The Prime Minister: mendacious and malicious

In David Cameron’s speech yesterday, he repeated the “three million jobs” line.  “Three million jobs are linked (my emphasis) to the Single Market”.  Note that weasel phrase “are linked”?  This is not strictly speaking a lie.  It is widely believed that around 3 million UK jobs depend on trade with the EU.  But Cameron is clearly seeking to imply that the jobs depend on the membership.  That is what he wants the public to understand, and it is a deliberate deceit.


The well-worn phrase “a leap in the dark” features again.  But as I have repeatedly argued, it’s not a leap in the dark.  We have a secure safety-net in the WTO rules.  Many companies and independent countries trade successfully with the EU on that basis, and so could we.  But we are very confident that we will get a bilateral trade deal, for the reasons I have repeatedly outlined.  And we will get it quickly (Digby Jones said “within 24 hours”), because they need it even more than we do.  If three million UK jobs depend on EU/UK trade, then five or six million continental jobs depend on it too.

But the most shameful point of Cameron speech was his accusation that Brexiteers thought that “job losses were a price worth paying” for Brexit.  Cameron knows (or ought to know) that everyone on the Leave side believes that our country and our people will be Better Off Out.  We can have a legitimate debate about whether we are right or wrong in that opinion, but for Cameron to accuse all of us, including some of his Cabinet colleagues, of deliberately and carelessly imperilling British jobs is beneath contempt.  As I Tweeted yesterday, he should be ashamed.  And he should apologise.

The “27 countries” Myth

On of the myths of the Remainians is that after Brexit, we will have to negotiate separate trade deals with all the remaining 27 member-states.  That shows a vast ignorance of the EU project.  It would be true only if all 27 also left the EU.  I don’t see that happening (or at least, not immediately!). The whole point of the EU is that it does trade deals on behalf of the member-states.  So we would need a single bilateral UK/EU trade deal, and for the reason outlined above, we will get it in short order.

Draghi throws the Kitchen Sink

The BBC reports that ECB President Mario Draghi has “thrown the kitchen sink” at the eurozone economy, with zero and negative deposit rates, a massive increase in Quantitative Easing, and new incentives for banks to lend to companies and consumers.  Meantime the Bank for International Settlements (which presumably knows nearly as much about macro-economics as Mr. Draghi) is issuing dire warnings of a credit bubble, with national and personal debt at record levels threatening a global meltdown.  I’m having difficulty reconciling these two propositions, which seem, on the face of it, to be in conflict.  But I have a prediction: Draghi may have thrown the kitchen sink at the problem, but the €uro will still go down the plug-hole.

News from Iceland

If we think we had a financial crisis, it was a minor affair compared to the financial tsunami that hit Iceland a few years back.  At the time, it was the conventional wisdom that the only solution for Iceland was to join the EU, and that the €uro was the only route to salvation.  Iceland applied to join the EU in 2009.  But the wheels of Brussels grind slowly, and in the meantime, Iceland devalued and started to claw its way back.  For the last six years its GDP growth rate has been close to 3%, and is expected by the IMF to be 3.2% this year.  A few weeks ago, Iceland withdrew its application to join the EU.  Recent polls show that 70% of Icelanders are happy to be out of the EU.  Iceland’s current Prime Minister Sigmund Gunnlaugsson says “There is hardly any doubt that if we had been in the EU and the euro at the time, the country would have been bankrupted”.  Shades of Greece.  Déja vu all over again.

The Telegraph reports that Iceland sees the EU as “increasingly dominated by Germany”, with the UK “having little say”.  Gunnluagsson pours scorn on the idea that if Britain stays in the EU we can achieve further reform.  In the same report, Richard Sharp, a member of the Bank of England’s financial policy committee, tells the Treasury Select Committee that he is unconcerned about Brexit. “It is not an issue for financial stability” he said.


