Why is Chelsea Clinton Wearing an Inverted Christian Cross?

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More proof, if any were needed, that one of America’s foremost ruling families are not the avowed “Christians” they profess to be.

Bill Clinton flaunts a satanic salute for those in the know.

Bill Clinton flaunts a satanic salute for those in the know.

Bill Clinton’s displays of the so-called el-Diablo hand sign, or satanic salute, raised questions about his spiritual orientation some time ago. These more recent photos of his daughter, Chelsea, raise even more.

An inverted Christian cross is seen as a symbolic representation of the antithesis of the faith. So why is former U.S. president Bill Clinton’s daughter, Chelsea, wearing an inverted Christian cross?

Chelsea Clinton has been pictured more than once with an inverted Christian cross around her neck so this is not an accident. She’s obviously flaunting the symbol for all those with eyes to see.

An earlier photo of Chelsea Clinton wearing an inverted cross. click to enalrge

An earlier photo of Chelsea Clinton wearing an inverted cross. Click to enlarge

By doing so she is, in effect, signalling her allegiance to much darker forces. Just as her father once did with the al-Diablo signal. These are the very forces that raised him to the Oval Office and are now assisting her mother to attain the same position.

Has this a more open display of the dynasty’s true spiritual orientation been demanded as part of the price before Hillary is allowed to re-enter the White House? Ed.

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5 Responses to “Why is Chelsea Clinton Wearing an Inverted Christian Cross?”

  1. Dublinmick says:

    The pope’s gold cane has one of those inverted crosses on it also. Hallelujah!

    I suppose under the NWO there will still be some fast food and trucking jobs open for all those who survived GMO, fluoride and vaccinations if they can still think, but there cognitive abilities will be greatly reduced in comparison with the chosen ones.

  2. Dublinmick says:

    Give us the sign boss! Danny Glover is about to suck the paint off the floor.


    • Er…..could it be because…..shes a Satanist Tap? Like her parents?

      Satanisms perhaps an inaccurate term. We know what really lies behind it. Except ive lost my nerve to say it.

      But didnt jimmy savile wear an.upside down Christian Cross?

      Didnt Jimmy Savile goto address the Knesset in 1975, lecturing them where theye going wrong?

      Forgive me Tap im perplexed. Why would talentless unattractive hideous BBC dj and Jimll Fix It Presenter who wore an upside down Christian Cross on his lapel just like Chelsea Clinton, have gone to Israel on.a state visit and adressed the Knesset?

      Tap help, this doesnt make sense to me. I cant seem to join the dots. Perhaps im insane…

  3. – add to this dublinmicks good points about russia and putin. Maybe things arent as simplistic, or had, as.you and i fear in our midnight trains of thought?

    I want to believe things are ok but i dont want falsr.hope. i want to try and logically arrive at it so i can sleep at nights

  4. Lynn says:

    Spawn of the Devil worshipping Clinton’s. Truly a repulsive pair of trogs.

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