entitled to your own country then so are we. If our country is taken from us then so will yours. Its a promise

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