Wellby: “It’s OK to worry about immigration”


In an astonishing turn-around, the Archbishop of Canterbury has insisted that it’s “outrageous” to call those concerned about immigration levels “racist”.  Well said Sir.  But for years, UKIP has been attacked by the left, and by the church, as “racist” for raising the immigration issue (indeed I believe we can take credit for bringing this untouchable issue into the public square, and for daring to say what millions of our fellow countrymen and women were thinking).  This despite the fact that our “points system” immigration policy involves no racial discrimination at all — unlike this Conservative government’s pro-European, anti-Commonwealth immigration policy.

There is joy in Heaven over one sinner that repenteth, as the Good Book says, and Welby’s statement is welcome.  But maybe he should now apologise on behalf of all those who have played the Race Card in the past, to those who have striven to put this important issue on the table.

Young people not captivated by the EU referendum

The BBC reports an alarming lack of interest in the EU issue amongst young people — who in any case are less likely to vote than older people.  As a politician eager that the Referendum result should have legitimacy, I believe they should take an interest (and I’m doing my bit — a public debate tonight at Derby University).  But I can’t help also reflecting that older people are more likely to vote to leave (perhaps, I would say, because they’ve had longer to see and understand the mess that EU membership has got us into), so this story looks positive for the Leave Campaign.

Roger Helmer MEP


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  1. ian says:

    But I can’t help also reflecting that older people are more likely to vote to leave (perhaps, I would say, because they’ve had longer to see and understand the mess that EU membership has got us into), so this story looks positive for the Leave Campaign.”
    only if the votes are fairly counted.

    • Nicky says:

      Excellent points. I do not bother voting due to this. I have little trust in State Voting systems and am not surprised Russell Brand’s mentions of this do not get publicised when they harange him for telling folk not to bother to vote due to the controlling nature of the current presstitutes.
      Saville and Janner’s and etc’s and etc ‘s continued rapes where only made possible with the collusion of the same “Just doing my job” crews. Do they sleep well at night in their mansions I wonder. Give me half a minute with them and I will correct that.

      • Nicky says:

        Here is one for you folks should you ever come across one of those paedophile enablers. Plant this little seed in there heads.
        Everytime you put on your seat belt think clunk click as you put on your Saville strap and remember your part in enabling that man to continue screwing up the lives of children just like your favourite grand child.

      • Nicky says:

        The suprise Tory win was no suprise to me.

  2. Lynn says:

    We were lied to by this filthy scum at the top.
    We are the bloody EU, it is what they always planned. A union , a centralisation of power. The money comes back to these pockets of the Elites. It is Monopoly.

    We have to get out and break this unelected Beaurocracy criminal cartel up.

    We are not European we are British.

    • ian says:

      Completely agree Lynn.

    • sovereigntea says:

      Quite we will never be European !

      Here is another way that Collaborator Cameron Zionist Europhile Lord Protector of Elite Child Molesters to use his full title is betraying the nations children. By indirectly poisoning them.

      Whilst Turncoat Cameron advocates further compounding treason by remaining in the EU the bureaucracy gives a free pass to untested pesticides being dumped into our food chain.

      Maladministration’ or criminal behavior?

      On February 18, 2016 the EU Ombudsman issued a ruling declaring that the practice of EU Commission health service, DG SANTE, to approve pesticides despite the fact that important safety data are missing, is a case of maladministration.

      There is even a fancy name to cover this “maladministration” practice, revealing how ingrained it has become. It’s known as the so-called “confirmatory data procedure” (CDP).

      Right there we begin to smell a strong stench. The DG SANTE’s Confirmatory Data Procedure is to approve untested pesticides without having “confirmatory data.” That’s the so-called procedure.

      According to a detailed report by the private watchdog group, Pesticide Action Network (PAN), CDP in practice has meant CDP pesticides could be approved with serious data gaps and with high risks, allowing industry to submit additional information only in future, or never. PAN documented back in 2012 that the CDP procedure was used as standard procedure by SANCO, the EU’s Directorate General for Health and Consumer Affairs, placing the public and the environment at unknown and potentially serious health risks.

