The Amerikan Way – A Study in Psychopathy

by Zen Gardner Mar 14, 2016

Just look at everything Amerika stands for as a whole. Corruption, greed, violence, military aggression, social degradation, scientific insanity and on and on. It’s footprint on the world is nothing but horrific if you view it in the overall context.

Sure there are good people living there and those unwittingly caught up in the mass hysteria, but they’re participating nonetheless. That accountability won’t go away. Unless they stand up to it and fully withdraw their consent and work to reverse the madness they’re clearly part of the problem.

That’s not an easy spot to be in when the very fabric of the sociopolitical and economic support structure is an every day fact of psychopathic driven existence. It breeds acquiescence, apathy and hence continued participation. A pathetic state of affairs.

Looking honestly at this collective insanity is imperative if we’re to draw any kind of enlightening and empowering perspective.

Breaking Down the Nature of the Psychopathic Beast

Scientists researching the common characteristics of psychopathy now use a list of predominant qualities displayed by psychopaths that they’ve meticulously studied. The characteristics are quite telling and perhaps disturbing, as many can recognize these attributes in people around them.

While they estimate only 2 to 4% of the population are psychopaths, Amerika ranking with a high percentile of those they have identified, they clearly understand that these types of non-empathic dehumanizing freaks gravitate towards positions of power.

See how these attributes ingrained in such ideas as manifest destiny and American supremacism match up to the collective American way of life and its effect on the world of today, following the brief introduction:

The Hare Psychopathy Checklist-Revised (PCL-R) is a diagnostic tool used to rate a person’s psychopathic or antisocial tendencies. People who are psychopathic prey ruthlessly on others using charm, deceit, violence or other methods that allow them to get with they want. The symptoms of psychopathy include: lack of a conscience or sense of guilt, lack of empathy, egocentricity, pathological lying, repeated violations of social norms, disregard for the law, shallow emotions, and a history of victimizing others.

Originally designed to assess people accused or convicted of crimes, the PCL-R consists of a 20-item symptom rating scale that allows qualified examiners to compare a subject’s degree of psychopathy with that of a prototypical psychopath. It is accepted by many in the field as the best method for determining the presence and extent of psychopathy in a person.

The twenty traits assessed by the PCL-R score are:

  • glib and superficial charm
  • grandiose (exaggeratedly high) estimation of self
  • need for stimulation
  • pathological lying
  • cunning and manipulativeness
  • lack of remorse or guilt
  • shallow affect (superficial emotional responsiveness)
  • callousness and lack of empathy
  • parasitic lifestyle
  • poor behavioral controls
  • sexual promiscuity
  • early behavior problems
  • lack of realistic long-term goals
  • impulsivity
  • irresponsibility
  • failure to accept responsibility for own actions
  • many short-term marital relationships
  • juvenile delinquency
  • revocation of conditional release
  • criminal versatility

Does That Hit the mark?

I’ll let your own imagination extrapolate each of those qualities rather than break it down as I see it. It’s overall quite stunning that a collective entity could be so blatantly psychopathic and to such a degree.

It’s something to be faced head on.

But really it’s nothing new. This is the definition of the behavior of empires and oligarchies throughout history. Humanity beats and flails its arms over and over when these qualities are recognized on so many humanity exploiting, oppressing and destroying levels but it’s generally been to no avail, according to written records and the whirled we’re witnessing before us.We protest and rant to whatever degree but the show goes on.

So what to do?

The Solution – Awakening

Only a mass awakening can shake the foundations of this kind of destructive insanity. These power structures are built on the fearful allegiance to those who make it possible. When we withdraw our support and participation in these types of foisted machinations they cannot continue.

That may sound vague or simplistic to some but it’s extremely practical at the most basic level. If you’re employed in something supporting this paradigm, leave it.

If you’re giving attention and therefore energy to their charade, including the political, media and entertainment sideshow, stop it. If you’re still socializing on shallow levels of energy, or contributing to the fear and scarcity models by your sycophantic hand wringing and repeating of their fear programming, snap out of it.

