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TDC Note  – The next time you hear someone call themselves “something”-American – e.g. Mexican-American, African-American, Italian-American and so on. Please direct them to the words of President Roosevelt.

If the person insist on LIVING a double-standard, kindly ask them to move to the country of their preference as we only have room for American-Americans and no room for biased double-standard citizens. Kindly ask them where their allegiance lies and then ask them to get the hell out if they respond with anything other than America. I am sick and tired of hearing people call themselves “something”-American – either you are an American-American or you are not – I don’t really care what your heritage is, that is a family matter not a community matter. Do you have any idea what my heritage is? Of course not, as it has never been, nor will it ever be, discussed. It is of ZERO importance.


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  1. Lynn says:

    And this is where it all went wrong. The racist’s brought this about…they are destroying nations daily. If they are not British they should not be in government. Foriegn interests have consumed us.

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