      Almost three years after Hans Muilerman, on behalf of Pesticide Action Network Europe, filed a complaint with the Office of Emily O’Reilly, European Ombudsman, O’Reilly, the Ombudsman now concludes that these practices were unlawful in the past and currently not restricted as legally required. She concluded in her ruling that the “Commission may be too lenient in its practices and might not be taken sufficiently account of the precautionary principle,” declaring in the ruling that all required data should be present before a decision is taken–chemical industry gaping loophole closed.

  3. Aldous says:

    It’s strange how most of Humanity will give much thought and consideration when it comes to buying things they don’t need with money they don’t have OR, which toilet rolls to buy… yet when it comes to Truth, they buy into every lie that passes their way without a moment’s thought.
    I suppose it’s the same ball park as some daft bugger of a mum2b who confided to me that she was giving up sea food and blue cheeses while pregnant on the latest (quack) medical advice, but had every intention of giving her latest offspring every vaccination that was available, to protect it from all those nasty things in Nature that she has learned so much about. Oh well.

    • Lynn says:

      As sickening as it is Aldous….we have to lay the blame where it truly belongs.
      They have been fed crap since the day they were born. Propaganda has worked for some. People have to want to ask WHY !! That is the key that unlocks all of this truth. Until they want to ask why!! we can’t force them.

      • Aldous says:

        Hi Lynn, you are mostly correct of course but the deaf , dumb and blind who live (the living dead more like) amongst us have to accept a significant portion of blame where ignorance in the information and internet age is a virtual choice.

        Don’t get me wrong, as I am more or less up to speed (I hope) on the power of television, msm etc and its brainwashing/programming effect. It’s just that many of them will be hanging back until they ‘sense a winner’ as it were, in the way that patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel.

        Many/most of us have devoted what’s left of our lives in order to get the awful truth out, only to be dismissed and often vilified by ignoramuses and hypocrites who actively or passively advocate illegal wars, multiculturalism and diversity (White Genocide) when the hateful bastards wouldn’t be seen dead in an ‘enriched’ neighborhood. It’s water of this duck’s(sic) back these days but it used to hurt a lot to hear otherwise intelligent friends (try to) berate me for exposing the Holohoax.

        When (not if) we win this Biblical fight for our White survival, these pathetic types can’t just shrug their shoulders and carry on as if nothing had happened. They have been blissfully complicit in the mass murder of well over a million souls of all ages – many still in the womb – in sovereign Iraq alone.

        I hope one day that “I didn’t know” will carry the same negative weight as “I was only carrying out orders”. Amen to that and God Bless.

    • Men Scryfa says:

      Adam just asked me to let you know how much he appreciates the quality of your observations on this topic. As you know Aldous I am going to second that. He looks forward to being back as soon as “007” permits.

  4. beLIEve says:

    Oh dear !!

    If Br-EXIT prevails…….3,000,000 immigrants will have to leave these once fair Islands !

    We should start off with the….ILLEGALS….first, that would be the fairest course of action.

    Bye bye…..a$hkeNAZIs.

    • Aldous says:

      G’day beLIEve:-

      Jews were expelled from England in 1290. The expulsion still has force of law.

      The Edict of Expulsion, passed by King Edward I in 1290 and calling for all Jews to leave Britain, has never formally been revoked.

      In order to rescind it, Queen Elizabeth II must sign a contrasting decree.

      According to an article published by Israeli historian Ori Katzir on his blog, Aplaton, King Edward I decided in 1290 to evict all Jews from Britain. The reasons for this were many and varied, including blood libel against the Jews.

      The edict has not been cancelled.

      • beLIEve says:


        The 1290 ‘Edict of Expulsion’ is my …..PET …subject.

        The ‘Edict’ was issued because the “joos” …IGNORED” the 1275 ‘Statute of Jewry’ issued to ….CURTAIL THEIR EXTORTIONATE USURY.

