Support for the EU falling away in Central Europe

Europe: Anti-Russian Sanctions Worthless

Pyotr ISKENDEROV | 01.03.2016 | 08:00
The voices in the EU calling for lifting the anti-Russian sanctions are getting increasingly louder. German Chancellor Angela Merkel told a meeting of the Christian Democratic parliamentary group on February 16 that she would «rather today than tomorrow lift» the sanctions imposed on Russia. Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico put it bluntly saying the sanctions against Russia are «nonsense».«The sooner they are removed, the better», he added.

Europeans are reluctant to continue the sanctions war. The economic situation dictates the adoption of quite a different approach. Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orban has recently visited Moscow to say he considers it to be a valuable partner. During the visit, he said the industry of Hungary will simply fail without strong economic ties with Russia – a very important and relevant remark. Suffice it to say, that Russia supplies about 80% of oil and 75% of natural gas consumed in Hungary.

Last December, Gazprom extended the contract on energy supplies with Hungarian partners till 2019.

The Paks Nuclear Power Plant, built with the help of the Soviet Union, produces more than 40 percent of the electrical power generated in the country. Russian company Rosatom is going to upgrade the facility.

Viktor Orban told Russian President Vladimir Putin on February 17 that European Union countries will not «automatically» extend sanctions over Ukraine.

He believed the sanctions will hit the agenda to become a subject of intense debates. Business benefits are a strong argument to gradually make Europeans more reasonable. Many of them know who will benefit in case the trade ties between the European Union and the Russian Federation are suspended. Jean-Pierre Thomas, an influential businessman and president of Thomas Vendome Investment, says the punitive measures make his country lose 0.5 percent of possible GDP growth annually. The anti-Russian sanctions were imposed as a result of US political initiative to make Europe bear the brunt. The European trade with Russia is roughly 10 times more than the size of US-Russia commerce. Europe, especially Germany, not the United States, is the one who suffers losses, Jean-Pierre Thomas notes.

According to the Munich-based Institute for Economic Research (IFO), one of Germany’s largest economic think-tanks, the Business Climate Index fell to 105.7 points this month from 107.3 points in January (the forecast was 106, 7 points) marking it the third consecutive decrease. The situation is worse than pessimistic forecasts predicted. According to German experts, the prospects for the largest European economy are getting increasingly gloomy due to the continuing crisis in the trade and economic relationship between Germany and Russia. Consumer Price Index in Germany decreased to 15 months’ low in February. The economic damage is only a part of the problem caused by sanctions. The things get worse as a result of social and political crisis in the European Union. It was hit by the waves of migrants at the same time it entered the conflict with Russia. The European Union happened to be helpless as it was unable to prevent the refugee flows coming from the Middle East. European politicians resorted to lies. The refugee crisis has become the most difficult problem faced by the European Union since its creation, says Peter Szijjarto, State Secretary of Hungary for Foreign Affairs and Foreign Economic Relations.

According to his forecasts, the crisis will last for several years with more refugees coming to Europe in 2016 that in the previous year. Europe needs to protect its borders and make asylum seekers comply with the rules of a member-state they enter. Then it should concentrate on the real causes of the problem, including the war in Syria. The Hungarian politician believes that Russia, the country under sanctions, can help. According to Peter Szijjarto, the resolution of the Syrian crisis without cooperation between Russia and the United States is impossible.

The sentiments among voters are another important factor compelling European elites to seek rapprochement with Russia getting around Washington and Brussels to reflect their voters’ mood. The polls conducted in the majority of EU member-states show the patriotic forces are growing stronger. They refuse the dictatorship of the European Commission and firmly support national state interests, including cooperation with Russia. The nearest test will take place on March 5 – the date of parliamentary election in Slovakia. European bureaucracy will be shocked in case Our Slovakia (LSNS) Party led by Marian Kotleba achieves a success.

The party stands for opposing NATO and EU memberships and «dictatorship of Brussels».

