Trump vs. The Establishment

Gage Skidmore / Flickr Creative Commons

Gage Skidmore / Flickr Creative Commons

by Gary Christenson, Deviant Investor

Donald Trump has the attention of many…

From Mike Savage:


Trump Must Be Stopped

It has been clear to me for a long time that Donald Trump is the latest person to step up and try to rally America against its greatest enemies. I am not talking about nations like Russia and China but those that would enslave us by taking over our institutions and basically enslaving all of us. I have seen those in charge use their media arm to besmirch Mr. Trump and try to end his message, which is the ONLY one that offers any hope of a brighter future for our children and grandchildren.
By their constant barrage of bullshit they have many thinking that Mr. Trump is a bigot and psychopath. I don’t know him but I don’t believe a word of it.
He must be quite dangerous to their plans since EVERY media outlet is doing their best to destroy him.
TAP – It’s a great act to pretend that Trump isn’t part of the enslavement process.  If every branch of media was doing its best to destroy him, they’d blank him, which they certainly are not doing.  He’s a media project from beginning to end, getting people to vote willingly for fascism, which will enslave them even faster than so-called liberalism is doing.  The Hitler parallel is instructive, a former national leader who the media claims to this day was the enemy of the bankers, the same bankers who secretly installed him into power.  His rhetorical style is more Mussolini, but make no mistake, Trump is no spontaneous popular uprising.  Too many people are falling for it.
On top of that, you can easily see that the Republican Party has no intent other than to bow to their corporate masters at our expense. The “leaders” of the Republican Party, along with business leaders and those benefitting from the current closed system are, as we speak, actively trying to subvert the will of We The People. Since this has not worked so far the globalists have now employed the same tactics that were used in Ferguson Missouri where an international financier used his billions to make sure there were protests daily (bought and paid for by his organizations) and that it was in the top of the news. This info was obtained from tax receipts so there is no conspiracy here- it is a fact!
The mainstream media is now blaming Mr. Trump for the violence we are seeing across the Midwest. Even I was thinking “what thugs” when I watched the little news I can stomach but I quickly learned that has taken responsibility for the Chicago near riot and guarantees more in the future. Yep- Ohio and Kansas City since.
Mr. Trump said it best: “Liberals are all for free speech until you disagree with them!”

And yet, the media has no trouble misrepresenting the truth that others are behind the violence and bigotry. It is the definition of evil as we are being lied to and manipulated by the media 24-7.

The sad part is that Bernie Sanders is an idiot and only other idiots would not see through his “something for nothing” BS.

 Hillary- what can you say? I could go into the many scandals, etc. The most damning statement I could make is just envision another 4-8 years of Obama. Enough said.
Rubio, Cruz and Kasich are all part of the establishment, which has done NOTHING for all of us while enriching themselves and their corporate masters.
Anyone who understands economics knows that government does not create productive jobs. However, correct government policies can allow entrepreneurs to create productive and living wage jobs. At least Mr. Trump would know that.
The hate is being spewed by the mainstream media and the enemies that hate us most. They have long been trying to bring this great nation down. It appears that, at this time, all that stands between them and their ultimate goals of making us a third-world nation is a strong leader that could rally a nation- kind of like Ronald Reagan.
I don’t see anyone that fits that bill other than Donald Trump.
So, republicans, you have shown me that you are not for the people but your corporate masters. Some have even said that if Trump is the candidate they will vote for Hillary. That will make our destruction complete as the next president may appoint 2-3 Supreme Court justices. The wrong choice right now will ensure our demise as (once) the greatest nation.
It seems to me those saying Trump must be stopped are really saying the will of the people must be stopped – at any cost.
If Trump is not the republican nominee I will write him in anyway.
The rest do not have any of our interests at heart.
Feel free to forward the hell out of this note.

From the Burning Platform:


“I have to admit I didn’t take Trump’s candidacy seriously at first. I knew the mood of the country was darkening. I knew the economic recovery storyline was a fraud. I knew the average American was struggling to make ends meet. I knew the Wall Street criminal banks and their Federal Reserve puppets had saved themselves and their corporate cronies while throwing senior citizens and savers under the bus. I didn’t know they would rally around Trump’s bombastic anti-illegal immigration, anti-corporate trade deal, anti-establishment message in such large numbers. But they have. I was wrong.”

Quoting Nassim Taleb:

“People are not voting for Trump (or Sanders).  People are just voting, finally, to destroy the establishment.”

From Charles Hugh Smith:


“Our financial system is like the Titanic: technologies such as high-frequency trading (HFT) and innovations such as securitization and complex derivatives have enabled major players to construct an enormous, fast-moving financial system that creates the illusion of low risk because the risks are not visible until disaster strikes.”

The “unsinkable” global financial system is rushing headlong toward its encounter with the iceberg, while the passengers and crew remain supremely confident and unaware of the risks, risks that will only become “obvious” after the global financial system has broken in half and sunk to the bottom, destroying most of those who believed it unsinkable.”

Food for thought…

Gary Christenson

The Deviant Investor


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3 Responses to “Trump vs. The Establishment”

  1. salty says:

    EXPOSE THE JEW To Save Donald Trump’s Revolution

    Posted on March 17, 2016.

    If the phony c0n called modern social democracy, created in 1648 in England by agents of the Jews to ensure permanent Jewish control of that nation by the Jews was genuine, a nation would be allowed to choose it’s leader. But across the Western world it is the parties who choose the leaders. Supporters of the Donald Trump freedom movement have to ask the important question; “Who should chose the leader of the nation? Should it be a brokered convention controlled by the transnational Jewish 1% bankster elite who own most of the wealth and whose loyalty is to internationalism, or the popular vote of the American people?”

  2. Lynn says:

    They are selected not elected…they then ask which one you prefer. That is not Democratic. We should have Independent selection and scrap the party meme. Trump may yet decide to do this if they steal or rig this vote. This needs to be done here as well.

  3. salty says:

    ADL Targets Trump: Saying “America First” is Anti-Semitic

    29 April 2016.


    Palestinian farmers, shepherds forced to leave fields by live Israeli fire

    29 APRIL 2016.


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