        All Jews found in the British Isles after 1st November 1291 are to be ….EXTERMINATED.,7340,L-3302296,00.html

        Unfortunately the “joos” who left UK simply trundled south, placing their…..PENTAGRAM PENNANT …in the banks of Lake Geneva; declaring the area Switzerland thereby ….INFESTING……more lands with their ….UNDESIRABLE PRESENCE.

        The ‘Edict of Expulsion’ will never be …LAWFULLY….Revoked.

        1) The “cween” a’int the Queen.
        SHE is an a$hkeNAZI…ILLEGAL ALIEN….”joo”….AND…a whole lot more besides.
        An …AWFUL…..lot more besides !
        When was the last time the….IMPOSTER…..undertook an overseas trip ? ?
        I beLIEve there is a …..WARRANT …outstanding for… HER….ARREST/ARRAIGNMENT ? ?
        SHE is …..AFRAID ….to leave the UK !

        SHE is going to have to …..STAGE….a…FAKE DEAD….ACT …soon because the situation is just so ridiculous.

        SHE can go and join her ….EX-daughter in law…..DIANA…….in whichever country she ……….SLID…….off to.

        2) The …LAWFUL….Laws of the British Isles are Molmutine/Common Law.

        3) The ….LAWFUL…..OWNERS/Custodians…. of the British Isles are Indigenous British Sovereigns who will ….NEVER CONSENT…to a Revocation of the ‘Edict’ once they are fully acquainted with the ….VILE CRIMINAL PERFIDY….of the “joos”.
        AND a ….CON TRACT…in which one side is denied…FULL DISCLOSURE… a ….NULL and VOID….contract.

        The ….CRIMINAL….joos……a soupcon of their……ACT-ivITIES…..

        a) 1066….. BRIBED…the so-called NOR-mans to invade UK in order for the “joos” to ….GENOCIDE…..the LAWFUL Owners……and to….ASSET STRIP…the Country.

        b) TAXATION.

        c) 1302 Papal Bull Unum Sanctum…
        In cahoots with their ……”padre” in GRIME…..the self styled “pope”…….all….SOULS… the British Isles were …..UNLAWFULLY….and …GRANDIOSELY…..declared the …PROPERTY …of the “pope”.

        d) Beheading Charles I

        e) STAGING…..a ..COLOUR REVOLUTION……euphemistically called the “British” Civil War.

        f) 1666 In cahoots with “his heinous in Rome”….ARSEon of the City of London….followed by the “acquisition” of much of the charred land for “fire sale” prices.
        Who said ….CRIME does NOT PAY ?
        It certainly would not have been a “joo”.

        g) 1666 ‘Cestui Que Vie’ ……ACT
        UNLAWFUL ….ASSET STRIPPING….of the possessions of the Lawful Owners of the British Isles and later ….THEFTs….from the peoples of USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand

        h) BANK of ENGLAND …..Colossal FRAUD…perpetrated on the OWNERS of the British Isles

        i) NAPOLEONIC War

        j) BOER War x 2
        ASSET STRIPPING ..the …Natural Resources……of Africa and…..GENOCIDING Europeans and Indigenous Africans in order to secure …..TANGIBLE ASSETS.

        k) 1917 Colour Revolution in Russia ….GENOCIDING….. SIXTY MILLION Russians.

        l) WWI & WW II
        A …..GENOCIDE …. and…..REVENUE seeking …..ADVENTURE.

        m) Biological WARFARE.
        EVERYTHING from ….Bubonic Plague….said to be sprayed by “visitors” in black cloaks !
        Poison Pharma.
        Agri Poison


    • Men Scryfa says:

      Crickey beLIEve you saw somethings in that GIANT RAT article I had missed.

      I am now thinking after hearing all that late night surreptious drilling from the guy upstairs (he is renting?!?) that if my place goes up in smoke with me too some day soon then we will know the reason why lol!

      • beLIEve says:

        Maybe you should invest in a couple of ….FIRE EXTINGUISHERS or a…..SPRINKLER system ?

        Good Luck.

