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Published on May 9, 2015

Our most valuable resource for a sustainable future. Everyone has to know what this plant can provide us. The Products. The Food. The Medicine. You’ll be amazed and astounded, I guarantee it, or your money back. Wait, this is free… like everything can be… in a Resource Based Economy.


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Research suggests that CBD Oil extracted from hemp (cannabis plant) is a cure for cancer, and a treatment for many other medical conditions, a food supplement and health tonic. The medical and pharmaceutical industries are highly regulated and controlled by ‘big pharma’ corporations. We have no links with the medical establishment and as such, cannot legally claim that CBD Oil is a treatment for any disease, illness or condition.  We suggest that anyone considering using CBD Oil, research the many thousands of articles and videos on the web.  Google CBD Oil.

Please note the information on this web page is for educational purposes only. This product has not been assessed or verified by regulatory authorities. This product does not claim to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or medical condition. Under UK law, the ‘treatment’ of an illness or disease with a medical origin can only be prescribed/advised upon, by a practicing doctor.

If you are pregnant, breast feeding, taking any medication or under medical supervision, please consult a doctor or healthcare professional before use.




19 Responses to “What You Have To Know About Cannabis, Hemp, Marijuana”

  1. Nollidge says:

    What you have to know about modern mj is that it ain’t your Grandads mj.It’s been selectively bred & bred to increase the “zonk-out”component & in so doing has now become a very different plant,which is missing some of the protections against psychosis that the 60’s mj had.
    Dutch Skunk is now almost as powerful a hallucinogenic as LSD.

    • ian says:

      How about sativa strains N’?

      • Nollidge says:

        Ian,I can only add to this because of what I read nearly a year ago.I am NOT a cannabis/marijuana expert.For that,you’ll have to do your own netsearch.At least I hope I’ve alerted some people to the facts about modern day cannabis.

      • Nicky says:

        There was a case of the royal canadian legion I think, Burning skin cancers right out of the skin by using a drop of thc rich cannibis oil on the site of the melanoma’s. they got shut down but did raise the case for Cannibis use in medicine at the time. Just did a search for Royal canadian legion Cannabis and this was the first hit.


  2. ian says:

    Thanks for that N’. I’m not either, but because of my temperament, I possibly would benefit from a swap from other toxins. A Spanish friend mentioned Sativa, as in the sage family and it sounded good. Apparently in Espania, you can have six plants, so much for unification.

  3. alexa2045 says:

    My Mother was diagnosed with stage four colon cancer about a one year ago, she has had an extremely difficult journey. She has had two rounds of chemotherapy, one round or Y90 Radiation and now is experiencing liver failure. Jaundice, a weak appetite and depression are a few of her symptoms. I’m wondered what other treatment options she has (such as a liver transplant or a clinical trial) and also how long she has to live. My mother is my best friend and hero, she endures so much as your loved ones do too. But a cousin of mine came to our rescue by ordering this hemp oil from a foundation in USA,and so far the medication has proved effective. Now my mother can do things she never could do before,i am so happy so i decided to use this medium to alert all cancer patient that with a good hemp oil,you can definitely beat cancer. If you happen to be in need of this medication Dr. Rick Simpson a man who knows about the cannabis hemp oil to cure cancer around the world, this cannabis is been made by Marijuana, not that common to get in most of the countries in the world, am attending to those who is suffering from any type of cancer, Cannabis oil is here to help you fight this illness at once,you can contact the foundation with this email: [rickssimpsoncannabisoil@yahoo.com]

    • Men Scryfa says:

      Cannabis resonates at a high frequency the same effects can be produced bodily

      • ian says:

        Any more info on that MS’?

      • OutandAbout says:

        Could this lie behind Soros’ and Rockefeller enthusuiasm to spread medical marijuana to treat cancer? At what cost? There are other alternative treatments for cancer


        Drugs are a major gateway the dark forces use to gain access to a person’s energy field. It is then no wonder why so many people have dark forces. Aren’t drugs more popular now then they have ever been? Aren’t drugs becoming more stronger and powerful as time goes on? If drugs are used as a gateway for entities to enter people, don’t you think the dark forces will attempt to manipulate people into taking more powerful drugs? It was told to me when I was very young by a very old shaman that Marijuana was actually genetically altered by the “dark forces” to be more powerful so that people could pick up entities much easier. It only makes sense. How would you manipulate a group of people into entering your realm and allowing themselves to be vulnerable in that realm? Come up with a new way to expand people’s minds using a substance that dis-empowers them and gives you access to them very easily.

