This is a 1984 world

Clinton-Bush Hardliner Attacks Congress for Blocking Invasion of Syria

In a Huffington Post interview on February 23rd, the Clinton-Bush former head of the NSA and CIA, and defender of their use of waterboarding, and of their violating the 4th Amendment to the US Constitution (both of which types of legal violations he says are necessary in order to keep Americans safe), accused Congress of being gutless: «Congress didn’t step up and authorize the use of military force» to invade Syria.

Michael Hayden said this in a video clip at Huffington PostLive, where the context of what he was saying was left ambiguous, but it concerned only the treatment of prisoners at Guantanamo Bay, so his comment there was gratuitous: he asserted (at 23:00 in the complete interview) that the prisoners at Guantanamo Bay are prisoners of war and thus can legally be kept imprisoned for the rest of their lives without there being any need at all for them (and there were 775 of them) to be heard in any court – he said they’re prisoners of war and not prisoners of any legal system at all; and, so, even if they were actually captured in error (as many of them were found to have been), they’ve got no legal rights at all. Innocence or guilt is legally irrelevant to their continued imprisonment, says this former chief of America’s CIA and of the NSA.

Bill Clinton and George W. Bush hired people like that to run US intelligence. What, in principle, is the difference between the US and a dictatorship?

The only scientific study of whether the US has been a dictatorship, or instead a democracy, in the period from 1980 onward, found that it’s a dictatorship – an «oligarchy» controlled by only the very wealthiest Americans, not a national government that reflects the policy-preferences and priorities of the citizens who economically are in the lower 99% of the population, but instead the preferences of the people who are in some stratum within the top 1%, if not within the top 0.1% or even higher. The study finds that this government is actually a dictatorship – that the desires of the lower 99% don’t affect its policies unless those desires are consistent with the desires of the billionaires.

Michael Hayden reflects this oligarch-directed culture. However, within the US national security Establishment, especially the CIA and NSA, this aristocratic or «oligarchic» control has been operating at least ever since the CIA overthrew the democratically elected and progressive Prime Minister of Iran, Mohammad Mosaddegh, in 1953. Furthermore, even Britain’s own BBC documented in a classic TV documentary, the creation of the oligarchic CIA, from the moment that Dwight Eisenhower became President in 1953. The CIA was clearly pro-fascist ever since Eisenhower appointed Allen Dulles to lead it.

What Michael Hayden is, is a recent example of the Republican Party’s tradition in this matter, but something that’s even worse – its becoming trans-partisan, a reflection now of both of America’s political Parties. This is now a bi-partisan oligarchy, in which the billionaires are so remote from the voting-public whose minds they control, that – at least within our national security circles – the oligarchs are free to ignore the public’s desires and values, ignore them altogether. This government is theirs. The US Constitution now holds sway only to the extent that they want it to.

But even worse than that: as the BBC documentary shows, this is an international oligarchy. Though the CIA has been the chief global center of its enforcement operation, it entails aristocrats from all of the NATO countries.

Hayden’s testimony displays the dropping-away of the ‘democratic’ restraints upon the oligarchy’s operations. It’s less and less necessary to keep up the pretense that we live in a ‘democracy’: now, we live in a society that «does what it must to keep the people safe».

Here is how ‘safe’ they have been keeping us.

It didn’t start with 9/11. It merely has intensified since then.

This is basically a 1984 world.



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  1. ian says:

    Since I began taking notice of political things, nothing at first made any sense to me. I found it confusing and grey. I eventually met a guy, who incidentally was into psychology, though I wasn’t seeing him in a professional capacity, he helped me often, and it was him who suggested the early days internet to me. It was an amazing eye opener to me. Things started making sense. It became obvious what was happening. I remember, that before the US invasion of Afghanistan, how Murdoch’s Sun paper told stories of a woman stoned to death for wearing white shoes, and as I tried to reason with people at work saying that they were being manipulated, that they would have happily stoned me for being different. I remember a woman saying that she would feel safe in the custody of the US and that these were evil people that they were dealing with. These folk called the people I was quoting in my claims of US wrongdoing, fcukin’ dogooders. I got pilloried as a loony. When the US had all the prisoners in that fort whos name escapes me, and there was an escape attempt and they called in air strikes killing 700, 400 of whom were still cable tied, I had a breakdown. This is why I have a “thing” about TV. It controls the people, regardless of intellect, who don’t get into questioning things. The vast majority. The 0.1% control TV and thus control the vast vast majority of opinions. I know to my cost.

    • Ian youre 12 yrs before me, at least . I believed 911. I belueved in 2011 , the bbc Abottabad helicopter tale.
      I swallowed it all. Onky for some strange reason in 2013. Mysterious forces seemed to be prodding me, to awaken. I had a nervous hreakdown in may 2013, it became too much all week, to absorb

      • ian says:

        We’re brothers in many ways Adam. There are far more things connecting us, than there are separating us.

      • ian says:

        The fort I was trying to recollect was Mazir e sharif. The spelling may be suspect.

