The Taxman is still killing Britain

The Taxman – written by George Harrison, performed here by Dad and Daughter Slattery.  Tax is the main method of suppression of human society.  It has little to do with raising money for necessary spending.  Wasteful spending is found to get rid of the money raised.  If the money was, instead, left in the hands of small businessmen, or investors from the tiniest to the biggest, and with families, the economy would surge.  That could never be allowed.  The rich 0.1% only want themselves to stay rich (using legal dodges to avoid all tax while screwing down the 99.9%).  They don’t want any new competitors.

Before Thatcher (when this song was written – ‘There’s one for you, nineteen for me’)) income tax was 83%, and 98% for unearned income.  Corporation Tax was 52%.  People have forgotten how tax destroyed Britain’s economy in the 1960s and 1970s. Inheritance Tax is 40% to this day, the highest rate in the world, and that’s on estates valued at over £350k, with average house price in most of the country not far off that figure.

It’s a great way of keeping population down to ensure not enough money can pass between generations to house children, so they too have to slave away all their lives just for accommodation.

People forget how much tax is the reason we’re all so stressed out and in debt, and another reason besides immigration that the stability of society is breaking down.

It’s become far more important for many people now to avoid tax than to earn more.  Is that just another reason why 8 million Britons to date have already left the country?


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  1. bluefeather says:

    We get to keep approximately 20p in every £1.00 that we earn. If the corporations paid their taxes instead of it being cancelled out through tax credits, no one would have to pay tax.
    Corporations use trusts – so can you
    Worth the investment

  2. Nollidge says:

    The tax system is also a totalitarian spy system.The more items you have to declare,the more Big Brother knows about you.Think about it.

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