        What most people do not understand is that we are not living in a physical reality, it only appears to be that on the surface, but if you look deeper you will see that the physical world is only a sheet or mask for the “real world”. And just like our physical reality, this “secret” world has groups of beings who do not have an interest in the growth and empowerment of humans. They are only interested in the dis-empowerment and manipulation of humans as to steal their power, energy, and light

        https://w ww.shamanportal.org/article_details.php?id=961

      • Deuteronomy 33.22 says:


        This is all a complex issue im trying to cut through. Lets see if I can make some headway.
        CNNs Sanjay Gupta reporting on CBD oil a while back is a big red flag.
        Soros and Rockefeller investment in medical marijuana too is a big Red Flag. It simply doesn’t feel right, that these men only want to muscle in on the financial action of this product that seems to be curing cancer and im sure other things. After all, we can find reams of evidence these men do not have humanitys interests at heart and are in fact working via many diverse methods to harm and reduce numbers.
        So they suddenly become Angels funding the marijuana CBD oil cancer cure? Luciferian Angels surely, as that perceptive 5.12 comment shows us theres more going on than meets the eye. Youre with me on this I trust.
        A good argument exists though. For anyones loved one facing death from cancer. To realise that reaching for a (huge minefield topic) trusted cannabis oil source could halt and cure it is extremely tempting. Such as this lady here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qXr8TatnWnY

        This cant be argued with. A powerful reason cannabis could well be a weapon of choice is, many folk just do not have the motivation, mentality, desire, to goto extensive lengths to purify the body and undergo baths and saunas and oxygen ozone treatments and more. The ease of cannabis oil I suppose is right for most people. All of us in fact, perhaps, why take chances when cancer is present?
        I do hold cautions and reservations even though the clip above is powerful testament of success. The genetic modifying of marijuana by the Dark Forces mentioned below and its entity attachment consequences should cause anyone half awake to step back and view the explosion in medical marijuana with a more questioning eye.
        So the emerging questions are:
        – Do you think it is just a matter of locating an heirloom version of a strain that is organic, non GM, that is the same as one our great grandparents would have consumed (If it indeed exists today). With the full protective natural orchestra of phytochemicals, terpenes. But perhaps with a naturally occuring CBD rich content? Is this a desirable safe option on the right track?

        – Do you agree it is important to ascertain exactly which strains and GM changes Rockefeller and Soros and CNN are funding, and promoting, and realise to stay far away from this type of cannabis for medical use?

        – Do you also agree it is wrong to assume Soros and Rockefeller are investing in medical marijuana simply to profit in this new cancer cure industry? Why would we believe this to be the case? When their Big Pharma connections have done nothing but undermine human health?
        – Do you agree the catch may well be, medical cannabis oil is a back door way to weaken the populations energy field so the Luciferian agenda of entity attachment takeover can proceed mush easier?
        – I would like to think there is a golden egg here somewhere, and a true, organic, non GMO cannabis oil from a trusted lab is worth using against cancer.
        And yet, one reads warnings in many places how cannabis and CBD oil is toxic, destroys chakra opening and brain spiritual development finer centres, and more.

        Therefore getting to the crux of this comment. Your ciomment above, cannabis resonates at a high frequency, the same effects can be produced bodily. For those with cancer that are motivated, but don’t want to risk entity attachment or Development

        – Could you please expand on what you say?
        To raise the frequency of the body, are you for example meaning
        – Saunas.
        – Diet im sure is what youre meaning too. Minimising sugar and wheat, and alcohol, and processed foods. And eating lots of cooked vegetables and some quality protein? Or do you recommend juices of a certain type. or herbs or other special products to raise the frequency
        – or a crystal worn on the body
        – Im aware mineral and key vitamin supplementation are of course important.
        – Somewhere someone says coffee enemas are very useful for detoxification and the liver, and to neutralise harmful energies in the body too

        I hope ive generally covered a lot of the bases. But anything more specific or developed you can chat about how to raise the frequency of the body is appreciated.

