The end of The Enlightenment – Keith Vaz wants Blasphemy Laws bringing back

Russian man may face jail for insulting Orthodox faith online, case ‘creates dangerous precedent‘

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Public opinion in Russia is divided over the case of a man who could spend a year behind bars for insulting the feelings of religious believers when in an online debate he said the Bible is “complete bulls**t” and “there is no God.”

Viktor Krasnov, from Stavropol in southern Russia, opened up a Pandora’s box in 2014 when he decided to share his atheist views on the Vkontakte social network, doing so in quite harsh terms. “If I say that the collection of Jewish fairytales entitled the Bible is complete bulls**t, that is that. At least for me,” Krasnov wrote, adding fuel to the fire by saying “there is no God.”

One of the people taking part in the online dispute lodged a complaint against Krasnov, accusing him of “offending the sentiments of Orthodox believers.”

A criminal case was opened in 2015, and Krasnov even spent one month in a psychiatric ward last year, undergoing examinations before he was finally deemed to be sane. He is currently being prosecuted under a 2013 law introduced after members of the punk group Pussy Riot were jailed for their controversial performance in Moscow’s main cathedral.

Krasnov’s lawyer told AFP that his client was “simply an atheist” and had taken aim at both “Halloween and Yiddish holidays” in the same exchange.

“Blasphemy laws – the laws designed to protect religions from offense – are not uncommon worldwide or in Europe,” Ben Ryan, an expert from Theos, a thinktank working in the area of religion, politics and society, told RT.

“Similarly, there are other laws, like in the UK, which will prevent you from religiously aggravated harassments,” he added, recalling that in one of the most famous cases four men were jailed in the UK in 2014 for throwing a pig’s head into a mosque in the aftermath of the murder of Lee Rigby.

“I think it’s particularly sensitive with the Orthodox Church in Russia because there are so many Orthodox Christians. It’s not so long since people remember the repression of the Orthodox Church under the communist regime,” Ryan noted.

The problem is, you never know “who is going to get insulted by what,” Sergey Brun from the Museum of Russian Icons told RT, adding that we are “definitely in need of a council of competent theologians, lawyers that would be able to settle such disputes and prevent court cases like this.”

He says Krasnov’s case deserves immense attention and coverage because it “creates a unique and dangerous precedent for Russia.”

“It’s not about the fight between religion and the freedom of speech, or vice versa. We rather see an initiative, brokered by people who identify with a certain religious movement, and their attempt to import a verbal tussle, whether it’s well reasoned or not, from a social media blog to a court issue. It’s an attempt to shut up your opponent on the grounds that he or she insults your feelings. The problem is, if a court rules out that these claims are in fact legitimate, we risk witnessing not just clashes between agnostics and some traditional or non-traditional schools, we’ll see, for example, different branches of the Orthodox religion arguing with each other in court. Take the recent meeting between Pope Francis and Patriarch Kirill in Cuba – remember what the reaction was on social media platforms. Some saw it as an important step towards unity, others wrote angry comments,” Brun said.

“If I enter a church, mosque, a synagogue, or simply a club where a conference of agnostics takes place and start screaming against them or insulting them, that is a problem, that’s an attempt to insult someone,” Brun said. “But such spheres as social media, open conferences, platforms for communication between people, have to have quite a wide range of liberties,” he added.

Last month Albert Voss, a 66-year-old retired teacher in Germany, was convicted of blasphemy after he “spiced up” the rear window of his car with anti-Christian slogans. “The church is looking for modern advertising ideas. I can help,” one read, according to the Telegraph. “Jesus, our favorite artist: hanging for 2,000 years and he still hasn’t got cramp,” another reportedly went on to suggest. Voss was fined €500 (US$550) for defaming Christianity.

In 2006, a German court gave a one-year suspended jail sentence to a man who printed the words “The Holy Koran” on toilet paper and distributed the rolls to local mosques and newspaper offices.

In 2012, Maltese courts convicted 99 individuals for public blasphemy, Malta Today reported, adding that Maltese law prohibits vilification of or giving offense to the Roman Catholic Church, Malta’s official religion.


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  1. NPP says:

    Keith Vaz really is an official arsehole twerp. I’d thoroughly enjoy informing him of such to his.

    Keith. Feck off!

  2. Good and Evil in the other dimensions as well as here interesting article worth reading

    It’s commonly believed that once one goes beyond about the 5th or 6th dimension, they no longer experience any form of duality – and according to that belief, that means that there’s no beings in those dimensions that cause harm to others or abuse others or go on power or ego trips like we see down here. I once believed this myself, until I personally started to encounter very high dimensional beings from all of the ‘high densities’ of this universe, and even from other, older universes – and those beings demonstrated readily that they were not immune to selfishness, greed, ego, power trips, or abusive actions against others. I also personally witnessed higher dimensional beings who were mature, honest, dedicated, sincere, and genuinely interested in helping others – such do exist. Whatever we might personally believe about the relationship between the notion of duality and density, my personal experience demonstrated to me that these things are not related.