      • Gordon says:

        I was 25 when I came to the truth, or rather truth came to me. Likewise it almost drove me crazy and like Ian and for that mater most folk I started pointing things out to family and friends and became ostracized but I learned in time to respect and understand that we’re all called at different times to different levels. Now I afford others their thoughts but if they inquire of my thoughts then I tell them plainly allowing them to make up their own mind knowing that even if one word gets through to them then that one word could well be the trigger setting them on the path of truth. I know it’s difficult for us truthers and in this much I empathize those now starting the journey in that they to will initially be mentally tormented as we were.

  2. ian says:

    It appears that the main owned search engines have “forgotten” Mazari el Sharif. Ver fcukin’ convenient.

    • Thats strange. That google wont list that afghan town. What does google have to hide? My understanding of the spelling Ian, is Mazar – E – Sharif though there may be other spellings.
      I read there are 30 at least different spellings of qaddafi ghadafi kadafi, khadafi, qhadafi, gaddafi, ghadafi, etc etc etc

  3. Tapestry says:

    Seeing who gets it and who doesn’t get it, you realise that education has far more to do with programming than freeing the mind to make good decisions. The more highly educated, the less able people are to understand. You stand more chance getting a message across to those of apparently lower intelligence, as defined by schools and colleges, than supposed geniuses. It’s exactly the same employing people. The more highly educated, the harder to train – apart from self taught, whose ability usually far outstrips that of those trained formally.

    • Dee says:

      Yes, and the more comfortable their lifestyle, the less willing to hear. There are three people in the AM the I pay most attention to, one of whom is Ken O’Keefe, who have said that they were very non-conformist at school and so had a bit of a hard time, they could already see the programme to some extent. I was always a good little slave. My waking up has been long and slow, I’m embarrassed to say, but still, when the penny finally drops, it is a very great shock. I did think I was going crazy. Finally. The elite scum do well to remember, there is nothing so dangerous as a man with nothing left to lose (not sure whose words they are so cannot credit them).

    • Wednesday March 2nd

      Aspect of the Aeon Sophia (Wisdom): Matangi, Goddess of the Wind

      Aspect of the Aeon Thelete (Will/Desire): Seth, God of the North, God of Enlightenment

      Skill: blossom

      True Alignments: true intentions recognized, letting go, peace, worthiness, charisma that makes lasting changes, standing up for or pursuing self expression, the ability to minimize damage, teamwork, recognizing that we are more than our emotions, critical thinking, planning for the future

      Catalysts for Change: overly competitive, overanalyzing and causing stress, struggling, test anxiety, lack of will, judgmental (especially self judgment), abuse of power, propaganda, explosive emotions causing a chain reaction of events, sacrificing too much, deception, comparison to others

      Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Month: “a large white dove bearing a message” (important information offered by Spirit)

      Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Year: “the music of the spheres” (recalibration of human consciousness)

      Today’s energetics are hyper-emotional, so we will ride the wave with the intention of looking beyond emotions in order to gain the wisdom that is being offered. As we do, we will keep in mind these two primary themes, as this month’s “large white dove” continues to send messages:

      1- SURRENDERING A BATTLE – What notion or notions need to be given up? The Sun is discharging the energetic of “a sword, used in many battles, in a museum.” At its core, this energy involves our will and willpower and where/how we are using it. Is it being focused on personal ancient history — relics of the past? This is the year of the shift in the ages, so all things are shifting and transmuting into different things. If we are holding on tightly to something (particularly old mindsets, attitudes, and expectations), the universe will try hard today to get us to put it down. Consider the words of Anais Nin:

      “And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”

      2- OVERCOMING – Perfectly, just what we need to accomplish this (or anything) comes from the Earth at “a powerful statesman overcomes a state of political hysteria” and the Moon at “in winter, people cutting ice from a frozen pond for summer use” making squares with Chiron and Jupiter. Situations that have become out of control or things that have been carried too far come into view for resolution. Things can go even farther out of proportion, however, before they begin to resolve.

      Gauging our emotions before acting is called for with Mercury discharging the energy of “a garage man (mechanic) testing a car’s battery with a hydrometer.” This may prove challenging, as we are immersed in the waters of emotion with Jupiter moving to “a swimming race.” This energy addresses situations, circumstances, and conditions with malfunctions or dysfunctions (things that are not working properly or efficiently or in the highest and best interests of all involved).

      To overcome something or make it better, the state of it must first be recognized. Venus helps us get there, with the energy of “a forest fire quenched.” We can stop the madness.

      Keep in mind that Mars is in the final throes of its transit through Scorpio, significantly adding to the hyper-emotionality of the day. If anything, astrology shows us that things are temporary. The energies always change with the changes in the Moon and the stars. So, if this energy is not to your liking, stick around. It will change, as it always does.

      Mercifully, when Mars moves into Sagittarius on Saturday, March 5, the ugly behavior (especially in politics) will begin to abate and return to a more civilized manner. Sagittarius is lofty, so the “lowest common denominators” – the “lowest” behaviors – will fade out to be replaced with higher aims. Get ready, Archers of Consciousness.