        And I suppose the final underlying question to it all is, do you think its preferable, if at all possible, raise the vibration and avoid using cannabis for cancer, if at all possible?

        Many Thanks in advance 🙂

        Btw McGAF is another major weapon that must start coming to the forefront and possibly supersede cannabis oil and every other treatment put together. Another time!

      • Deuteronomy 33.22 says:

        Where things are at so far…THC seems to be bad. CBD seems to be good. but the issue becomes complicated by industrial hemp with lots of chemical solvent residues, and apparently its ability to take up toxic metals from the soil. This might be where Wilson gets his CBD oil thinking from and he simply hasn’t done enough research and closed the topic down in his mind
        ” High quality CBD oil comes from the buds and flowers of CBD-rich strains of cannabis, not from by-product plant material. We are proud to say that Constance Pure Botanical Extracts was among the first in the world to grow high CBD cannabis, and the first in northern California to make CBD oil. ”
        Why Not Hemp Oil, Pt. 2: The Truth about Hemp and CBD
        ht tp :/ /constancetherapeutics.com/knowledge-center/why-not-hemp-oil-2.html


        ” Project CBD feels strongly that this report should not be taken as justification to attack the medical marijuana community or impose ever-more capricious restrictions on patients and providers. Nor do we wish to cast aspersions on well-intentioned companies that are working with industrial hemp to create CBD-rich products. We believe that industrial hemp is not an optimal source of CBD, but it can be a viable source of CBD if certain hemp cultivars are grown organically in good soil and safe extraction and refinement methods are employed.

        Our sources indicate that the best industrial hemp variety for CBD extraction tops the charts at 3.5 percent cannabidiol by dry weight. That’s exceptionally high CBD content for the leaves and flowers of industrial hemp. But it’s paltry compared to CBD-rich cannabis grown in California and other medical marijuana states. The “ACDC” strain, for example, measures around 15 percent CBD and less than one percent THC by dry weight. Currently under federal law industrial hemp grown abroad is legal for importation and sale in the United States as long as the hemp product contains 0.3 percent THC or less and is derived from the seed or stalk of the plant, not from the leaves and flowers. But CBD can’t be extracted from hempseed. This means that hemp stalk, which contains little CBD, might be the only legal source of cannabidiol from foreign-grown industrial hemp.

        Sourcing CBD from industrial hemp stalk is inherently problematic because a huge amount of plant material is required for sufficient oil extraction. Hemp is a bioaccumulator; it sucks up contaminants from the soil. Hemp’s phyto-remedial properties increase the likelihood that heavy metals and other poisons will be extracted and concentrated along with a tiny amount of CBD from the stalk. Project CBD maintains that federal law should be changed to facilitate CBD production from the most prolific natural source of cannabidiol available — CBD-rich cannabis with little THC. Practically speaking, this would entail de-scheduling the whole plant, not just a single compound or single strain ”

        So if faced with cancer or stroke issues or something else. it does become extremely tempting to look for CBD rich cannabis buds flowers etc grown in clean soil , proven to have low contaminants and low THC content.

        The reason I am obsessed on this issue is I do not trust Soros, Rockefeller, and the many false front alternative operations they must have going that look genuine well meant operations. Just like how big pharma anonymously buys vitamin companies and then begins altering the products even making them ineffective or worse.

        We need to ask whats going on. And when you get time. You saying the same effects can be produced bodily I find revealing, in that you sense the same as I, best to try and achieve cannabis high frequency effects without actually taking it.

        It is still a seductive thought to think its a win win situation all round, identifying a good safe cannabis version.

        A question we therefore need to ask to help us arrive at realisations is:
        – Just what exactly is the Luciferian Agenda of Soros, Rockefeller, CNN and others?

        Since our whole reality is multi-layered multidimensional. With an interdimensional Superhighway around us that only skilled Shamans and Exorcists should be accessing. We have to wonder what black magic metaphysical agenda Soros and Rockefeller might have :/

    • Deuteronomy 33.22 says:

      Playing devils advocate: An opposing view worth weighing against all the positive press for medical marijuana
      CBD, another active compound in marijuana, contains cadmium and is thus a highly toxic drug. It is also available as a prescription item.