    However, I did observe that at those higher densities, the dualistic expression isn’t as common. Most people seem to be quite content to live lives that don’t polarize strongly and lives that don’t infringe on others. But the ones that are problematic… are really problematic. They’re what we’re dealing with here – the intensity of our lower-dimensional duality play is not natural but artificially exacerbated by beings with a vested interest in forcing all of us to polarize. I believe that if left to our own devices, most people won’t polarize – there will always be those who self-polarize very strongly over some axis or another, but they’ll be the minority. The majority will simply just be – too busy trying to live their own lives to get too unbalanced one way or another. This majority tends to the good or benevolent side of neutral, but that depends a lot on species and society (which is one way we can choose our ‘default’ tendencies when being born).

    By forcing the people in the lower dimensions to polarize strongly, the beings who want to control our universe create a situation in which it becomes extremely easy for an individual, group, society, or even entire galaxy to become dangerously unbalanced. This kind of duality polarization is a great way to create divisiveness, which is something that the universe killers eagerly exploit wherever they can foster it, or wherever it occurs ‘naturally’. Polarization breaks us down into smaller and smaller groups that are easily co-opted, infiltrated, or manipulated into taking actions that are against our ultimate best interests. Being out of balance with oneself and with others also makes it harder for us to achieve our own goals and regain our own power.

    Be very wary of ‘this or that’ constructs. The ones who are trying to take us out are very very fond of creating dualistic setups with two false poles entirely under their control, while stamping out or deleting any suggestion that alternatives exist to those two false choices. When you are given a choice between a ‘this or that’, choose to make your own solution, because inevitably the ‘choices’ offered to you by an outside force is are false ones. The nature of the ‘choices’ being offered to you is truly nothing more than the lack of choice and the lack of free will; once again, it is a trap to suborn yourself to the will of something else.

    What about The Light and The Dark? Oh yeah, we can’t get too far into discussing duality without discussing these two constructs. These are the two duality constructs that are often presented to us as reality. The Dark is supposed to represent everything unpleasant – selfishness, greed, ego, harmful acts, things that hurt us and that we don’t enjoy, epitomized by the concept of evil. The Light is supposed to represent the opposite – goodness and mercy and kindness and love and all the things we generally enjoy or like. We’ve got a lot of baggage packed along with these two concepts – and one is generally represented as ‘the right thing to do’ (Light) and the other as ‘the wrong thing to do’ (Dark).

    Well, we don’t have to look very far to see that things such as selfishness, greed, ego, and the intent to harm or abuse others exist. Nor d

  3. Mark says:

    Use ‘Christianity’ as an excuse to… persecute Christianity – and all ‘ free’ thinkers. Go – if there’s a God: How/why would God, certainly …of the Bible, be insulted by an opinion? Obviously not. Insulted by lots, but to think, directly-being-rude and nasty about God, is God’s problem, is childish. Actually Biblically, it’s the middle-couldn’t care, that grieves God. So the ones who ‘follow’ God shouldn’t be, some/so often, publicly pushing their moans and groans about alternative interpretations. Insults. Physically peaceful denials and decrying.

    And what possible reason is there to legislate against disbelieving and saying which ever-way-what, short on inciting violence and face-on harassment? Laws enough. These Govt-drugged people are compulsive in their intrusion. To “apply equally to everybody” says Vaz. So me, big blabber of a God-lover? Could I, for whatever reason insult another Christian, because I consider their views – a kind of blaspheme. And they… Therefore…

    I think a worthy Christian-based campaign would be – me, in satire – be as so-called blasphemously insultingly aaaghhhh, as can. Anyway, it’s all a ruse. ‘They’ know what they’re doing and want. No Tapnewswire etc. Couldn’t give a **** about ‘religion’. Except to wind-up and control. Better keep this one shout-out very loud. Gotta. Must. What it shows is two kinds of peeps? Govt- sensible-underneath/enough believers -and- those awake. A lot of what passes through Parliament isn’t much mattering. God forbid. Pray. This is.

  4. NPP says:

    …. though I can’t see Keith Vaz anywhere here and no idea what PAE refers to. Enlighten, please do.

  5. beLIEve says:

    Vaz…..BRING Blasphemy Laws ………BACK …….? ??? ! $ £ !

    There aren’t any Blasphemy Laws in …..British…..Law……Molmutine/Common Law !

    All Indigenous British Sovereigns can say what they choose.
    If …….Illegal Alien immigrants don’t like it….they can relocate to a ….HOST…..Nation where the Indigenous Sovereigns….are prepared to be …”ruled” …. by the ……….UNINVITED…….”guests” !

    The ….British Isles….a’int that place.

    Could vaz be mouthing off about ……Unlawful…..ILLEGAL ALIEN……a$hkeNAZI…….statutes…”legal”ese….the…..EXTORTION….RAQUET….that is ACTed out in the ….UNLAWFUL…..courts ? ?

  6. Lynn says:

    Well said beLIEve….as always great use of words..

  7. salty says:

    A new phase in Israel’s ‘lawfare’ strategy

    Saturday, 09 April 2016.


    Is this the Jewish New World Order?

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