      Since the Moon is activating Jupiter and Chiron by making squares (90 degree angles), change is afoot. Today we are martial artists of the mind –adapting, moving, and transmuting. Our emotions guide us toward seeing what we need to see to get the message. We don’t fight our emotions; we understand them as indicators. Jupiter expands, and Chiron wounds in order to heal and teach, so the spectrum of emotions may be quite wide. This is all ok when we realize that things are happening in order to facilitate growth. Change is most easily handled when viewed as growth.

      And the Parliament of Wise Owls, the readers of the Oracle Report, is strong and is blooming the Second Renaissance. How? We recognize that what we do for ourselves, we do for all, and we act accordingly. Today, we grow.

      Thank you for supporting The Oracle Report

  4. Dublinmick says:

    I didn’t learn a whole lot in college. At the time however you don’t realize it. It is only after college the learning process begins, for most anyway. For many college is just a big party but you do learn to socialize.

    I knew 911 was fishy right away but I took me about 2 days to pin it down. I turned to the net and Dave McGowan.

    He did a piece on 911 down the rabbit hole. I wish I could find it but the gist of it was has everybody gone nuts but me. Jet fuel melting steel beams etc are we in a parallel universe suddenly. Alice has just grabbed me by the leg and jerked me down the rabbit hole.

    I was thinking this guys right, everybody is nuts.

    You may know they put Clare Swinney in the nut house.

    Held In A Psychiatric Ward & Called “Delusional” For Saying 9/11 Was An Inside Job

    • dkblue says:

      I didn’t know that DM! I sent her some pics re chemtrails in Perth a couple of years ago and she put them on her website…

      • dkblue says:

        Shocking photos of chemtrails right over my beautifyl valley 🙁

      • Deuteronomy 33.22 says:

        h ttp s ://w 🙂

        Home Ozone for Lyme Disease: A powerhouse in need of our attention December 21, 2012

        This is for information purposes only, as I tell my story and battle with chronic lyme disease

        This is medical ozone for application to the human body. It is a highly antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral element. In the comfort of my own home I do the following treatments:

        Ozone steam saunas – This must be done with your face outside the sauna because you CANNOT breath ozone in, but there is a special sauna I use where my head sticks out

        Ozone ear insulflations- letting the ozone go directly into the ear canal at a very low flow rate

        Ozone vaginal insulflations- letting ozone flow into the vagina, where it is picked up by the lymphatic system and carried into the rest of the body

        Ozone rectal insulflations- ozonating the rectum directly, but a colonic or enema must be done first to prepare

        Ozonated water on an empty stomach- ozonating the water and drinking it on an empty stomach is simple and very helpful

        How often?

        For me, I started out doing saunas a few times a week with doing ears directly afterwards. I am now working on doing at least five days a week of ozone treatments, this did take nearly a year as there are significant herx reactions to the treatments just like with any other effective treatments.

        The beautiful thing about the sauna is that you are getting a heaping dose of ozone directly through the largest organ of the body, the skin, while at the same time sweating out the toxins from the dying lyme, so there is a rejuvanetive quality to the treatment even though it is also intense. The other benefit is that in my mind, I know ozone is non toxic to my body (at appropriate levels), so I am not adding insult to injury so to speak. I always feared the herx reactions with antibiotics, because I know the killing off the lyme was causing a lot of the pain and discomfort of the herx, but the element of feeling poisoned or toxic from the drugs themselves was always there. This is avoided all-together with ozone.

        I do ear insulflations every time I do a sauna because the lyme likes to run to where they are safe. If I do only my body they will show up in my brain, so I do ears every time to get both major areas. This system has worked well for me. Currently I do a morning glass of ozonated water, then a sauna, then ears on as many mornings as I possibly can.

      • Deuteronomy 33.22 says:

        6. Ozone with coffee enemas
        Adding ozone is a more powerful version of the coffee method. However, it must be done exactly right to be effective. The proper procedures have been added to the Coffee Enema article and the articles in the section above, so I will not repeat them here.

        WARNING. When using ozone with the coffee procedures, be sure to continue the entire nutritional balancing program, including taking trimethylglycine or TMG. At times, using the ozone will cause a person not to want to take the TMG. At this time, I do not think this is desirable, unless there is a lot of cancer present. Ozone is very helpful to destroy cancers in the body.

        7. The peroxide and ozone bath. This requires a bathtub, and basically superoxygenates the body in a fairly yang manner. Breathing oxygen, or use of a hyperbaric chamber is much too yin, and are therefore not recommended. This procedure for this bath is explained in a separate article, Baths.
        And yes , suppose im not giving enough weight to HAARPs role in earthquakes and other things. Its a hard job to interpret make sense of what is natural phenomena and what is the Satanists, and for what motive. And are there bluebeam fireworks in the sky to confuse things?

        So ill try and factor that in

  5. Dublinmick says:

    It was a bit like this one but more comical

  6. ian says:

    It is heart warming to see that some on the Tap have had similar experiences. Dublin’s humorous links reminded me of a recent happening. Unlike Gordon, who seems to have his act together, I’m afraid I still try to persuade the unpersuadable, and inevitably, some think that I am delusional. While I was recently on facebook, after putting my three penneth in about Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians, my brother referred to me as, interesting though different, but my heart was in the right place. I suppose that was better than being mad.

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