      When someone smokes or ingests marijuana, THC rapidly passes from the lungs or stomach into the bloodstream, which carries the chemical to the brain.

      Here the THC damages many sensitive cells of the brain. These are sometimes called cannabinoid receptor cells. This is a misnomer, however. They are just sensitive cells that are damaged by THC.

      THC will reduce some kinds of pain, nausea and other symptoms by a toxic mechanism, namely by damaging the sensitive cells of the brain that record pain. While this may help a few people, it dulls the mind, perhaps permanently.

      CBD oil. This is a toxic drug. Please avoid it. For more about it, please read CBD Oil on this website.
      h ttp :// drlwilson.com/Articles/CBDOIL.htm

      [ I do not think the above points will matter at all to a woman in her 60s with cancer – she will want cannabis oil. So it throws us back to the questions in the previous comment. ]

      • Nicky says:

        Hi D
        I posted all of The principle for you in the comments section. Try not to be put off taking a gander. It has much within it of great value. I guess one needs to be ready to look though. anyhoo… They are on youtube now titled Uvinity1 Thru Uvinity9

    • Deuteronomy 33.22 says:

      Why would the cannabis plant have been so perfectly, Divinely created that the human body has either been created from engineers if the nephilim line is true, and they put in cannabis receptors in the body. Plus a supposed identical, endocannibanoid set of chemicals our bodies make. So scenario one the Nephilim, or God, made marijuana as a superior Divine plant so wonderful the body has its own receptors perfectly suited to marijuana? I dont buy it

      Or, if not a Nephilim engineered beginning. Then horizontal evolution process within the human species. Consuming marijuana over many many years, evolving cannabis receptors. Perhaps? But humanity would have had to consume loads of marijuana for this to happen. But why not other herbs, plants? Why not a ginger, or turmeric, or onion receptor system in the body? Etc.

      Or is the marijuana THC endocannibioid receptor system in our bodies, a deception? When theyre not really marijuana specific receptors? Marijuqna chemicals do indeed latch on as agonists to our receptors. But…

      My point is, this receptor situation suggests marijuana is so intimately related and essential for the human body, we have our own mqtching receptor system for it. Surely this cant be?

      Is marijuana a unique king of plants divinely given for humans? Above others?

      This cannot be, something feels wrong

  4. Deuteronomy 33.22 says:

    Thankyou for uploading them Nicky,ill look through this week and see whats going on with that film.
    Whether geocentrism is real or not. And you mention some interesting suggestions it is. Just as Tap from his Electric Universe reading, indicates we are not the centre.
    I have decided it is not that relevant or important after all at this point in time. Since there are more pressing issues for humanity and the truth on geocentrism or not will all come out, I am confident soon. A lot of effort is going into disinformation on the net too.
    However thanks for putting the principle up I will check it out cheers!

    • Nicky says:

      I just googled your title. Interesting place Sinai, Laurence gardners book (Lost secrets of the sacred arc I think) mentions an visit by the tribe to the white gold powder factory after looting the Pyramid, They found an room with the stuff in the walls. What with all it’s superconducting powers that can overcome the Earths electrical forces, (Levitation) I strongly suspect the rather patchy google earth sattelite overblocking of what looks like roads to the same sites from Israel to them is indicative of where they are going to head to should it all kick off. may be an old teleportation station rebuilt and sited there once again. Amazing stuff Mfkzt
      Just googled Mfkzt and came across this http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/biblianazar/esp_biblianazar_4.htm

    • Nicky says:

      Yuk. I just had a cognition. There is an prophechy where man reaches the edge in the future and what they find is so horrendous, so horrific. What was found is not mentioned as far as I am aware, My mind sort of went to the philidelphia experiment at the time and the gents stuck half in and out of the ships bulkheads and still alive. Just now I had the flash of all those not clean enough whom end up eternally stuck in the edge, Half in and half out after using the MFKZT technology. Not at all pleasant. Flipping heck, I cant get that one out of my head now.

  5. Nicky says:

    No worries, If folk new just how special we all are they would not be so easily conditioned into doing horrid things D.

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