Have some guts.

Take a stand for truth and love while you still can. Don’t wait for affirmation and some comforting collective movement. Be your own being. Leave your participation in what is obviously wrong and lend your energy to what you know is right.

It couldn’t be simpler. If you’re waiting for the right conditions you’re still firmly in their psychopathic pocket.

Get out now. The hour is late.

Much love, Zen

*More on Psychopathy in a terrific film HERE.

And this exclamation mark! – hat tip Dane Wigington:




4 Responses to “The Amerikan Way – A Study in Psychopathy”

  1. Nollidge says:

    But it’s NOT the “American way”.It’s the way that has been subtly & almost unnoticeably imposed on American thinking by their Jewish masters.Everything evil that the U.S. has done since 1913 has been what their masters have wanted.& with total control of the media the average American hasn’t a clue how he’s being played.Israel wants the Mid-East broken up?.Go to it America!!
    Mossad/CIA want heroin?.Guard those Afghan poppy fields America!!.
    This & so much more doesn’t cost the Jews a single drop of their own blood whilst making huge profits for their banks

    • beLIEve says:

      Totally agree

      Psychopathy is not way of Americans…British …Europeans…Saudis….Turks……and other Nation States whose so-called “governments” have not yet been ….EXPOSED… as ….a$hkeNAZI.

  2. Dublinmick says:

    What he says is mostly true and I think the world of Zen but I am seeing around the horn these days there is a strong tendency to blame the psychopathic satanic worldwide organization on simply America. I see this especially on limited window English Russian forums.

    Let us put on the brakes for a moment and realize the city of London finances everything America does. America is 20 trillion in debt to the 13 criminal banking families who own the federal reserve, own the city of London and answer to the vatican which claims to own the city of London.

    Over and above this financial and military chaos, the vatican explains to all the gojim how to save their souls and stay out of the fires. What is wrong with this program?

    All of our cults here in America, be they mormon, methodist, presbyterian insist their propagandist teach the zios are gods chosen people are they don’t make it to the pulpit, unless it is a one room shack and they are a backwoods preacher.

    So lets give everyone credit where credit is due. Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the Falklands, Bermuda etc are all agents of the crown under the same financial criminal gang. They generally send token forces when DC is ordered on another killing campaign.

    In fact America is under this criminal crown, the difference is the rest of them know they are criminals and Americans are lead to believe they are free.

    Do you know why America is this way? Because criminals like Rothschild’s son in law Alexander Hamilton made it the that way. He and others privitaized American banks shortly after Washington who probably knew that was the plan anyway being a mason.

    Garfield, Lincoln and kennedy were shot by British red queen agents for trying to print their own money. It all started with the Pinkerton gang agents of the crown which morphed into the CIA who receives their pay checks from the IMF and the crown.

    It was London’s Pinkerton agents who bombed the house of Jesse James severely wounding his mother. They wanted the farm for pennies on the dollar. The James brothers told them to take a hike before this had happened.

    That is where it all began, as the James brothers decided to strike back and rob every bank and train of the robber barons they could find. They even distributed some money back among the farmers who were losing their land to crooked mortgage banks.

    He was one of the greatest Americans of all time, a modern day Robin Hood and they killed him too.

    RIP, rest in peace Jesse and God bless you.

    Jesse, Chief Osceola, Sitting Bull, Geronimo, Red Cloud, Seattle are all in vaunted place now where the cabal can never follow, that is if their wall street judeophile souls are not totally dismantled by cosmic forces upon their demise in this physical body.

    So yeah it is a bit weak to suggest it is simply America running this crap show.

  3. Lynn says:

    They have been drugged up for decades. The American food industry is poison. They have far more pain killing addictions and antidepressants and vaccines..blame the alphabet agencies of entrapment for the demise. Their government is a sell out of Ilegals and their laws are to protect this evil liberal left agenda of endless war.

    Just like blighty. The same criminals are in control…. Civil war will break out as they all begin to lock and load.

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