      • Men Scryfa says:

        Oh do I have to as… “I didn’t light the fire, It’s been burning as long as the world’s been turning, I didn’t start the fire..”

        Don’t know why but a bit of Billy Joel just came to mind. Still time to laugh, still time to dance

  5. Nicky says:

    I would be all for a one world government If we had some sane Life supporting people in charge. But we do not.
    There is this thing called the river of life by some. When left to function unhindered by Knobheads playing God. Folk evolve spiritually and move on. When said knobheads do stuff like dumb us down and cull us off we get peaks and troughs in population numbers due to the dam the interference in Gods Nature causes. A backlog of souls whom require a return trip here before being able to evolve to higher realms. The souls whom do this crap assign themselves a rotten start next time around and/or a place at the back of the queue.

    • Aldous says:

      “I would be all for a one world government If we had some sane Life supporting people in charge.”

      Nicky, in a true democracy, The People are in charge of The Government! They’re supposed to be our servants are they not?

      NO ONE is in charge of ME, especially some bought and paid for prostitute politician who has whored itself to the highest bidder.

      A One World Government and Peace is an Oxymoron and tantamount to slavery and extinction of Races and People. The NWO cannot exist without a seriously downsized world population, reduced from the present 7 billion to around half a billion – a culling of over 90%.

      They’re serious but so are WE in fighting their satanic agenda. It’s a kind of race that never ends because that what Life on Earth is all about. The last 200 or so years are no big deal in reality, even though the Jews seem to be ahead at present with Gentiles playing serious catch-up. There is NEVER a winner, as the finish line tends to infinity.

      Love and Procreation and Good vs Evil are the only true reasons for Life on Earth.
      Materialism, pornography/fornication/lust, avarice, greed, gluttony, pride/hubris, etc, etc, are effectively satanic possession. No one can be content or live a long and fruitful life if one becomes obsessed with satanic possessions – such as lust or avarice.

      They are there to destroy, which is why the satanic New World Order promotes them so vehemently and makes them the new ‘norm’ such as violating a man or woman’s back passage when vaginal love should be the name of the game.
      Believe you me, in a few years time, normal sex (and especially love) will be deemed the new abnormal by these demonic Khazar/Ashkenazim creatures trying to pass themselves off in near human form.

      It should be obvious to a blind man that the sexual activity they are promoting is sick and evil. It’s easy to say ‘live and let live’ but who wants to be normalized with such people who are engaged in such disgusting sexual activity, especially when it has hidden agendas such as reduction of life expectancy, family breakdown, etc.

      • Lynn says:

        Well said Aldous !!! Amen to that..our sole purpose as Humans is to fight evil. This Earth has to be fought for..we are in a big fight to the death. Life is simply a journey and a learning. This evil has only thrived through ignorance and great secrecy. Well the gloves are off now. They will get what is coming to them. Good will defeat them and they are terrified of that. This is the end game…we are on to this now like you said, it has taken the Internet to finally spread the reality of this. The meaning of life has been found at last !! We are here to fight for Humanity and Mother Earth.
        Good vs Evil it is that simple.

      • Men Scryfa says:

        Wow Aldous. I am handing over the baton. My work here is done. Fantastic!

      • beLIEve says:


        My Unalienable Indigenous Sovereign rights are mine to exercise as …..I see fit.

      • Nicky says:

        Change ” In Charge ” To ” At the Helm serving all that is Good “. Aldous.

      • Nicky says:

        I agree that a One world government is just not a good idea as things currently stand due to the evil in it and the lack of wisdom evil has of the whole. Evil is born of ignorance of the loving God. The attitude that one can do whatever one likes and get away with it is a false perception. One that comes with consequences. In this life, or the next if we are fortunate enough to get the chance once again to progress.

  6. bangonit says:

    Top comments here you lot really top notch.Thanks a lot for sharing them we all seem to agree somebody has to go, let it be our fake queen, bring on the true king
    Love peace harmonies to all you lovelies.

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