According to Slovak independent media outlets, the party headed by Kotleba can get more that 12 percent of the votes to become the second largest after SMER («Direction») led by Prime Minister Fico. Official opinion researchers try not to include the Our Slovakia party into questionnaires. They forget that, contrary to all forecasts, in November 2013 Kotleba won the post of the Governor of the Banská Bystrica region by receiving 55% of the votes. Obviously, the European Union is going through changes.


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  1. beLIEve says:

    The sanctions against Russia are an embarrassment a ….THEATRICAL ACT…of ….PUERILE….. proportions imposed ……WITHOUT the CONSENT….of European Sovereigns.

    Those responsible are…. a$hkeNAZI/ US neocons …..together with their ….a$hkeNAZI stooges……UNLAWFULLY …occupying the….. corporate “governments”……of Europe.

    The ….REFuGEE”…..crISIS…is more Soros…RAT-child….thieving THEATRE.

    a$hkeNAZI ….SCUM….are stealing the livelihoods of Sovereign Europeans as a result of the Russian sanctions.

    When the sanctions are lifted many markets will have been lost because Russia has been ….FORCED….to institute self sufficiency to make up for the products no longer imported from Europe.

    French and Greek farmers have been bankrupted as a result of these……a$hkeNAZI…..sanctions !

  2. Nicky says:

    60 million Non Catholic Christians wiped out by The Bolsheviks with links to Jew lodges in New York. Russia (Now less Christian) pitted against Christian Germany. The UK pitted against Germany and Bomber command not allowed to bomb the German industrial heartland except with leaflets for most of the war. Source: Daphne and Nigel David Marwood Elton, (Top Brass in Bomber Command). The latter tasked with wrtiting to the dead pilots families that got killed bombing the factories with leaflets asking workers to down tools. One of The most heavily flack protected areas in Germany. Told to us over tea one day in his home in Cornwall.
    Bomber command had No love for that False Jew Shit Churchill. Forced them to bomb Civilian Dresden and hung Bomber Harris out to dry by putting his name on an act that foul creature and traitor Churchill was the architect of, WWII could have been ended at least 6 months earlier according to David. therefore we would not have had to hand over vast swathes of the British Empire we through necessity had to form to stop the swines elsewhere from constantly attacking us when weak.
    Churchill and the shits in Parliament held shares in Krupps and the rest of the German war machines corporations whom technology they desired to steal at the wars end and did. These are the guilty ones. They are currently allowing another semite heap to infest our shores. We all but get rid of the paedo Catholics and now we have All manner of Muslims whom have lost the Sufi cor amongst us raping the shit of the country.
    All the Wars around Israehell we have been stupidly dragged into by our establishment the cause of all the siuffering and all orchestrated by Guess Who. Is no one else awake yet? Pitting Goy against Goy and then crying Victim on behalf of those poorer members of their tribe they sacrificed that suddenly became six million. their Magic is deception. Lies. The father of lies. Have you seen the earliest depiction on the copper scroll of there God that came out of Ur?
    Think parliament is better today? in the region of twenty top military brass got crashed into a scottish mull not long ago. One MP was due to be on that helicopter ride whom pulled out at the last moment. Then the scum tried blaming the pilots initially. And the spooks still support them the ffng Idiots. t

    • ian says:

      Great comment Nicky. I read David Irvings bigraphy of Churchill. No wonder he was always pissed, he was a complete arsehole. Applauded wherever he went, controlled by the same people who controlled the media that told people to love him.

    • Men Scryfa says:

      Yes, yes. That is about right.

  3. ian says:

    Also though of topic “sorry guys”. I know we dont see any John Kaminsky on Tap, but he has a post on today regarding the French war on LYbia at the moment. There are Muslim no-go areas in France that are being protected by the government. The attacks by the French military are not being reported by the MSM. My own opinion is that news of the Lybian attacks will obviously leak via the internet, and we could see widespread violence in France. It initially will be Black on white but will escalate. I can only assume that this is deliberate policy.

