‘Washington’s Ammunition Doesn’t Match Its Ambitions’

What role is Russia playing in the South China Sea confrontation between the US and China?

Asked whether, facing the situation that they do, Washington might not do better to simply leave the Asian-Pacific region quietly, to save face, the analyst noted that experience has shown that is unlikely.

“We had long proposed to the Americans that they leave the post-Soviet space alone. We have long said ‘leave us alone in the [former Soviet] space, and we will not bother you elsewhere around the world.’ But Washington cannot agree to this: they want to be present all over the world. Except their ammunition does not match their ambitions.”

“In principle, it never did. It’s just that after the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russia mistakenly hoped, for a long time, to integrate into the West; the US, subsequently, saw themselves as an unchallenged leader. The illusion of omnipotence was born. It is an illusion in which Washington continues to live, and this is very dangerous, because it provokes the threat of a major war. And it is necessary to explain this danger to the Americans using economic, political and military means. Washington needs to understand that it is not all-powerful.”

With his interviewer recalling that China depends on the US as its main trade partner, Alexandrov countered by emphasizing that in fact that really, “it’s not yet clear who depends on whom more…If China were to completely break trade relations with the US, as the US did with Russia, an alternative financial system, without the West’s participation, would be formed, [given that] tremendous manufacturing capacities have been formed in the Asia-Pacific region…A complete victory over China is one thing. But just severing relations with China is not something the US will do; and it will not introduce sanctions.”

“Now, we will see the maneuvering of forces. China will continue to increase its power in the region. America will need to show that it is still the world’s most powerful sea power. The arms race will continue until one party runs out of steam –most likely, that will be the US. They have an enormous budget deficit, and a colossal public debt. And Washington will not be able to shoulder the burden if it has to engage in an arms race against Russia as well.”

Asked what role, if any, Moscow might play in the ongoing US-Chinese drama, the analyst emphasized that China is already receiving Russian support. “Russia is the only country selling modern weapons technology to the Chinese. Were it not for Russian assistance, China would be lagging significantly behind the West’s aircraft and cruise missiles.”

Furthermore, “Russia and China have a treaty of friendship and cooperation, in which there is an article on consultations in the case of a threat to one country. And in the case of conflict with the United States, Russia may provide assistance to China; the treaty allows for such an eventuality.”

Read more: http://sputniknews.com/asia/20160305/1035837502/us-china-russia-south-china-sea.html#ixzz425wmjR7i

TAP – I subscribe to the theory that all wars are planned well in advance, with outcomes decided before they even begin.  Their purpose is to keep the international cabal in control, as they manipulate all sides in their planned choreography.  Wars permit emergency powers laws to be implemented.  Populations become docile.  Huge fortunes can be made for insiders, as markets are sent reeling.  Many independent businesses have to close, as the size of The State advances.  Numbers of people can be reduced, either in battle, by disease or in concentration camps.  New narratives are created to tie up peoples’ minds into knots.  It’s the ultimate reset button for the powerful to regain control.  The best part is that most people don’t even know they are there,  and believe they are watching real events.  The events are real enough in that they kill sometimes millions of people, but all are simply theatre.  It’s not called theatre of war for nothing.  Who doubts that a catastrophic future is planned for the USA in any coming conflagration, with the country possibly to be cut in half?  The Chinese government are cabal controlled, and have been ever since Mao-Tse-Dong was financed by Wall Street. Kissinger calls in on Putin.  There has to be a game on here, and it doesn’t look too nice.


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