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  1. Tap Gordon
    Youve been remiss with a terrible rerrible grave error in.the image above.

    Wheres the synagogue of Satan and those pretending to calk themselves jews but are not jews.? The biggest evil fraudster parasite troublemakers in humanitys midst, acting for Satan, leaving evil devastation.in.their wake?

    Interesting question for Tapblig to ponder
    – how did the Khazarian Neanderthal Parasite arrive at the black sea area millenia ago?
    – via tangible spaceship?
    – or interdimensionally, Supernatural metaphysical invasion of earth, possessing the Tribe? Could have happened where these entities roamed the universe and got access to earth interdimensionally and took root and set up shop?
    – they might have arrived here either physically, or interdimensuonally possessing the black sea people………via a vortex point stargate. Maybe a giant vortex point exists at.tge black sea?

    Whatever the truth. A parasitical INFECTION AND INVASION is draining humanity!

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