The Murdoch Jesuit Wedding


Enemy propagandist and spymaster Rupert Murdoch and Jerry Hall attend a wedding blessing at St.Bride’s Church on Fleet Street – London, United Kingdom – Saturday 5th March 2016

Murdoch always pro war has a long history of working with the CIA.

Had to laugh

“Thou shalt not bear false witness”

“Thou shalt not Kill”

Attending church was CIA ISIS warmonger General David Petraeus.
David Petraeus is a graduate of Georgetown University, the Jesuit college of Washington DC.

Also attending the wedding was Jesuit educated Bob Geldorf.

Exercising the Spirit: Bob, the modern media and the old, old story…

sifting the website of the church we find the sinister Sir David Bell of Common Purpose infamy who rose to fame and fortune  following his posting in Washington.

Master of the Guild of St Bride

Bell attended –
Worth School, near Turners Hill, Crawley, West Sussex, England, is a former boys’ and since 2008 a co-educational Roman Catholic boarding and day independent school for pupils from 11 to 18 years of age.In June 2013, in co-operation with The Jesuit Institute,[15] the school was host to an educational conference on the Identity and Mission of Catholic Schools. Attracting over 40 international participants, the two day event focused on sustaining and developing the ethos of Catholic schools. This was the first time that schools in the UK from the Benedictine and Jesuit traditions of education had co-operated in such a manner.[16]


Curiously perhaps for a place of worship St Brides has a ”

“Head of Operations”

Curiously the seditious Sir David Bell was ennobled by the monarch.
Sir David was made a Knight Bachelor for services to industry, the arts and charity[1][6][18] in the Queen’s 2004 birthday honours.[1][19][20]

Does this logo remind you of anything ?


Christopher Lowney describes the Jesuit way of proceeding in contemporary terms in his book Heroic Leadership. The Jesuits, he writes,

• understood their strengths, weaknesses, values, and worldview

confidently innovated and adapted to embrace a changing world

engaged others with a positive, loving attitude

• energised themselves and others through heroic ambitions.


The list of invitees to the IPA Gala Dinner is not public, but we do know that the guest of honour and keynote speaker was Rupert Murdoch, that Gina Rinehart was a distinguished guest and speaker, and that Andrew Bolt was Master of Ceremonies. Apart from Tony Abbott, other Liberal luminaries were there: Victorian Premier Denis Napthine, Melbourne Lord Mayor Robert Doyle, and Shadow Attorney General George Brandis. None of these names are surprising. What I expect though came as a surprise to many outside the IPA was the presence of the most senior Catholic in Australia, Cardinal George Pell, Archbishop of Sydney. What does his presence mean?


The Cardinal’s sins means he is finished

Staggeringly, even after all the testimony of Cardinal Pell this week at the royal commission, there is still a scattered band of supporters who refuse to accept the obvious: it is over, and he is finished. The absolute best case that can be made in his defence is that, instead of wilfully ignoring atrocities going on all around him, he just didn’t get that it was his duty to do something, to act for the children.

This line of defence has it that he didn’t get it because that was the way things were done in those times, or, more to the point, not done. Now, even if you accept that – and I don’t – how obvious is it that the times have completely passed him by?

Even his staunchest defenders now accept that Cardinal George Pell is an embattled figure seemingly under attack from ...

Even his staunchest defenders now accept that Cardinal George Pell is an embattled figure seemingly under attack from all sides. Photo: Getty Images

The Catholic Church sits atop a crisis of its own making. For centuries it has made the sexual starvation of its employees a specific condition of their employment, even while placing many of them around vulnerable children.

TAP – No the rape of children is their reward for running the system on behalf of the powerful.  It is a power structure of paedophiles for paedophiles.  It is no accident, or secondary effect.  Child abuse is the system, and always has been.

Hall’s been observed in Satanic regalia on many occasions.



4 Responses to “The Murdoch Jesuit Wedding”

  1. Lynn says:

    Yuck. Just yuck, dirty water finds its own level. All about the money.

  2. Aldous says:

    That first image has just got to be a caption contest. What is Murdoch saying and what is Hall thinking – if she’s capable of thinking.

    “Jerry darling, I’m a flaccid, bed-wetting geriatric and just foolishly trusted a fart which followed through. It doesn’t feel or smell too good.”

    “Rupert darling, you really do make my flesh crawl at times – all the time actually. The very thought of moi having to wipe your bum as you age and lose the plot and potty is more than this famous for being famous whore can bear.”

  3. Dublinmick says:

    She has been “running with the devil” for a long time, you remember Mick’s big hit.

  4. Aldous says:

    It really is quite astonishing that this Murdoch monster denies his Jewishness when it’s so obvious to a blind man.

    There’s 25 years difference, so it seems pedophilia(ish) is alive and well – though I doubt Rupert can get it up at 84
    Is that what this Murdoch/Hall garbage is all about? Age doesn’t matter? It reminds me of the Jackie Kennedy/Aristotle Onassis sham marriage.

    I feel we’re all being taken for fools with these repulsive marriages.
    The thought of a man fornicating with a woman young enough or more to be his daughter is surely repellent in the extreme? Or it should be?

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