The beach in Argentina where escaping NAZIs came ashore in 1945


Sharkhunters President HARRY  COOPER 1-LIFE-1983 spent the month of February 2016 on expedition in Uruguay, Argentina and Brazil and what he learned amazed even him.

What is this place?

In this photo array we walk around the building to give a good all around idea of the size.  In some of these photos we see people, so you can get a good perspectives of the size of the place.  It appears to be four stories above ground and there is also an underground section.

Unfortunately, vandals broke in a few months ago and trashed the interior.  The building is closed while it is being repaired.

Note that this building is on a cliff overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.  Why?  Let’s take a longer look and get a perspective of the building, how and where it is situated on the cliff and what can be seen from high up in the “Eye of the Eagle”, the uppermost floor which appears to be an observation post of some kind.

Let’s look at the deck…..look out to sea.  It is quite a vantage point.

Photo above – we get an idea how high this is Photo above – compare to the size of the people
Photo below – from the deck looking out to sea Photo below – from the deck looking down the beach.

In the photos above we see the size of this structure and we see what it was like to look far out to sea and also to look down the beach.  Now we go down on the beach to get an idea how far the observers above could see.

Looking northward up the beach Looking northward up the beach
Looking northeasterly up the beach Looking easterly, more or less, off the beach
Looking southeasterly down the beach Looking to the south down the beach
Looking southerly at the cliffs down the beach Looking at …………..the beach

If you look directly up from the woman in the green chair to the bottom of the cliff, you will see an unusual object protruding out of the sand.  What is it?  What is it for?  We do not know, but let’s take a closer look.

What is this thing?  What is it for?  Look closely at the lower right photo inside the red circle – the number “35” has been put there apparently by a welder.  Does that refer to 1935?  Or something else?

As to the house itself………..or as it is known locally the “Eagle’s Nest” – why?  According to the accepted history, it was built in 1945 which itself, is quite interesting.  Also according to accepted history, it was built for a wealthy Italian who was a bit eccentric.  On the other hand, according to locals it was built as a lookout and//or a point of reference for German U-Boats and other vessels heading south to Argentina after the end of the war and the exodus of thousands from the crumbled Europe to safety and a new life.  We may never know – but two years ago a group of neo-Nazis held a rally here.  Strange?  Or was it so strange?


3 Responses to “The beach in Argentina where escaping NAZIs came ashore in 1945”

  1. Nollidge says:

    Wasn’t Hitler’s H.Q. called the `Eagles Nest’.?
    Or was that the name of his home high up in the Bavarian mountains.?

  2. Nollidge says:

    As for the mystery object,it looks to me as having 3 equi-spaced lifting lugs on it’s top – (couple of the rings for hooks or ropes missing) – & intended to be a heavy lid to close a round entrance manhole.Can’t say exactly because there’s no way to estimate it’s diameter,but certainly 3 lugs would be better than 4.(E.G.,A tripod is automatically balanced,but with more legs you might have unevenness because 1 leg is slightly shorter than the others.Same with lifting lugs.The 3 chains don’t have to be EXACTLY the same length.

  3. Nollidge says:

    After a bit more study I’d estimate the diameter to be about 2 1/2 ft. & about 6″ thick.The “35” could be a welded on part number to suggest that this was not the only such “plug”& that this had to go in one particular place,as indicated on a drawing.
    Also,the base diameter seems to be slightly less than the top diam,& it looks as though it’s been cut out of a thick plate by oxy-acetylene burning.Which reinforces my belief that this was a plug of some sort.
    On just these photos that’s as far as I can go.

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