  4. ian says:

    of topic =off topic.

  5. salty says:

    The EU must ditch Israeli dominated America as soon as possible.

    The UK can easily be pals with Russia.

    The American/Israeli military air base in the UK can be used by the Russians.

  6. Dublinmick says:

    Oh and darkloon has ditched kaminski

    Oh the drama

    • Men Scryfa says:

      Shame I did enjoy that piece on reincarnation that Kaminski penned about his relative/namesake/prior incarnation, the Nazi General Kaminski of the ‘Kaminski Brigade’ fame.


      • Hi Men Scryfa hope youre ok
        Off topic, massively i know, but these are important questions.
        – do you take herbs? Regularly or occassionaly
        – which.ones? I know you take slippery elm gruel. Im talking more about the fancy.herbs
        – do you take triphala? I used to. And with a, felt it helped me a lot, a decade ago.
        – schisandra tonic herb, do you take that. And rhodiola
        – lawrence wilson says all these now, incl ashwaganda and gotu kola, and most otgers. Are toxic with toxic metals
        – wilson seems to speak truth in.many areas
        – but before i order maharishi ayurveda triphala again, to take with kichadi rice and lentils and vegetables
        – im curious about your habits?
        – also men scryfa, pycnogenol pine bark extract i past, and felt it did me good with all its proanthocyanidin pine vark benefits. Wilson.says that now, this is all too Yin.
        – i agree with him, filing up.on.endless various antioxidants, doesnt necessarily make one look or feel well. My experience in.past years taking bilbery, blueberry, cherry, triphala, other ayurveduc firmulas, pycnogenol, bitamins c, e, d. Fish oil
        I think wilson may have a point. So im.curious to know your daily, weekly, monthly, habifs with regards tonic herbs and antioxidant nutrients, cheers

      • Very strange. A few hours ago i left a comment above the herb comment, separated by ——-
        Briefly saying i.dont read kaminski much. But i conclude from what youre getting at, his writings trusted, and are to be dismissed?
        I wrote this a few hours ago. This isnt my imagination.
        How come its not included on the comment above now?
        This doesnt make sense. Its not as if a kaminski comment hits any nerves or elephants in.the room causing censoring.
        Very odd

      • Nicky says:

        Nigel David Marwood Elton. And Daphne to. Learned a lot from them in one afternoon.
        There is an cracking tale of a British test pilot from the same era whom had spent some time in Germany that concurs on some points re WWII . One being he witnessed Hitler shaking the hand of an athlete whom was not German and had one many Medals. You could see it did not sit well with him that the media had falsified the account of that event at the Berlin Olympics.
        And another being the scramble for the technology post the war. One story I cannot find relates to the slave labour camps and the horrendous treatment they suffered at the hands of the Corporations in there underground bases. Horrendous. The Typhus issue gets a mention as well. Open the gates and spread the disease or keep them locked in and prevent worse. No food as the allies had crippled all supply lines weeks before. All this orchestrated to destroy Christian Germany, Russia and The Non Catholic British Empire as well ultimately. One world Governed By the likes of Shits Like the False jew nut job Kissinger. Screw that. And they all wears hats on there heads to hide there works from God. Haha ha ha numpties. If I can see your works. Do you Catholics and Jews think God cannot?
        You have been decieved even more than those you have led to kill and be killed.

  7. ian says:

    I quite like Kaminsky. He is straight in what he says, and though I don’t always agree with everything he says, he has an easily understood way of writing suitable for numties like me. He sometimes uses blanket racial or religious statements that I am not sure I agree with, but I like his style. I don’t want to get into legalities, but I do think that we should be allowed free thought, and whilst I may be angry at certain ethnic groups or religions, I hate no-one nor do I advocate hating. There are some people however that use the encitement laws to hide behind, which I am absolutely sure is the reason that they were created. I think Kaminsky says things further than they are normally said, and it is worth reading whether or not you like his style.

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