They Told You Diet Pepsi is Aspartame-Free. Here is What They Didn’t Tell You

Pepsi & Diet Pepsi 20oz Bottle

Diet Pepsi sales have been slumping for quite some time, and with the ongoing health awareness movement causing major pain for other purveyors of unhealthy foods and drinks, Pepsi finally got the memo and has made a long-awaited change.

The multi-billion dollar soda company announced last year that they’re ditching aspartame, the oft-used but increasingly unpopular sweetener that’s been linked to serious health problems.

After the change, Diet Pepsi products say “Now Aspartame Free” on the can, and the product has had its ingredients altered significantly.

Consumers have turned their back on diet soda in large part because of health concerns, so how they should feel about the new product?

Unfortunately, Pepsi’s chosen replacements for the much-maligned sweetener don’t appear to be much better at all: the new ingredients replacing aspartame have also been linked to cancer and other health problems, although no one seems to realize it.

New Aspartame Replacement — Cuddly Name, Harmful to Your Health

What if aspartame had a less ominous-sounding name, something dreamed up by marketing wizards that was designed to sound safe and harmless?

That’s exactly what the popular artificial sweetener Splenda has going for it, but many people still don’t know the harmful side effects it’s been linked to. Splenda is now being added to Diet Pepsi (along with a second harmful chemical we’ll get to later), but it may not be much better for your health than aspartame after all.

While it was once marketed as a natural form of sugar with no calories, Splenda is actually the result of a five-part laboratory process that takes an original sugar molecule and adds three molecules of chlorine to the mix, turning it into something unnatural and foreign to the body, meaning your body has no way of properly metabolizing it.

Splenda also has a habit of staying inside your body, as at least 15% of it is not excreted in a timely manner according to this article from Dr. Joseph Mercola.

So, what exactly could Splenda be doing to your body once it’s inside of it (and once it stays inside of it)? Several red flags have been raised, and calls for more long term studies have been consistent.

In 2013, the Center for Science in the Public Interest, a consumer food safety watchdog group, downgraded Splenda from “safe” to “caution” after an independent (albeit unpublished) study out of Italy found that Splenda caused leukemia in mice.

Side effects reported by people consuming Splenda include gastrointestinal problems, blurred vision, dizziness, weight gain and even seizures.

And another study in 2008 published in the Journal for Toxicology and Environmental Health had several shock findings including that Splenda reduces the amount of beneficial bacteria by as much as 50 percent (hello, weight gain) and can affect a glycoprotein in your body that can have serious health consequences for people taking certain medications for recurring health problems.

One More Harmful Sweetener for Good Measure

Splenda, aka Sucralose, may sound harmless enough in name alone (certainly more pleasant than “aspartame”) but another sweetener being added to Diet Pepsi, Acesulfame potassium, aka Ace-K, does not.

If it sounds like another chemical concoction you probably shouldn’t be putting into your body to you, you’d be 100% correct: Ace-K is actually listed in the “avoid” category by the Center for Science in the Public Interest due to health concerns, the same category as aspartame itself.

“It is poorly tested, but the tests done by the manufacturer in the 1970s suggest that Ace-K, too, might pose a cancer risk,” said  Michael Jacobson, the director of the center, to USA Today.

Doesn’t sound like much of an improvement for Diet Pepsi fans after all, does it? Many Diet Pepsi fans have been busy voicing their opinions about how the new product doesn’t quite taste the same, but let’s hope that more attention is paid to the impact it’s having on their health in the near future as well.




7 Responses to “They Told You Diet Pepsi is Aspartame-Free. Here is What They Didn’t Tell You”

  1. Aldous says:

    The ‘slow kill’ of the blissfully ignorant – where such ignorance in the information/internet age is effectively a choice – will continue unabated, be it by a different name.
    Anyone who drinks this chemical cola cocktail is surely asking for it. Battery acid has got to be less harmful if taken in moderation. Instead of labeling ‘Coke’ with ‘contains no Aspartame’, they should be labeling it ‘NIL BY MOUTH’ – for external use only.

    Big Pharm and Chemical Lobbying See Huge Spending Growth in 2014

    Coca-Cola Co. ($2.6 million from $1.36 million)

  2. Dublinmick says:

    I haven’t had any kind of cola in about 20 years. Now I find that German beer has managed to acquire some GMO. I am cutting back on that in favor of French merlot. 🙂

    Chlorine molecules? For those who won’t go to the gas chambers they are bringing it to them.

    These energy drinks are much worse also, instant liver death almost.

    There is an older one. In the age of information, ignorance is a choice.

    • Right i am stopping drinking beer then
      It stands to reason. Its perfect glyphosate transmitting medium to cause mass infertility, sperm and testes damage, and cancers all over , and leaky gut too, in the superior chosen races that are in ireland, england, scotland.
      Im wondering if basque people are too and thats why were seeing such strong independence movement in catalonia, from spain.
      Which makes me wonder about the nordic races. Theyre not anglisaxon celt. But going back to enki and enlil, when they had their dna tinkering machines out, creating new species. Nordics icelandics must be special too. Icelands fiercely independent.
      This chosen race i read somewhere spreads down into Iran, India. A complex business.
      I dare say dublinmick enk and enlil and their nephilim pals will also have precisely shaped and positioned our moon, our sun, the 400 rule, so perfect eclipsrs happen. For what reason theyd do this i dont know. But it reveals intelligent creators.
      Did enki and.enlil shape and position venus, mars, neptune, saturn, too?
      For what reason? Their amusement?
      Is this just one gigantic game of pinball wizard for the nephilim , and theyre up thrre on their 1000 mile wide motherships having a good laugh at our expense?

      So with reluctance ill have to stop drinking glyphosate sorry i mean lager. German or japanese which i thought was best quality.
      Id like to give up drink totally. Hard though on an evening. I dont like wine generally, but maybe one small glass will work a night. Or sake perhaps.

      • Dublinmick says:

        You are reading it all wrong, they didn’t shape anything, just knew the entire layout of the universe.

        Sitch’s translations however go into the collusion with earth called tiamat by the big planet. It grazed earth and formed the pacific ocean at one pass. If I remember right, our moon used to be part of the Nibiru system but got stuck in earth orbit. Much of the building blocks of earth, plants animals etc came from the Nibiru system.

        There are strange stones on the beaches in south America they claim are chunks of nibiru.

        Enki was just supposed to be the genetic engineer. Boy did he Fk up.

    • You know your stuff. What i still dont understand is, if Nibiru the Destroyer is coming very soon.
      – why have they gone to such trouble with 911?
      – why are they ploughing such thought and energy into genocidibg the chosen white race?
      – and doing vaccines, gmos, smartmeters, gwen towers?
      – why are they powerplaying and warmongering all over the world? Esp Syria?
      – if Nibirus going to destroy us all, and very soon? Their efgorts and energies seem wasted

      Btw, your enki enlil stuff. 2014 i saw youtube YRFT yellow rose for texas discussing very bizarre things about the solar system and all the planets moving on rods!
      Also space wars happening right now.
      She mentions enki and enlil i remember that
      Her blog doesnt make much sense. Voice barely audible.

      Would be nice one day to have the truth openly.honestly taught to us all

  3. Lynn says:

    Do not drink this poison…soda is poison.,

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