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  1. Wow. I havent yet got rounnd to studying all the topics on recent god jesus thread. But straightaway looking at this, which.ill have to study to, im excited.
    Eric dubay, i knew his cia handlers would weave in.truths, alongside flat earth lies

    Looking across today. At a beautiful.bay with still sea. And observing the unobscured beautiful sun from.dan to sunset. A privilege the Rothschilds in the UK deny us.
    Honestly. If i didnt know better id say the earth is stationary and the sun is much smaller. And closer, and moves.
    Id even wonder if thetes another sun moving round the underside if our blown off Supermassive earth, that got hit a million plus yrs ago in battles. And the remnants of Supermassive earth are now in.the asteroid belt
    Could geocentrism be true? What do the Vedas say? Ive not even ventured yet onto Nickys principle link. But i will.

    There might be another sun warming the underside of this blown off Supermassive Earth.

  2. There are many lies im.sure being put about about the secret space orogramme, in.the Rothschild cabaks favour
    But thats only because the cabal are being pressured with their backs to tge wall.
    There MUST be a non talmud reading, non.kabbala, not xionist, non satanist, non luciferian, non freemasonic, non child sacrifing and abusing, non Ashkenazi, non Bolshevik, non evil. Good benevolent faction of the secret space programne the Rothschilds arent in control of

  3. dkblue says:

    Ancient Tibetan Buddhist model of the universe – it’s flat.
    This earth is known as the the continent of Jambudvipa


  4. dkblue says:

    Lol Adam,
    All I know is that Never A Straight Answer is true to its name and that we inhabit a dimension that correlates to our spiritual evolution and perception…
    Promise I wasn’t trying to lead you astray 😉

  5. Nicky says:

    Hi All, This is not a Flat Earth Video.

    It Did dissappear from the web yet again, Took ages to find it after your mention on this blog so I copied the whole just in case,
    It is an grainy copy as was the above one posted with a Flat Earth gents logo embedded yet it in no way suggests Mother Earth is flat, far from it.
    It does put our Solar system and Mother Earth in an rather unexpected place. Definately worth a watch. Have uploaded it in 9 parts entitled Uvinity1 , Uvinity2 etc to keep it from being removed once again.


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